Trump: “Cruz Stole Iowa”

February 3, 2016

Donald Trump has accused Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) of “illegally” stealing his Monday-night Iowa caucus victory and suggested that Cruz’s vote total should be “nullified.”

Cruz won the Republican Iowa caucuses on Monday in something of an upset over Trump, who had been leading polls for weeks before the voting started.

In the first in a string of attacks against Cruz, Trump tweeted Wednesday: “Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!”

An earlier version of Trump’s tweet had said Cruz “illegally stole” the caucus win.

Laying out a series of Cruz actions that he suggested were “fraud,” Trump later summarized in a tweet: “Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified.”

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  • Briylaln says:

    Trump seems to be a ninny

  • dmttbt says:

    From what I gather Cruz must have admitted that his people were telling false statements to potential Carson voters. Sorry doesn’t mean anything when you are telling people you can run the country but it is not your responsibility that your staff did wrong. I would expect nothing less from a politician. That is what we have too many of.

  • Mike N says:

    Typical Trump. He can’t handle losing. If you cant win blame!!

    1. dmttbt says:

      No if you can’t win, cheat. That is what Cruz and Rubio did.

      1. Mike N says:

        If true I can’t agree with all that went on; however, even without that Trump would not have won. His failure to attend the last debate cost him and helped Rubio. His ego hurt him more than anything. Trump can’t handle failure. This is typical of narcissists. They will complain, blame, but not accept fault.

  • kathy diamond says:

    This is bad. I believe Trump is correct. Cruz’s people told voters that Carson was leaving the race, Vote for Ted Cruz, and Cruz’s people told the voters that Trump was going to keep Obama Care. We already have filth like this in the White House & Government, Cruz & Rubio are Senators, aka: already part of the problems we have. No 2nd chances, America deserves better, we won’t survive if we make this same mistake. Trump is the best man for this job.

  • I Seigel says:

    This is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!! 22 comments (so far) and NOT ONE PERSON has slammed Obama or blamed him for this!! That must be some new record here!

    1. Keni_Washington says:

      Give them another day or two and they’ll wake up: “OH SH#*#*T WE MISSED A CHANCE TO BLAME OBAMA!!! Who are they gonna blame when they wake up Nov. 9, 2016 to President Hillary Clinton? Oh, that’s right, they really should be back to blaming President Barack Hussein Obama who kicked Right Wing butt in 2008, 2012!!! Why not 2016?!?!?

      1. I Seigel says:

        They’ll be blaming Obama for years and years. Even if a Republican gets elected.

    2. roboteq says:

      Do you “want” this to be about Obama? No one but you seems to see any correlation, but please, if Obama is somehow to blame; enlighten us. Otherwise, your post just seems childish.

  • Mom says:

    Alas, I am in a pickle. My two favorite candidates, two that I consistently support, Cruz and Carson, are having a problem. I am glad Cruz apologized, but I am embarrassed for his staff’s actions; they were wrong. Even if at first they were just innocently misunderstanding the message they passed, when the truth was revealed, they had an obligation to try to stop the misunderstanding. I am particularly sorry for Carson, who I respect and feel that he does have the makings of a better President than the administration we now have because he knows how to recognize real problems instead of manufacturing phony crises and has experience choosing and working with peers to solve real problems successfully. As for the Donald…he did more damage to both of these candidates with his big mouth and disemboweling tactics than they could ever do to each other. Equating Ben Carson with a pathological child molester devastated Ben…and spinning the loans from Goldman-Sachs almost as if they were donations when the Cruz’s took the loans by using their own properties as collateral and went through Goldman-Sachs because that is where Heidi was employed. He did show the loans on one form and no one can prove it was not accidentally left off an other. And I won’t even go into the Canadian thing again….

    1. roboteq says:

      Very good observations, but I believe Carson can still pull this off as long as he has enough support to stay in the race. In the end, it will be the Republican political machine that will choose who is the best candidate to run as the Republican presidential candidate. That decision is more based on which person will better work with and represent the Republican Party than it does on whether or not that candidate can actually win the election. Unfortunately, Carson is not a Republican Party favorite. Then again, neither is Trump or Cruz. More than likely, unless Carson can get it through to the Republican Party machine that he is the best chance for a Republican being in the White House next year, the Republican Party will nominate someone like Rubio, Christie or Bush.

    2. dmttbt says:

      Keep Carson and dump Cruz.

  • roboteq says:

    Carson would have had more of Cruz’s votes, making Trump the winner in Iowa. Carson has accepted Cruz’s apology for his staff sending out tweets based on erroneous information put out by CNN that Carson was quitting the race. It seems to all have been an unfortunate misunderstanding on the part of Cruz’s campaign people reacting to the usual misinformation put out by the media. As usual, Trump has to show his ass while Carson shows his class.

    1. Almie says:

      GO TRUMP!!
      Cruz was the one who was an Ass showing creep.. He’s a real dirty, slimie politician..

      1. mudguy1 says:

        Dr Carson did not lose because of what someone with Cruz tweeted what CNN said was braking news. Why is nothing being said about Rubio’s people did the same thing, But Fox and the other Lame Stream Media are keeping silent.
        Where is CNN responsibility in this
        The reason Dr Carson went down in the polls is because of what your man Trump did a few weeks ago ripped into Dr Carson and told lies about Dr Carson’s character. Also saying Dr Carson was pathological because as a youth he lost his temper with his mother and a classmate.
        I was for Trump until he ripped in to both Cruz and Rubio with personal attacks.

        1. dmttbt says:

          Gee I feel sorry for you, those bad politicians and Trump doing all those dishonest things and you a virgin and didn’t know that the a hole politicians have been doing that for many years.

    2. Frankdidit says:

      Really, Cruz apologized for his staff lying to get more votes. And you believe Trump should keep quiet about this. Something is wrong with you. Living under a Obummer rock?

      Please, erroneous information? Get a grip on reality. It’s win no matter how much you lie! Sounds like Hillary (aka Hildabeast)

      1. roboteq says:

        How you get I am a fan of Obama or any other socialist fascist out of my post is beyond me. My point is that Cruz, and it turns out Rubio as well, went after Ben Carson’s votes by spreading rumors that Ben Carson was quitting the race. Donald Trump just did what Trump always does and thinks only about how it affects him.

        1. mudguy1 says:

          Go back to what Trump did to Dr carson several weeks ago attacking his character. That did more damage than this. And Trump gets a pass.

          1. roboteq says:

            That was actually the media, once again doling out misinformation, that Trump, once again pounced on because that is what Trump does. The media is doing it’s best to ignore Carson because Carson is a threat to the media as well as to the political machine of all established parties. Trump is also outside of the political machine, but has used politics over the years to benefit himself in his businesses.

      2. mudguy1 says:

        He did not lie they just repeated what CNN said was breaking news.

        1. roboteq says:

          And CNN did not even say that Carson was quitting the race, just that Carson was not going directly to New Hampshire but was going to Florida for a change of clothes. Yes, that is a bit of a strange thing for the Carson camp to put out there, but it sounds more like a metaphor for Carson just wants to touch base at home before continuing on to New Hampshire.

          The Cruz staff and the Rubio staff just completely made up that Carson was quitting in order to get Carson supporters to vote for Cruz and Rubio. Cheap, political tricks.

        2. dmttbt says:

          Are you just now realizing that CNN is a constant liar. That still does not excuse Cruz and his team from spreading it and the media is the main ones who will cause a person to be elected or not. No rightfully so but true all the more.

  • John Siemens says:

    Quit whining! Get on with telling us the positive things you will do to make America great again.

    1. Judy McKinney says:

      Have you ever gone to Trumps official website, where he lays out all his plans? Maybe you and others who say he has no plans, just blows, would know more what was going on if you checked there?

      1. Frankdidit says:

        Thank you Judy, people should “DO A LITTLE RESEARCH” before they spout off and show just how stupid they really are!!!!

        1. mudguy1 says:

          When went personal attacks I really don’t care to do any research on his policies or palns

          1. dmttbt says:

            That sounds like a person who told me one time that she would never vote for a certain candidate because he was ugly. I said that must mean he is the biggest idiot in the world then.

      2. mudguy1 says:

        Have you ever gone back to hear the personal attacks he made against Cruze and Dr Carson?
        His personal attacks out weighs all the things he says he will do.

        1. Judy McKinney says:

          I think they all make “personal attacks” during the speeches. Some worse than others. But they aren’t “fist fights” just claims on things they claim the others have done that wasn’t right. TRUMP 2016!

          1. mudguy1 says:

            None of them have made the nasty and untrue remarks that Trump has made. Especially the attacks on Dr Carson. Trump will have my vote if he wins the nomination. Bot not until.

        2. dmttbt says:

          You need to grow up and get a pair like Hillary has.

      3. Mike N says:

        Have you looked at his past. I give more credibility to what someone has done rather than what they say they will do. Here is Trump’s past:
        In 1999 Trump was pro choice. In his 2000 book Trump said that he favored an assault weapon ban and a longer waiting period to purchase firearms. In 1999 he said that he believed in universal healthcare. He donated to Hillary as late as 2007. He has changed political affiliations several times. He was a Democrat as late as 2009. In 2010, Trump gave more than $100,000 to Democrats to defeat Republicans who wanted to roll back Obamacare. In 2014, as conservatives battled incumbent Republicans, Trump funded the Republican establishment to help them stop the conservatives. In Kentucky, for example, Trump funded Mitch McConnell against conservative Matt Bevin.

        1. Judy McKinney says:

          I think it takes an intelligent person to be able to change their mind, as situations change. I used to be a Democrat, back when it was fine to be one–but now they seem to be mostly Socialists and Communists, and I have changed to Republican. Or, not even really Rep.-just to someone who wants someone in office who is honest and will, in my opinion, make America great again. And I can understand how Trump would be different as a business man, getting along with both sides, than he will be now, if he is in a position to clean up some of the mess this country is in. I think it is too late, but I hope not.

          1. Mike N says:

            People do change, but Trump is all over the board. You can’t support single payer health care and all of a sudden be against it. Unfortunately Trump is for anything that makes him look good. He is a narcissist and you cannot trust a narcissist.

  • Marilyn Murray says:

    I had heard during the caucusing that Ben Carson was going back to Florida to get new clothes and had canceled some events??? It seemed weird to me. Poor baby Donald just cant take it if he doesnt win. He needs to get over himself. He loves himself as much as Obama does. Cruz shouldnt be ostracized for this mistake. I love Dr. Carson but with his lately under 10% ratings I dont think it matters what happened. Cruz spent tons of time going through Iowa meeting with everyone and Trump did NOT. Cruz does not insult like Mr. Trump does and maybe people saw this in him???

    1. Frankdidit says:

      And we hear from another lost in space candidate. You would have to be living under a rock to believe for one moment what Cruz people did and call it a mistake. And yes, Trump spent a lot of time meeting people in Iowa. Wake up and take your head out of your coolo!!!

      Also, perhaps the people Trump insults are in need of a little wake up call. I think it is great. It is way past time to quit being the nice guy.
      Remember the saying, nice guy’s finish last.

      1. Marilyn Murray says:

        I suppose the handicapped reporter deserved being made in front of ?? and Carly, insulting her looks?,as if Mr .comb over is attractive. Ben Carson a so-so surgeon ??? and the whopper about the smart FOX lawyer, gorgeous, and top 100 women of the year, Megyn Kelly who Trump tried to get fired because she didnt bow down to him and asked him questions on exactly what he has been doing, insulting people especially women. It’s you that needs to wake up. and Trump’s never been Mr. Nice guy.
        How, if he ever be President, would he be perceived if he did these kind of things with heads of foreign countries ??? With that mouth, not far, and it would be embarrassing for this country.

        1. Frankdidit says:

          Well Marilyn, not to make excuses for him or anybody else, sometimes we all go a little to far in what we say. As far as Kelly the BIMBO, he is correct. Look up her interview with Howard Stern, that is if the truth is what you want. As far as the leaders of other Countries, I suppose you would rather have him kiss the collective ass like Obummer. Me, I think some of them are in dire need of someone putting them in their place by what ever means. Case in point; Trump, and I totally agree with him, believes these other Countries who want us to fight their wars should pay us the cost the tax payers spend to defend them.

    2. dmttbt says:

      No he cheats like Hillary and Rubio.

  • joleenworden says:

    Carson complained about being cheated, because he had documented proof of what Cruz’s operatives were doing. When Candy Carson spoke to the voters where she was to correct the error, Carson won over Cruz. Sorry even Cruz admitted himself it was an error of his staff who told their operatives the lie, and then failed to correct it when Carson’s people did. Cheaters are not real winners; we have see that enough with the Democrats, and we do not need one in our party. Trying to blame Trump or Rubio for this is just bogus and pathetic. Cruz needs to take responsibility for the false results of the Iowa election. Their people should have checked with Carson’s people before trying to change voters minds with lies. In fact Trump might have been the winner if Carson had gotten all his votes.

    1. Frankdidit says:

      It’s called, when your not first, cheat to win.

    2. kathy diamond says:

      joleeworden, You’re right. What was done changed the dynamics of the entire process. I truly think it would have been #! Trump, #2 Carson

  • jug says:

    I would bet either Trump himself, or flip-flopping Rubio started that story about Carson withdrawing!

  • Cristina Ortt says:

    Sorry, but Trump is not accusing Cruz for saying that Carson was giving up, Dr.
    Carson came to the public and said himself, and it was all over the media before Trump talked about.

    1. Frankdidit says:

      Really, where did you hear this. I was not aware of Carson stating he was giving up. Cruz is starting to look like Hillary with his BS. I did no wrong. My staff screwed the pouch. (In my favor of course)

      1. dmttbt says:

        Does anyone really think that Cruz didn’t have any idea what his people were doing? I think he knew and possibly ordered it. If you can’t win, cheat. That has been our political answer for many years. Now tell me does Cruz look presidential? Tell me why it has taken so long for someone to call for the closure of the border and it was Donald Trump who has done it before the rest said oh yes that sounds like a good idea or no that can’t be done.

        1. Frankdidit says:

          Thank you for seeing what I see. Cruz, even though I like him, is starting to act like Hillary

  • Peter Smith says:

    Sounds a lot like sour grapes to me. Too bad Donald! You lost and you can’t explain it so someone, the winner, must have done something wrong! Well Donald, maybe the VOTERS got it RIGHT! Maybe you’re NOT the next coming, ……… just saying.

      1. Peter Smith says:

        Boy oh boy! I click on the link and the message says, “This video does not exist.” Next line, “Sorry about that.” Click on your play button and, “An error occurred. Please try again later.” Bottom line is it was Trump himself that destroyed Dr. Carson with repeated early attacks. Carson’s followers voted for Cruz instead of Trump. It doesn’t really matter, I vote for Conservatives, and that ain’t Trump!

        1. Frankdidit says:

          Well Peter Smith, you are either stupid or don’t know how to do a little research which is what a lot of people who make stupid statements in the comment section on many web sites like this one I find amazing.

          So to make it easy for you, here is the you tube post:

          Foul Play At Iowa Caucus – YouTube

          Video for fowl play at Iowa caucus you tube▶ 7:17

          1 day ago – Uploaded by Niskey

          Donald Trump has been one of my heroes for over seven years. I put this video together to show my support for …

          1. Peter Smith says:

            Well Frankdodit, I know, without reservations, I’m at least one up on you in the intelligence department.

            I watched the link(s). I will ask you one question, where did the information Cruz supporters and ground personnel put out via e-mail? Need help? CNN ran with the story, on the air, making the erroneous statements that gigged Carson. I will also add well before the “Cruz e-mails”. The Cruz ground team just ran with the story. While I agree they should have done a quick fact check, they did not break the law. Mark my words, Cruz will deal with the issue, and unlike Obama, people will be held accountable. CNN has already refused to rebuke their news anchor that reported the initial assertion.
            Trump has NEVER been a hero, he has NEVER been a Conservative, and he will NEVER get my support or vote.

          2. Frankdidit says:

            You think so. Listening to CNN is not a one up on anyone. They are the worst reporting agency (tied to Hillary) out there. You listen to them, I will get the real news from another source. Thanks for the non support of Trump. People like you are a non entity.

          3. Peter Smith says:

            Has your IQ dropped suddenly? Where did I say ANYTHING about me watching CNN? I stated CNN broke the “story” first, -SSHOLE! I could really care where you get your news. Your thoughts on me are simply mind over matter, I don’t mind because you (and your thoughts) don’t matter. If Trump loses, are you gonna move to Canada? LMAO at another Trump-a-teer.

    1. Almie says:

      Peter, you obviously do not even know the definition of sour grapes; as it appears you are painting the very picture of you/yours.. Surely you wouldn’t damn you/yours to be sour grapes.. Face it, theft is theft .. It the truth is known, you probably even love the theft actions Hillary performs as well.. Obviously, Cruz has taken lessons from her/is just another Hillary Clinton!! Quit trying to sweep that hypocritical holier than thou crooked Cruz’s despicable actions under the rug.. The odor is unbearable!!

      1. Peter Smith says:

        I know the definition just fine, thank you very much. Donald Trump is a petulant child in his actions and responses when things don’t go his way. He always has been. You however appear to just be an ignorant child in all things Trump. Trump is the man that destroyed Carson early on because Carson was even with and in some cases ahead of him. Carson’s supporter took a dislike to Trump and voted for the next man that espoused their values and that man is Ted Cruz. And to make it clear Almie, Trump is good friends with the Clintons, always has been. Birds of feather, so to speak. Wake up any time you want.

  • Michael Smith says:

    Telling voters that their candidate is withdrawing from the race to get them to cast their vote for someone else is just completely wrong.

  • Michael Smith says:

    Trump is correct. Any misdeeds should be punished to prevent others form doing it in other elections. If you cheat, YOU LOOSE!

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