Supreme Court rebukes Congress on Jerusalem passport law

June 8, 2015

Jerusalem-Old-City-Wall-e1426597057218The Supreme Court ruled Monday that presidents have the power to choose not to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on passports, despite laws passed by Congress that seek to compel that recognition.

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the 6-3 opinion that the president has the “exclusive power to grant formal recognition to a foreign sovereign.” While the scope of that decision could extend outside this case, the decision responds directly to a suit by an American citizen born in Jerusalem who wanted to list his country of birth as Israel.

The executive branch views Jerusalem as an international city, a designation meant to stay neutral on a major issue in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. So when Congress passed the Foreign Relations Authorization Act in 2002, which included a section that mandated recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, then-President George W. Bush issued a signing statement that said his administation viewed the act as advisory because it violates the president’s foreign relations authority.

  • KDC

    This president refuses to recognize anything to do with Israel. He stands for the Muslims/ISIS/ISIL, etc.

    • Then why did he invest almost 2 years of his time and Secretary of State Kerry’s time in trying to negotiate a deal between Israel and the Palestinians? Is it Obama’s fault they couldn’t reach a deal? Or Abbas’ and Netanyahu’s?

      This is the time that Israel should be making a deal – when the Arab world is focusing on the problems being caused by ISIS and not blaming Israel or the Jews for their problems. But Netanyahu doesn’t seem to be interested. In fact, he said so during the elections in March.

      To say that ANY American president has power to solve the problems there is just stupidity.

      And Justice Kennedy was appointed by Pres Reagan. He’s not an “Obozo puppet paper judge” as Gerry Costa blurts out below.

      • donemyhomework

        I disagree, you don’t make a deal with the Muslims. Especially for the pawn Islam plays that is called Palestine.

        • Oh, so there’s no two-state solution, then. Right?

          • donemyhomework

            Absolutely. Islam is perpetual war. That is what their Quran demands.

          • So the efforts and speeches of the past several Israeli presidents, going back 30 years or so, regarding peace with the Palestinians, finding a two-state solution, trading land for peace – these were all lies, stalling tactics? Almost half of the Israeli population has been duped by their government into believing that they could have peace with their Palestinian neighbors?

          • donemyhomework

            Of course, Muslims aren’t interested in land, they have plenty of that. What Muslims really want is the death of every Jew on the planet. The whole Palestinian thing is just a Pawn, Just something for the Muslims to complain about so they can play their “demand and submission game”. The only real Peace will come with the death of Islam…it’s in the Quran. Their death or ours. Wish it wasn’t that way, but you’ll have talk to the original Mohammad to get him to change the book.

          • I don’t think any president will be asking you to join their negotiating team, so you can relax.

      • KDC

        BO doesn’t give a hoot about Israel or America. Kerry and BO are a two ring circus with regards to foreign affairs of this sort. What strategy are you going to imploy with a bunch of Muslims? Your not going to reason with that idiology. Netanyahu knows this. BO knows it too, since he is one, but he’s playing the game. You know, lying and working the strategy from within.

  • Gerry Costa

    Obozo’s puppet paper judges at it again. As soon as obozo is out of office, which I wish could be today, and as soon as the demoRATS take back congress with all their illegals voting- these fraud judges will change it back. If it wasn’t so sickening these people could be a comic strip.

  • ward

    bo must go away 2015 any way that it will take … ! His abuse of power in 6+ years is a crime against the U.S. Citizens and bo’s support of muslims has taken his court appointments into his high treason category of a worldwide dictatorship that is a proven crime against all human rights …. !


    CONGRESS MAKES LAWS, NOT THE PRESIDENT OR THE SUPREME COURT ::: PERIOD. There needs to be a long line set up for end results of the treason trial so all involved may get quick payment

  • Vickie

    Say what? Setting up the abomination of desolation by saying that Jerusalem is an international city, or is it for the palestinians?

  • gpicha

    Hey ONIGGAR make sure you accept mecca as a capitol. Fucking bastard. DIE…DIE…DIE!!!


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