Tensions escalate between the Bush and Rubio campaigns

by Jose A. DelReal | The Washington Post  |  published on October 18, 2015

Rising tensions between former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Republican presidential primary rival Marco Rubio broke out into the open Friday after the two campaigns began exchanging pointed fundraising-related barbs, culminating with a senior Bush campaign aide accusing the senator from Florida of intentionally exaggerating fundraising totals reported to the media and the Federal Election Commission.

“Lying about budgets. Guess Marco picked up something in the Senate,” Bush communications director Tim Miller tweeted Friday in an uncharacteristically blunt attack against Rubio, whom the former governor has described as a personal friend.

At the heart of the dust-up is the Rubio campaign’s repeated assertions that it has been more frugal than other campaigns, at times specifically singling out Bush’s team. “Here’s why Marco Rubio’s campaign has more cash in the bank than Jeb Bush for President,” tweeted Rubio communications director Alex Conant Thursday.

  • Pam

    Neither will get my vote. I have been unable to find work near my home for two years now. They tell me “We’re looking for someone with more specific experience (banking, machines, retail).” Then, when I go back to these places, there is a brand new employee SPEAKING BROKEN ENGLISH! Around here it’s not press one for English, it’s go to Helen Hunt!

  • John Mackey

    Neither one’s going to get the nomination as folks are tired of the bought and paid for in DC selling our country out. It’s been even worse since the current So called president has been in office. He’s all but destroyed this country. He’s made us the biggest financier of Terrorism he’s flooded the country with Illegals and Muslims. I think it’s over due that they bring him up on charges of Treason and crimes against the US and it’s people.

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