Some Rubio advisers say get out before Florida

March 8, 2016

A battle is being waged within Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign about whether he should even remain in the Republican presidential race ahead of his home state primary on March 15, sources say.

Rubio himself is “bullish” on his odds of winning the critical primary, despite some advisers who are less hopeful and believe a loss there would damage him politically in both the short- and long-term.

Publicly, the campaign is maintaining they are still a contender in this race, touting a Sunday win in Puerto Rico’s primary that delivered Rubio 23 delegates. But privately, the campaign is having a debate about whether he should remain in the mix — even for his home state of Florida’s primary.

“He doesn’t want to get killed in his home state,” one source familiar with the discussions said, noting “a poor showing would be a risk and hurt his political future.”

Alex Conant, Rubio’s communication director, said the report of such an internal debate is “100% false.”

  • nobuttkissr

    Get out and stay out. And don’t come back

  • Seedman

    This article is not logical. Marco knows he stands a good chance of defeating Don Juvenile in Florida. Marco knows that many people are becoming disillusioned with Don Juvenile as Don has lost three of the last five states.

    • Eve White

      Rubio has had to fight ignorant people, millions of dollars attacks from Bush, Christy, Cruz, and others. In addition, Beck has spent 3 hours a day for 2 months going after him Hannity has not been fair to Rubio at all and he is still fighting. He is the only one that put that democrat in republican clothing, trump in his place AND HE IS STILL STANDING. HE MUST HAVE BIG HANDS.

  • Richard Hennessy

    If Rubio is “bullish”, he’s not the practical, realistic decision-maker we need in the White House. We need a clear thinker, and this would prove he isn’t.

    • reggie

      He’s the one best controlled by the rinocrats who want the status quo. No difference between him and killery.

      • Eve White

        There is no different between rump and HILLIARY both liberal

  • Nick

    Rubio is in a bad situation right now. Without politics, he has no income. He need to focus on his last year of being a Senator to save face. The best thing he can do is drop out of the race unless his donors have promised him a living salary for a certain amout of years to stay in. Basically, Rubio’s political career is over. He will not win the nomination and the people of Florida do not want him either.

  • mudguy1

    Trump wants Rubio to stay in because if he drops out Cruz will win Florida.

    • Michele

      That is the only way to a brokered convention, which Cruz needs to win. Cruz 2016

    • Nina

      Not true. Cruz and Trump have already aske Rubio to drop out. I think those two are willing to take their chances who will win the state.

    • Eve White

      Not true rump wants Rubio out so he can destroy Cruz. Only Rubio could get under rump’s skin.

      • mudguy1

        As long as Rubio stays Trump will win with only 35%. Trump knows he can’t win if Rubio drops out. And the longer Rubio Kasich stay in it gives the Establishment a better chance of having a Brokered Convention which means they can chose who the nominee will be. And that means it will not be Trump or Cruze.


    Ricans have no say in Nov. but it looks like the polls are getting better for Rubio, so there’s NFW he drops out before next week.

    • Nina

      He’s not even close. Lol

      • Eve White

        Yes, do not belief the polls. Believe you, Nina. You know everything

        • Nina

          I know one thing……. If he intends to run for governor of Fla. he’s going to look like a horses ass if he can’t even win his own state in a primary!! Remember after this is over, his political career is over, he needs a job, next logical step!!

          • Eve White

            It is so sweet of you to worry about Rubio’s future. Do not worry, he has a job as a Law Professor if he does not win. He said over a year ago if he did not win the Presidency, he would go back to his teaching job.

          • Nina

            Haha!! I’m so sweet!! I’m sure he wants to teach after running for president. Anyway not my problem. All I know is that he’s not getting this gig! Poor Little Marco.

    • reggie

      He’s a rino mouthpiece. I think we’ll end up with another Ron Paul situation.

  • carpkiller

    Every person I have heard from Florida says they do not want him anywhere near them again.

    • Nina

      Why would they? He hasn’t done a damn thing for them!!

      • Eve White

        Well I know the truth does not matter BUT IN EARLY VOTING, Rubio is AHEAD OF RUMP IN FLORIDA

    • joe

      You are absolutely right the only people that like Rubio is the large population of cuban, when he made the speech after the debate he said “I love Miami”.

  • TeaTephi

    If he wants to salvage even a remnant of his political career, Rubio should get out now.

  • annie.o75

    Florida does NOT want him to win…they are fed up with his crap….drop out Rubio…no more crumbs for you. TRUMP. For president. !!!!!

    • Chadocat

      annie.o75, If are for Trump you should want him to stay in. Rubio’s chances of getting enough delegates for the nomination are over. Remaining in the race is only taking delegates away from Cruz. Those of us who don’t trust Trump, who know that Trump in a RINO, want Rubio to step aside. Perhaps Cruz and Rubio have has so many bad word between them, perhaps that’s Rubio’s plan.

      • Michele

        We need Cruz to get to a brokered convention, Rubio and Kashich need to stay in for the time being.

      • Eve White

        It is not over until it is over

  • reggie

    Why is he even in the race? NEITHER parent was a citizen when he was born. They were legal residents. They were here before Castro’s take over, If he is eligible, what is the difference between him and an anchor baby?

    • John

      He had no competition in Puerto Rico and he talked to them in spanish probably telling them that he would make the illegals in the US citizens.

      • reggie

        Why not, lets only open the race to anchor babies, that’s what Michele wants.

    • Michele

      Wow. He was born in the USA, he is an American citizen. THAT is law.

      • reggie

        Good, lets put anchor babies on the docket for 2020.. Maybe the kid of an illegal Muslim for president and the kid of an illegal Mexican for VP.

        • Eve White

          Rubio is not a anchor baby His parents were here legally, not illegally. Cruz is not a Canadian. A judge has ruled that they are both legally vetted to run as President

          • Pam

            What judge ruled that Rubio is eligible? Whoever he or she is has apparently never read the Constitution.
            Rubio IS AN ANCHOR BABY. Born in 1971, his parents didn’t become citizens until 1975!
            The office of president is held to a higher standard. To be eligible you MUST BE a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN; that means BORN TO PARENTS (by original intent, at least the FATHER) WHO ARE CITIZENS.
            Original intent would also disqualify Cruz. Sorry, but those are the facts!!

          • leewacker

            When? When I last heard CRUZ is STILL waiting for the court to decide, and RUBIO is skating on some mighty thin ice! He is STILL the son of CUBAN CITIZENS because they didn’t become Americans until he was four!

      • leewacker

        According to the misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment! Rubio is only an anchor baby, his folks did NOT become Americans until he was four years old! Also, they returned to Cuba, I’m not sure whether it was before or after they became citizens here, and lived for a period of time! No matter how one slices it, Rubio is NOT an American, nor is he FOR America!


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