‘Terrorism has gone viral’: US officials, lawmakers warn of growing jihad-inspired attacks

by FoxNews.com  |  published on May 11, 2015

Top U.S. officials and lawmakers on Sunday intensified concerns about the growing threat of jihad-inspired terror attacks against the United States, after last week’s attempt in Texas and the dire FBI warning that followed.

“I think there’s been an uptick in the stream of threats out there,” Texas GOP Rep. Mike McCaul, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, told “Fox News Sunday.” “We’re seeing these directives on almost a daily basis. It’s very concerning. Terrorism has gone viral.”

McCaul’s comments follow the May 3 attack by two gunmen outside a “Draw Muhammad” event in Garland, Texas.

Tweets by one of the two gunmen, killed by police in the attack, appear to link him to radical Islamic terror groups. And Internet chatter purportedly tipped off officials about a possible attack on the event.

On Thursday, FBI Director James Comey said the attack, in which a security officer was shot in the leg, highlights the difficulties the FBI faces — as social media facilitates communication between terror groups and potential homegrown extremists.

  • Hotnike

    Now the scare tactics start. The supossed attack on US soil is apparently what Obma has been waiting for. This will be his excuse fot martial law for our own protection. Get ready folks, the s*** is about to hit.

    • Dennis Wenthold

      This is a problem all over Europe too not just the USA. So far we are lucky we have two bog oceans in the way.

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