We Are Not a Nation Divided

November 10, 2016

Contrary to media reports, Facebook posts and flag burning protesters, we do NOT live in a “divided” nation. Our Founding Fathers predicted and encouraged such open and honest debate when they established our First Amendment. It’s the First Amendment, not the 27th Amendment that encourages us to have different beliefs.

We are not a homogenous people so why would anyone think 300 Million+ people would all have the same beliefs? By having these differing opinions and beliefs, we are proving to be united in our love of country and desire to have better lives for ourselves and our progeny. There is no need to have “healing” parties or sentiments. We need to move forward and find ways to ensure the survival of our nation and families.

President-elect Donald Trump was elected and demonstrated that he could overcome a “rigged” system that people of all parties agree is flawed. He won (of many reasons) because Americans are upset by the status quo and crony capitalism that has not made our nation succeed as it can and should (again a sentiment proven to be shared by people of all races, religions, creeds, party and ideology).

We did not seek to elect a rabbi or pontiff; we elected a President who came from the business sector and he is as flawed as all human beings. President-elect Trump was not anointed or appointed by divine intervention as may be the case across the pond. Flaws are what makes him human, and if you have any faith in your life, you know that there is only 1 perfect force in our lives.

On Wednesday morning, the sun was shining, birds were chirping and the lives of all Americans went back to normal a few hours after the fog began to clear. It’s happening again today (unless you’re a part of the transition team).

We live in a nation where people are happy, upset, scared, wealthy, bankrupt, motivated, passionate or feel they are disenfranchised. We live in a nation where you can proudly and FREELY disagree without being jailed or losing your head. We live in a nation where you are encouraged to disagree in hopes that the best ideas persevere. Yet nearly 30% of the voting population didn’t care enough to make their voice heard because they take the success or failure of our nation’s future for granted and don’t want to make a change (this fact is embarrassing).

Our government needs to be filled with people of different ideas and experiences to succeed and remain a “Constitutional Republic.” In business, competition forces business to succeed and spurn ideas that some may not otherwise feel motivated to entertain. Just ask Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Welch, Sheldon Adelson, Peter Thiel, Phil Robertson, the founders of Uber, Domino’s Pizza and thousands of other men and women who sought to push the limits just like Donald Trump has done his entire career.

You may not agree with President-elect Trump’s past, and you may not agree with him in the future, but he has done many things most people are scared to do. He took a risk. He jumped off the cliff many times with the faith that he could support his family and himself. He even failed a few times, picked himself back up, and found a pathway to success. It may not be your way, but he has proven to embody the American Dream (even if you would do it differently).

He’s now taking on a role that demands he puts Country above self. His actions in the coming years will demonstrate if our Founding Fathers were right or wrong about this “experiment,” and if you love this country as much as I do, keep debating the issues, remain passionate and engaged. Force President-elect Trump to keep his promises or take actions to oppose him in whatever your vision of America is, that you believe in your heart, will Make America Great Again.

President-elect Trump did not say America is a “bad” country, he said it could be a better country. If you take the position that we are a “divided” nation as a result of the election outcome, then you need to start reading the Federalist Papers and gain a better understanding of what is expected for our Country from the people who envisioned it. It was never intended to be perfect and all answers are never present to mere mortals at all times. Your next reading of the Torah, Bible or Bhagava Ghita, or other books of faith, will remind you of this tenet.

Give America a chance, and keep debating the issues. United we stand in our love of Country!

9 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Karll says:

    The division has been invented and incited by the left
    and their lap dog media, starting, at least, with their 24/7
    race baiting coverage of the “Trayvon” shooting.

  • justinwachin says:

    I think Americans agree on more things than we sometimes realize. Many of my friends were not happy with the outcome of Tuesday’s election. I’m still their friend. They will carry on even if they aren’t happy with our new president.

    Donald Trump was not my first choice for president. But, he got my vote on Tuesday. I hope he is totally successful in making America great again. I plan to continue to participate in the political process and make my opinions known. Our nation’s best days are still ahead of us. Tuesday’s election reminded me of that once again.

    1. Karll says:

      Personally, I can no longer abide those that allow themselves
      to be brainwashed by left wing baloney, and that includes
      co-workers and even family members. Their stubborn stupidity
      and deliberate avoidance of reality irritates me.

  • snowyriver says:

    BUT But but Hillary in her concession speech said we are a nation divided. Am I to suppose that she lied even then. I mean I know she lies often, but not in a concession speech.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      She can’t keep up with them!

  • David Stewart says:

    Trump is meeting Obongo right now; lame-stream media says the Pres’s message is a call for unity! Funny, I’ve watched him battle for division for eight long years!

    1. Trish P says:

      Yes, very funny. I remember Obama speaking to John McCain in a supposed bi-partisan meeting early in health care discussions, where he cut McCain off with, “The election’s over, John.” And in an early discussion on the stimulus plan where Obama retorted, “We won.” (i.e. so your input isn’t wanted).

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    2. Rodney Steward says:

      EXACTLY, and we now have another thug group, BLM!!

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