Tight Clinton-Trump polls have skeptics: pollsters

May 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton faces a fierce general election battle against Donald Trump, according to recent polls, but one group remains unconvinced: pollsters.

Trump, who just secured the delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination, is in a statistical tie with Clinton, according to the most recent ABC News/Washington Post and NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls.

In separate interviews, the pollsters who conducted those surveys cautioned that much of the tightening in the race comes from Trump consolidating the Republican vote. Meanwhile, Clinton remains in a contentious primary battle with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Further, Sanders’ voters, especially those under the age of 30, are fuming over a superdelegate system they consider unfair and a Democratic National Committee chairwoman they believe has favored Clinton, among other grievances.

But history suggests these Sanders backers are likely to align with Clinton in the end, both pollsters said. Skepticism over the latest Clinton-Trump numbers is further fueled by a Bloomberg Politics survey showing Trump trailing Clinton by 7 percentage points among middle-income voters in the Rust Belt states that will be pivotal to Trump’s chances in November .

  • reggie

    “But history suggests these Sanders backers are likely to align with Clinton in the end, both pollsters said.” What is historical about this election? Nothing. It’s changing history and setting precedents.

  • itsfun

    Independents will elect Trump

  • eddie

    We the AMERICAN People can not allow for another 4 years of continued devastation of this once GREAT NATION Lets Remember Our FAITH in GOD and Pray that the B Sanders voters will open their eyes and FINALLY Realize the Corrupt doings of the democrats and the clinton family and swing to the Republican Side and Help US Vote IN Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….. e : )

    • Milton W. Lowe


  • Nathan Marley

    Hillary supporters are proof that you can be completely brainwashed by the media and intend on complete obliteration of this country and all it was founded upon. She should be ineligible to even run for president . What’s really going on ?

    • reggie

      Soros’ control and NWO. She can be bought by the highest bidder.

  • PPTA

    Trump will win.

  • Susan C

    Voters have the power to vote for Mr Trump as president and help him help ALL OF US Americans be safer from terrorism, have a strong border, find jobs, improve the economy, have a strong, powerful military which will be able to protect and defend us from illegal aliens who want to keep our wages low and benefit from generous welfare and other public benefits which should go exclusively to Americans. America helped build China while the US is becoming a Third World country and going bankrupt.

    • reggie

      To paraphrase Josef Stalin, it’s not who votes, it’s who COUNTS the vote. romney doesn’t like Trump, in spite of the fact that Trump had given $millions to a romney super pac. With friends like that, who needs enemies. romney family has control over 30% +/- of voting machines. Hart Intercivic. I’m not making any kind of accusation but it just strikes me odd that a wannabe president would be involved in something that could possibly be mistaken for impropriety.

  • capa760

    If Trump doesn’t win……It means the DNC PRECINCT WORKERS At THE 2014 CORRUPT ELECTION.are at it again, and Trump can make sure there are the
    best REPUBLICAN PRECINCT WORKERS filming, recording, and pointing to the next arrests during the election hours. America is NOT a third world country and elections had better be honest this time.

    • Nathan Marley

      There seems to multiple techniques to defraud and manipulate the vote mostly on the democrat side , remember Acorn . And how about Bill Clinton in Massachussettes being in violation of to close to the polling station and causing interference of the voters . Why is Hillary not penalized heavily for this? The system has already failed . They only are evaluating the American public now to see how weak and gullible we are to there bullying .

  • Anouk

    If Trump is not winning the presidency in November we are doomed.
    He is the only hope we have to make America Great again.


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