Together 2016 aims to unify 1 million Christians in prayer on National Mall

by Emma Patton  |  published on July 6, 2016

Pope Francis held up a black T-shirt adorned with an American flag last week on YouTube and urged young people to journey to Washington, D.C., this month.

“Wear this T-shirt in unison, and respond to the great restlessness,” Francis said in a video announcement. “I invite you to a great gathering. Jesus is waiting for you.”

The T-shirt is paraphernalia for an event called Together 2016, which aims to be one of the biggest gatherings of Christians in American history.

The goal of Together 2016 is to get 1 million Christians to journey to the National Mall on July 16 for a day of unifying prayer. Nick Hall, the founder of the movement, hopes to unite people of all kinds.

  • ralph

    That is the almighty dollar I recon

  • ralph

    The pope is a terrorist he is using the churches to plant illegals about the country and is getting paid for it

  • Shaymamma8

    Up until the Pope started disagreeing with some of you and your bigotry, he was just wonderful, now he’s satan???? Wow, what a stretch!! Organize religion is becoming the downfall of America. Such an ugly pissing contest, “my god is better than your god”, oh, please have several seats….

  • Huffer

    This is only a cancerous teaser to unite all spiritual tenets into one world wide religion. The hoped for one world religion is sponsored by Satan himself! Do not be fooled by the lying deceiver. This gathering is to make people of ALL faiths think they are Christian’s. They are not.
    The Pope worships Satan and he tricks people into believing in, and actually, worshiping the CHURCH and the dead people they venerate!
    The Bible says: (not a direct quote) “do not worship or pray to / or for the dead.” It also says: “do not call any man FATHER for you have ONE FATHER and He is in heaven.”
    The Catholic church also claims the Pope is infallible and speaks as Jesus! This is blasphemy in the true sense of the word. He is claiming to be God!!!
    This is precisely what Lucifer has desired his entire existence.

    Many will not like what I’m saying here but I would hope you do not want to kill the messenger like they did Jesus. Read th KJ Bible and seek the truth. History has proven it is the correct story there.

    • jnora

      Amen! Good for you to have the guts to say it. There are so many fallacies in the Catholic church, like worshipping Mary.

      • jnora

        Try reading Romans 13:1-7 regarding our government. I will do what God commands regarding our leaders should Hillary get elected (God help us if she is), but I will NEVER honor or respect her because she is not “owed” that and God doesn’t expect us to honor or resped her if she is not owed that. She would have to turn a 180 for me to feel that way about her. Personally, I think she is evil.

  • Patrick Driscoll

    The REAL GOD loves and does not hate!!

    • Huffer

      Patrick, I believe God does love us, and righteousness, but He also HATES evil (sin) doings. He freely offers us righteousness through His son Jesus to wash us of the sinful things we’ve done in our past.
      Like He told those who heeded His call: “Go and sin no more”.
      Follow Jesus…not a church.

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