Super Tuesday prizes: Candidates in fierce fight for Texas, other delegate goldmines

March 1, 2016

The Democratic and Republican presidential candidates are charging into Super Tuesday in a coast-to-coast battle for delegates across a dozen states — but while they’re looking for as many wins as possible, a few select states stand out as the crown jewels.

At the top of that list, in both primary contests, is Texas. The Lone Star State has the biggest cache — 222 Democratic delegates and 155 for Republicans.

And perhaps no candidate is fighting harder for that prize than Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. The senator went all out on Monday, holding rallies in voter-rich Dallas, Houston and San Antonio in hopes of at least defeating national front-runner Donald Trump in Cruz’s home state.

“We are going to have a very good Super Tuesday,” Cruz assured the Dallas crowd. Cruz has maintained a polling lead in the state, but knows a surprise loss there could doom his campaign.

For Republicans, the second-biggest prize is Georgia, with 76 delegates at stake. Both Trump and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio put in face time with voters Monday in the final hours before polls open, while Cruz stayed rooted in Texas.

  • louann

    There’s so many lies going on about trump. Research the truth.talked to David duke.listen to what he said. Interesting. Any way . I don’t agree with everything trump says . But I do know he really does care.he has a back bone like no other. He right about our boarders.. After 16 yrs of the dems running our country down Americans are forever fed up.trump is the only one that can beat Hillary.i don’t think we want Hillary to keep doing obamas agenda. There would be no more hope. Think about that!!!!!

  • Linda

    I’m certainly not a Trump fan, but why should he reject KKK votes ? Did obama reject islamic votes ? Hillary going to reject the black lives don’t matter idiots ? What turned me off with Trump is when I heard he said he has never asked God to forgive him. ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

  • Webb

    On the presidential race front this looks to be one disgusting, reprehensible exhibition of how the Republican Party machine and it’s useful fools are going all out to destroy a qualified candidate in favor of constitutionally ineligible candidates (Cruz & rubio) and eligible ones who have dropped out; Bush, Christie, etc.

    Inside the Republican Party’s Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump, February 27, 2016…Newswithviews!

    • Greg

      So your a trumpeter?? Both Rubio and Cruz are ELIGABLE to be president! Seems like you would believe anything Trump says? Which is very sad! Our you voting for trump because he has manipulated you and many others! Just a thought? I know the republican rhino establishment is horrible, they have betrayed us!! But one thing is certain the establishment is far more frightened by Ted Cruz!! He is the one who will not make deals with the Democrats!! Trump will make deals with anyone!! So I’m sorry to say your going to get your wish!! When Hillary beats Donald after the media destroys him!! Your just trading Obama for trump!! Hope n change vs a man who has not one conservative bone in his body and your just as bad as the OBAMA FOLLOWERS !! Your getting pulled by a liberal mascarading as a conservative!! Your entitled to your opinion and I respect that! Just remember you judge a man by his actions !! Not his words!

      • Webb

        I’m in S.C. and as you know, we have already Voted…By The Way, I voted fof Cruz…I posted the paragraph from Newseithviews, to once again show how Establishment Republicans and McConnell are acting toward the Republican front runner in D.C.! Especially upset with McConnell with his “drop him like a rock” comment concerning Trump to other Senators.
        Just fed up with the Elites, that have had our votes and done Absolutely nothing to deter Obama, even in a small way! Its our Choice on the candidate, not the Political insiders or the DC elites…We make the call by our Vote.
        Yes…If Trump prevails…he will get my vote!

        • Greg

          Webb great minds think alike. And your 100% right. We cannot let that turncoat Mitch mConnell get away unscathed!! I look at all the things Obama has done over the last 7 -8 years and guys like Mitch, Hatch, Mcain, Boehner, have rolled over and did nothing to stop any of it!! I want my guys to fight the way Harry Nancy, chuck, and all the democrats fight our agenda!! They take know prisoners and destroy the opposition!! Nice talking to you Webb


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