Trump: As president, I would prosecute Clinton

February 23, 2016

Donald Trump said Monday night that he believes Hillary Clinton will likely get away with her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, but said that as president, it’s only fair that he’d look to prosecute Clinton.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity asked Trump in front of a live Nevada audience if his attorney general would go after Clinton should an investigation find she broke the law while serving in the Obama administration.

“You have no choice,” Trump replied. “In fairness, you have to look into that.”

“She seems to be guilty,” he said. “But you know what, I wouldn’t even say that.”

  • Neal

    Sorry, It won’t happen! “Slick Britches” HAS enough on.the Seated President for him to Pardon HER for ANY wrong doing while he was in Office! My bet is a Blanket Pardon to include the Clinton Foundation!!!!

  • 1josephg1

    I would venture to say that he will go after the foreign exchange student and holder and jarret and a few others as well.

  • Franie

    If Trump becomes our next president, barring any shenanigans from the democrats and Rinos, I hope he HONORS his word in all that he has promised.

  • Seedman

    Don Juvenile has his own prosecution to worry about. Don is charged with fraud and deception in California and New York and will need to testify. A senior adviser in his campaign is a well known stock fraud felon with connections to the mafia. Therefore, it is not surprising that vulgar Don Juvenile reviles Christian Ted Cruz.

    • Franie

      Who the hell is Don Juvenile? Me thinks seedman is the juvenile here.

  • 83ragtop50

    Yeah, sure you will, Mr. Trump. Are you also going to tear up the pictures of you and her together? You are closer in ideology to Clinton than you are to a true conservative…. Government health insurance for all, fund planned parenthood, take away folks property by eminent domain, an adulterer, etc., etc.

  • mfrench

    So true!!!

  • TOM

    As President you have To good after the 3 Stooges. Larry Hillary, Moe Obama, Curly Holder. With this past administration It could easly be the 50 Stooges, with all of the corruption that has been shown of the last 8 years. WH WA,WA, WA,WA, WA<WA you know the rest of the song

  • carl

    Use RICO against the banksters. They are conspiring to undermine the US sovereignty.

  • exoticdoc2

    He SHOULD also prosecute the Obamanation and reverse every single one of the harmful and illegal idiotic decisions that spineless worm made while in office.The Obamanation would look great behind bars.

  • Rex Sutton


  • Todd Alfonsi

    Time to put an end to the Clinton, Bonnie and Clyde routine, as well as the Congress nazi reseame

  • Rosa Ergas

    I truly believe she needs to be responsible for her actions, and pay the consequences !

  • hangman57

    It is a shame we have to elect a President ,that will allow the Justice system to go forward . Because Obama ,Lynch are blocking Hillary Clinton Prosecution . We need a President who will stay out of our court system and put people in place who will Prosecute Democrats and Republicans . Not just Prosecute Republicans ,and give Democrats a pass !

  • stoth

    We till have an election to win. Hillary is not going to be indicted – not it this administration anyway. And if the republican’s don’t win the election there will be no indictments. I am anti Democrat, and the way the republicans are so set against one another it is going to very difficult to pick one. Some how, someway, someone should tell the idiots that we, the public, are mad at politics in WH and are getting angry at them. I know what the Demo will do if elected, but as bad as I want a real change in politics, I have a very vague ideal what the GOP will do. If they do not get together and get on the same track. I’ll may do a write in Ballot. Maybe Newt.
    I shock myself writing this. But I believe it is true what’s happening.

    • Steve Gifford

      If people write in a candidate or if they vote for an unpopular candidate “on principle” then they would be helping to elect a democrat. You would be going against what your original statement was. If for example one of the republican candidates doesn’t get the republican nomination and then gets mad and runs as a third party, that would divide the republican vote and thereby help elect the democrat. While it sounds great to want to hold out for the one that fits into our ideal moral code, if they don’t have good polling numbers then they would ruin the chances of at least keeping out Bernie or Hillary.

      • Franie

        Bernie and Hillary, two socialist. Socialist are violent people. They STEAL from one to give to another. THAT’S VIOLENT!!! Therefore, Bernie and Hillary are VIOLENT PEOPLE!!

        Anyone voting for this VIOLENCE, are VIOLENT people themselves. VIOLENT people are what’s WRONG with our country.

      • stoth

        Mister Gifford I am well aware of the effects of write-ins. I suppose it was a good way to say ” no matter who is running, there is not a good choice to make”
        Sorry about the misleading statement.

    • Neal

      I never thought I’d be saying this but we have only one candidate. AS you will remember Reagan was elected with the Independent Democrat Cross-over Vote. With all the Welfare, on the government dole, dead voters the opposition will produce, only a Republican Candidate with the cross-over vote will be elected. Rubio and Cruz probably represent 15% each of the Republican vote and 40% of the rest of Republicans WILL NOT VOTE FOR EITHER ONE Of THEM! They might even stay home! If Republicans want a Republican President (and the alternative is “Slick Britches” Hillary or Bernie the Commie), we must get the Cross-over vote. Their vote should be up for grabs as they are tired of “Slick Britches” shenanigans and WILL NOT vote for a Communist! Most of the LOVE America too. Trump is too Liberal for most of you. You may have to rethink your position on him as he is the ONLY ONE on our Side WHO CAN GET THAT CROSS-OVER VOTE WHICH IS REQUIRED TO ELECT A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT!. The Reagan Democrats WILL NOT VOTE FOR EITHER CRUZ OR RUBIO because of each one’s baggage! IF we want to WIN this one we’d ALL better get behind trump and FORCE HIM DOWN THE RNC ESTABLISHMENT’S THROAT! It’s really time the PEOPLE TOOK BACK our Party (or start a new one)!!!

      • stoth

        At least there are two Trump backers who know that the cross-over voters really count. Romney and McCain did not get the cross-over simply because they were very weak in their approach.
        Trump can get it if the others will shut their mouth and work for the “good of the party”

      • Rosa Ergas

        I agree with you, I like Kasich, but he doesn’t have a chance. My vote will go to Trump, even though he concerns me somehow. He has what is called “a narcissist” personality, which is also Obama’s personality, and that is not good for the USA or the world. I hope he can deliver his promises!!! it is true, he doesn’t know much about external politics, but I believe, like president Reagan, he will have good advisers, and he will learn, that is if his ego allows him. Talking about Sanders, first of all there is no money to make all his promises real actions. I was born in Cuba, I came to the USA, by the way, with my residency, in 1961, and for many years I am a PROUD American Citizen. I know what a communist sounds like, and Sanders is a true communist! This country, could, should, never allow a communist to be president. This nation, stands for democracy never for communism!!!! I ow too much to the USA of America!!! G d bless the USA!!!!

  • Grim Reaper

    Whoever is the next President has a whole Rats Nest of crap to clean out including prosecuting both Clinton’s as well as the Muslim Traitor who currently holds office. I would start my case against these three with charges of Treason, Fraud, and Malfeasance. All of Obama’s subordinates and enablers should likewise be tried, including his so called Opposition who aided and abetted him helping him commit his felonies, and crimes. All of these people likewise should be tried, along with all the Judges who undermined our nation and our constitution.

    • Gnowark

      Unfortunately, the rat’s nest might just get another smoke&mirrors blanket to keep things out of view. I hope you are right, but I have become too cynical for any more than hope. I keep getting e-mails, letters, and phone conversations that amount to my representatives’ representatives (upper and lower houses) saying “yeah, we’ll look into that, don’t do anything on your end, just trust us, and contribute to our re-election funds.”

      • Neal

        I request written e-mail return on all questions I ask them!

    • Franie

      Don’t forget those 30+ czars who are seriously undermining our country.

      • Grim Reaper

        It is a Rat’s Nest and it is more than just one out of control maniacal maniac Muslim in the W.H. taking America over the edge. Obama has had plenty of help with a like minded number of cohorts who just like him, hate this country, and want to destroy it as well.

  • garyrmck

    Her can’t pardon her if she has not been charged and convicted. If Trump gets her convicted after taking office, there is nothing Obama can do about it. Furthermore, he hates her. He only protects her now because she his his party’s candidate.

    • David Fowler

      Ford pardoned Nixon and he hadn’t been charged with anything. I believe that is the reason that Ford was not reelected. It was the reason that I didn’t vote for him.

      • Neal

        And I voted FOR Ford for the same reason. Nixon made the mistake of finding out what his people had done and tried to first dismiss and then cover for them. If you haven’t tried to gloss over something your charges have done you have not been in a position of authority. The cover up is what got him. History is proving his other qualities surpassed his inequities but no one cares. The seated President has done so much more then Nixon EVER DID it’s not funny but we’ve become so accustomed to all the lies Washington deals out to we citizens daily he gets a by! Don’t remember Nixon’s blatten use of Executive Privilege except for the recorded tapes. Don’t remember anything about his rewritting Written Law to fit what he wanted to do either. The real problem now is the DNC/RNC Establishment and Money People’s control of our government! AND worse, the FACT we’ve let them!

        • David Fowler

          I wish that I had voted for Ford. Like a dumb ass I voted for Carter who was the worst president to date at that time. That was the only time that I ever voted for a Democrat for POTUS. I won’t make that mistake again. It seems like the choice that we have now is either vote for a Rebublicrat or a Demican.

  • Cookie Vranish

    Obama will pardon her! He wouldn’t want Hillary to divulge similar things about him! Lots of dirty dealings with these crummy thugs.

    • Gnowark

      I’ve go to disagree, just like blue-dress-bill, she’s not going to be convicted (double-jeopardy after Lynch “investigates” and finds no crimes, perecisely for the reason you specified)


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