State Dept. says 150 more classified emails in latest Clinton release

by Stephen Dinan and S.A. Miller - The Washington Times  |  published on September 1, 2015

The State Department’s latest set of emails from former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, to be released late Monday, includes some 150 pages that contain now-classified information, officials said — though they insisted all of it was “upgraded” after she left office.

The department is under court order to release nearly 4,000 emails by the end of the day, as officials belatedly try to comply with open-records laws.

  • MeForever

    Subpoena all her emails and telephone conversations from NSA. If they say they don’t have them… Subpoena the officers and bring them to Hearing to initiate personal trials on them with punishment for deceiving Americans and Hearing committee. Execution.

  • mousekiller

    Ohio & Fla had more votes cast for obama than they had registered voters by a
    large portion. Some voters had been dead for 20 years and more.Politics.
    It must cost a lot to hire the dead to vote today due to the unions
    involvement now.

  • fejmdno

    I don’t understand how a Secretary of State who was four years in office could never have sent or received classified emails. Did she use telephone for all of her classified communications? From what she has said recently, she doesn’t seem to know what is classified.

  • whoisshe?

    What difference does it make , we all know she will be pardoned after she wins, she has 87% of the black vote and Sanders will sell his vote , for her , she has the nerve to mention Abe Lincoln, I wonder what Mary Todd Lincoln would think.
    This is just outrageous, she should step down. I hope Eric Holder Lois Lerner Susan Rice Obama Kerry Sebellius all of them go to prison, where is SCOTUS,
    on all of this I thought they were for the people, Major Kirby where does he stand, bring Snowden back to this country and make him talk, where is Bergdahl, where are the Former Sec of Defense.

    • MeForever

      oh she has the nerve alright and the Balz to go with it. Too bad we have elected weak no-balz Representatives and Senators. We will do better next election.

  • Dave In Arizona

    Queen Hillary’s State Department should be investigated as well. They’re playing games with the court. Documents containing “sensitive” information are such with or without it being so marked. She and her staff should have known that. Ignorance of the law is no excuse!

    • TheKing

      classifying emails after the fact is a statement that although not marked classified at the original transmission it evidently did contain classified information but was not given the proper classification at the time. This is a security breach. Never heard of classifying a letter/email/document after the fact when the information had already been disseminated. Is State Dept doing this to protect itself and Hillary? All subsequenty classified emails should be given to the court without any deletions so the judge can make a determination as to whether they should have been classified at time of original transmission

      CLEARLY this administration has established lawless agencies such as IRS, State Dept, AG, and immigration agencies. These violations have had an impact on all US Citizens by violating their rights. Will the family whose daughter was killed on pier in SF include Obama as part of their lawsuit? After all, it is his directions which were the cause of the killer being free. How come Obama has not directed sanctioned cities/towns to cease immediately? How come he has not told Black LIves Matter agency to stop attacking the police/ WHERE IS THIS PRESIDENT IN LEADERSHIP QUALITIES ( HE DOES NOT HAVE ANY)

      • mousekiller

        All part of the Marxists take over plan. With a corrupt govt we are all at risk of being kneeling subjects.Throw in the muslim radicals that have sworn to kill us and there you are.

      • Virginia M Lange


  • Walt

    Folks, most voters with political knowledge are aware of Hillary’s lies and deceit, but when it’s all said and done, the order will be given to whomever for these issues to be swept under the rug by Obama. It will just be another one of Clinton’s devious endeavors that fall to the wayside. 🙁

    • TheKing

      THE PEOPLE are watching the Hillary incidents very carefully. It would be very dangerous for Obama to grant her a full pardon. Time will tell but be prepared to march on DC

  • Gnowark

    ;It’s not very often that documents are UPGRADED in status, in fact, I;ve
    never heard of any until Clinton. Until Hitlery, they were always downgraded after time, with MANY.documented hoops that had to be jumped. I’m sure there are documented procedures for this upgrade (Executive Order 13526 Dec 2009 – subpart? Clinton,H-ACD [Abrah- Cah- Dabrah]). How very convenient for her that someone is able to classify them (after they are are discovered elsewhere than her attempted destruction server)!

  • 7papa7

    Even if every single email was classified after she left office, it shows that she doesn’t have the discernment to know what is sensitive and what isn’t. These are decisions that the WH needs to be able to make daily. It proves that she doesn’t have the judgement to be president. I would think that the state department is trying to help out the hildabeast. You can be sure that obama isn’t any better but we are stuck with him now because of an incompetent congress. Washington corruption must stop and stop now.

    • mousekiller

      Actually we are stuck with obama due to ignorant incompetent voters and the numerous times dead people vote.

      • 7papa7

        I would not be in the least bit surprised if obama got more illegal votes than legal ones.

      • Virginia M Lange


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