This New Republican Super PAC Wants To Get the Amish To Vote for Trump

May 13, 2016

From Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, to the nonstop cable news coverage, the 2016 election has been nothing if not digital. For most of the country this has made politics inescapable, but not for the technology-averse Amish community, who are at a considerable remove from the election. But now, a brand new super PAC is trying change that. The aptly named Amish PAC calls itself “the first Super PAC dedicated to getting plain voters [using a common term referencing the Amish lifestyle] to the polls.”

Amish PAC’s co-founder, Ben Walters, said his group’s goal is to mobilize a previously untapped bloc of conservative voters for a general election fight against Hillary Clinton. The group is focused on the key swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, which are each home to about 60,000 Amish people.

Walters is not Amish, nor is Amish PAC’s treasurer and other co-founder Taylor Swindle. Walters lives in the Washington, DC, area and comes from the world of conservative political fundraising. Before creating Amish PAC, he fundraised for other causes such as the Republican National Committee, Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott’s 2010 campaign and Ben Carson’s former super PAC, The 2016 Committee.

The group has, however, hired an outreach director who is a former member of the Amish church, Ben King, and lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In addition to working for Amish PAC, King is also the CEO of a business that builds Amish horse barns across the Northeast and in Florida.

Walters said in an interview that he started Amish PAC to reach out to this culturally isolated community, basically because no one else had tried it yet.

  • Pamela Rich

    I actually spoke with an Amish couple in the store yesterday. I didn’t bring up politics was trying to help them find a brand of bread the wife was looking for and luckily we found it in the frozen section. Out of the clear he asked if I had voted and I stated I had and how important I thought the upcoming election was going to be for this nation. My grandson rounded the corner (with his beard) and the man asked if he had voted and he said he had because we have to get someone who respects the Constitution and Bill of Rights into the White House. The man nodded seriously and looked at his wife and said, “See, not all of them are ignorant of what is necessary”. He and my grandson started talking while she and I found the bread and she asked me if I was concerned. I told her I was more than just concerned about where this country has headed a fast clip under this administration and how terrifying it is to watch our nation head down the path they are on and our only hope is that God will wake up more people up. As we separated to go different directions I heard him tell her my grandson had spent 3 weeks with a Mennonite family last summer and wanted to go back this year for a few weeks. That they could feel a little more comfortable there were Englishers who are going to help them fight to maintain their way of life. My grandson told me the man had told him they have serious concerns about what will come if the current direction of our government is not stopped.

  • runnindeer

    I don’t know if most Amish people vote at all. Politics don’t seem to be a large part of their life since that revolves around home family farming and making a living with GOD first and last as their main thought. But this world now would dictate that if they have never considered that even GOD would want them to take part in protecting what GOD has allowed them to have in a nation like America, they had best begin to put politics into their agenda. I would feel that they would see that Mr. Donald J. Trump is our man for a position that requires more strength and determination and leadership ability than any President before in the History of this Nation. What the Democrats have done to this Country is beyond tragic. What they will do if Hillary Clinton gets into the White House would be the ruination of the nation and an end to quality of life or freedom for all of us.

  • Pat Enery

    It would be obvious to the Amish what Shillary Clintscum is. They’re Bible believers & could be a crucial swing vote. The vote fraud & vote deletions are already in place & ready to work for their paymasters. It would be hard to hide or delete this voting bloc. Paper ballots & public counts in America, please.

  • Pat Donnelly

    the amish do not vote…EVER…this super pac is stealing from people..The amish are sovereign people..They do not have social security numbers like urs and mine..they have an agreement with the corporate u s gov to not participate in any function…including voting…I lived in and around the amish for fifteen years..Just leave these folks alone..they want no part of government control

    • Phyllis

      If Hillary gets into office then they are about to learn about government control. She will do exactly what Obama has done, override any previous commitments.

    • Dennis

      Sorry, but they have got government control, and I believe their vote could just stop some of the nonsense.They each have their own specialties and there is much trading going on in their communities. The government has invaded and are now forcing regulations on them. They are being told they can’t drink raw milk, they are being forced to get licenses to make their candies and baked goods, have to buy license plates for their buggies, being forced to conform to government inspections and regulations of their cooking facilities, are being forced to collect sales tax on their goods they sell. They have even been jailed and taken to court for ignoring the government mandates !!! They refuse to fight back, and I believe the time is rapidly approaching when they will have to stand up for themselves, against our crooked government !!!

  • a_farmer_now

    Interesting comments, as per below, from folks who don’t know the Amish at all. I know a few and due their detachment from the ideological wars of right vs left they perhaps have a clearer perspective than most if not all folks who frequent this forum/blog/site. They seem to have a firmer grasp of reality and the truth.. can spot phonies a mile away. I doubt they could cosy up to the likes of Trump’s dishonesty and obvious immorality and ethical challenges … and due to their pacifist proclivities… have much appreciation for the likes of Hillary Clinton who is a reincarnation of “W”. My bet is that they sit this one out.

    • Bill Hartman

      Didn’t quite follow you on your statement “due to their pacifist proclivities.. have much appreciation for the likes of Hillary…” Perhaps you meant “little” rather than “much”?

      Hillary is the war monger whose meddling in the Middle East helped birth ISIS. By comparison, Trump’s statements on foreign policy have disturbed the hawks of both parties. Of recent candidates for president, only Ron and Rand sound more pacifist.

      I suspect that you are right. They will sit this one out. Neither Trump nor Hillary are “plain” by any measure.

    • truthseeker

      They also sit out any wars. Wars are bad, but if all of us felt like the Amish we would be in Caves. Jesus does say somewhere in the Bible about how we should change. Taking a new Goat skin to use for wine. I will not use a quotation, cause I will not make a contradiction against the Holy Bible. Got enough problems and would never deliberately anger our Lord and Savior.

    • Phyllis

      I do know the Amish. My friend is married to one. My aunt also married a PA dutch and was married to him for over 60 years. No fans of Hillary with either, and that is in 2 different states. It is true that they may sit this out but I doubt it.

      • Dennis

        Is your friend Amish? They don’t marry outside the church, unless they want to be shunned !!!

        • Phyllis

          She was a widow with two children and follows his belief. I don’t think they are shunned. She is very devout.

    • Dennis

      You’re probably right, although I would love to see them get involved. Incidentally, I come from Amish country, and do much machine work and welding for them. I have many Amish friends, they are a great people.

  • jea2comments

    Good for them, I always admired the amish, and they are hardworking, tough and smart people. So glad they are not falling for Hitlery’s lies. Instead of Hillary running for POTUS; shouldn’t she be more concerned about keeping a low profile and avoiding prison at this point? Her audacity knows no bounds…

    • truthseeker

      I never heard of the Amish people ever voting. How do they get their News when they do not believe in the modern conveniences of things like the TV or Radio ?

      • James

        They get their news the old fashioned way; news print and word of mouth. They are not ignorant people, but don’t look for great numbers to register to vote, While there are some who are more ‘liberal’ than others, most will not become involved in politics period. Having works with and beside the Amish for many years I can assure you that those who are of the more conservative and fundamental persuasion will sit back and watch how events turn out. That is not to say they will not be praying for good rulers. They are well aware of the bad things which have been foisted upon American citizens by this Admin. and most are well aware that it is the democratic party which is responsible for much of the perversion which has permeated our society!

        • Phyllis

          I also worked with an Amish family once and got some bids on another issue with a remodeling job. They do not deal in credit cards. This new agenda of a cashless society will kill their modest products they sell at their stands, quilts etc. On global warming, doing away with ‘cow farts’ (ridiculous)will do away with their own food for themselves. They can go to a courthouse,or have someone go to their home to register them in the same way people in nursing homes are registered, register for absentee, vote by absentee and go home by buggy and continue their quiet fruitful lives. The UGLY, HATE FILLED DISCRIMINATION that is being heaped on these innocent, non welfare people who helped settle this country is sick and disgusting.

          • truthseeker

            I know. I hate that Commercial about these people called, ” Settlers”. The commercial is on getting Dish instead of Cable. I had the Dish and it does have a lot of ugly cable. We only could get local channels and by the time we could cancel we had been charge two extra months and other hidden fee’s. They will not take away that ugly dish either , cause they said we bought it, so it just is stuck in the ground and cemented down, making it very difficult to get out.

          • Dennis

            A tractor and a chain will take care of the unwanted dish problem !!!

          • Dennis

            I grew up in Amish country in northern Indiana. I have many Amish friends, and I do machine work for them. I can assure everyone that the Amish are very informed on current events and most are appalled by that thing that inhabits OUR WHITE HOUSE, and the crap “it” has foisted on Americans. The Government has been harassing the Amish to the point that I believe they could be persuaded to vote if they can get the approval of their Bishop. I think the best way to win the Amish vote is to sit down with the Bishop of each community and explain the demoncrapic lawlessness that is ruining our country. If he can be convinced that it is necessary to vote to protect their way of life, the community members will follow.

          • Phyllis

            I am familiar with the area you are speaking of and I agree with you. They can have someone come to their house to register them on paper and they can vote absentee by paper with reps there. Check the county ordinances on this process, they vary a little from county to county. Speak to the Republican Chairperson in the county as they are very near to the place of absentee voting.

        • truthseeker

          You are so correct, but then so is parts of the Republican party. I never heard people like the House Speaker Paul Ryan who fought against Donald Trump on this movement called: Never Trump ! Remember Mr. Ryan stated, ” This Campaign was grueling”, he was speaking about his inner party that did all they could to Stop Trump and then asked for a meeting to Unite the Party. One bit that leaked out was how Paul Ryan wanted to cut Medicare and Trump stated, No!

          • truthseeker

            There is another person running for Paul Ryan’s position as the Senator of Wisconsin. His name is Paul Nehlen . He is an Inventor and an Entrepreneur. One of the great things he has Invented is a { Water Filtration system} very advanced. He lives in Delavon, WI. This is something Michigan is very desperate to have. If he fixes the problem, he will be in. We need Inventors and not another person like House Speaker Paul Ryan that cannot even support the Presumptive Presidential nominee. I hope he wins and Donald Trump tells Paul Ryan he will except his resignation .

      • Phyllis

        They don’t involve themselves with what we call News. But they are intelligent and hard working, no welfare with them. But by word of mouth they know and it shows up when they can’t sell their quilts, cheeses,without taking credit cards, etc. Most of the millenials are so dumbed down they think milk, food in general, grows on shelves at the store.

        • truthseeker

          If they do vote, it would be an untapped resource, since they rarely want anything to do with our Modern Society. We all could learn something from the Amish. There is an offset called the ” Mennonites” and they do use a lot of modern conveniences .

      • jea2comments

        Word of mouth, and I’m sure they see the newspapers or at least the headlines of those newspapers when they buy supplies from town.

  • champion2211

    The Amish is a very proud and smart bunch of people. They can tell a criminal when they hear one. Hillary is the criminal and will say anything to get people to vote for her. she will promise anything also. She knows she will never produce what she promises but the people know that she will not come through with her promises. Trump on the other hand does what he says and if he makes a promise he will come through with it. Now we all know that Trump needs your vote no matter what. Due to the so called President now just wants to destroy the country and everything you hold good, in that he is just trying to remove God and everything we hold dearly. He is against America. We need the Amish vote to help Trump to take America back and do all he can to make America great again. Vote Trump 2016 Thank you.

    • Smart Southerner

      I don’t think the Amish, like most American citizens, are anxious to keep going down the Democrat road of perversion, homosexual marriage, men in bathrooms with little girls, etc.

      What’s next for the Liberal perverts?

      Nudists classified as a protected class, so nudists can walk around on city streets unclothed?

      Sex in the City becoming reality so people can literally mate in public?

      Think I’m kidding? Did you ever think the Supreme Court of Perverts would illegally create a law so homosexuals could marry?

      Ever think our prez would try to force the issue of allowing males in females’ restrooms & showers? Just the idea that he thinks that is a major issue to force down Americans’ throats is disgusting!

      Oh wait… wasn’t it the prez who lit up OUR WH like some Gay Bar?

      • jea2comments

        Jan. 20th, 2017 can’t get here soon enough! That date will also mark the end of a “error.”

  • Phyllis

    They are a wonderful people. They mind their own business and are very hard workers. Hillary would destroy them as is the present administration. There are communities of them in KY and IN also. Because they are so removed in lifestyle from Ob and the present government with its takeover of all aspects of people’s lives they will probably vote for Trump as a unified group. The very idea that they are doing this for the first time in their history should show everyone, loud and clear, what true destruction this present government has wrought and will worsen under Hillary Clinton. They won’t vote for Bernie either as they believe in work and no handouts.

    • James

      I seriously doubt that you will see many Amish at the voting booths. While there are a few conclaves of ‘liberal’ Amish, most are very conservative and due to their religious views, owe all their allegiance to The Kingdom of Heaven.


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