Trump dismisses Romney: ‘Failed candidate,’ ‘was begging’ for endorsement in 2012

March 4, 2016

Donald Trump dismissed Mitt Romney’s disparaging remarks Tuesday, unleashing a characteristic barrage of insults at the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, calling him “a disaster” and saying he’s irrelevant to the current Republican debate.

Mr. Trump, speaking at a rally in Maine, said Mr. Romney was “a choke artist” who blew a winnable race in 2012 and was too scared to try again this year, knowing he’d have to face off against Mr. Trump.

“Mitt is a failed candidate,” Mr. Trump said.

His remarks came just hours after Mr. Romney, speaking in Utah, declared verbal war on Mr. Trump, saying he’d be a threat to national security and would send the country careening into an economic recession if he were to win the White House.

“Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University,” the 2012 candidate said — though he has not endorsed anyone else in the race.

  • 7Faithful1

    Choosing Donald Trump as president can very well be the final step in the downfall of our country.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Hahahahahaa, Didja notice?

    CPAC did not ask Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) to speak, because Conservative patriots are NOT allowed.

    Only e/Conservative sycophants of the corporate oligarchy were invited.

  • sherri palmer

    why would anyone listen to Romney anyway, he basically backed down and gave the election to Obama!

    • Merle Dickey

      That was the most illegal election ever !!!!!

  • Bill589

    Like I’ve read:

    If you want something legally argued really well, hire Cruz.
    If you want something done really well, hire Trump.
    The Presidency is an Executive position, not legislative or judicial.

  • Bill589

    I keep hearing Trump called a ‘bully’.
    Those DC elites aren’t giving up control easily.

    Cruz can tell them, really, really eloquently, why they should relinquish control….

    Rubio is them.

    The DC elite will need bullying.
    The obvious doesn’t have to be eloquently explained.
    For some of the Corrupt Bast**ds, the ‘explanation’ may only need be, “Your fired.”

  • Seedman

    A “characteristic barrage of insults” seems to sum up Don Juvenile’s take on being a “sensible” Conservative. Don Juvenile tells voters in one state one thing and voters in another state something else, and groups like The New York Times yet something else under the cloak of being “off the record”. Don Juvenile may become more of a scam legend than the Clinton’s and skunk Hussein Obama.

  • TAM44

    mitt romeny showed America why obama is in office, he’s a loser and so was john mccain. I voted for both of them and it was only because I would never cast a vote for a democrat, and never will, especially a muslim piece of human waste.

    • TonysTake
      • CharlieSeattle

        A hit on Trump has already been announced before.

        GOP Establishment’s Rick Wilson: Donor Class Must ‘Put a Bullet in Donald Trump’

        by TONY LEE | 28 Oct 2015

        On Tuesday evening, establishment Republican consultant Rick Wilson said the GOP establishment donor class must find a way to “put a bullet” in GOP front runner Donald Trump.

        In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Wilson conceded that “Trump is still a very powerful force right now” because he appeals to part of the of the conservative base that Wilson said was activated by his “nativist” message. Wilson insisted that the donor class “can’t just sit back on the sidelines and say, ‘oh well, don’t worry, this will all work itself out.’”

        “They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump,” Wilson said. “And that’s a fact.”

        ………..I reported this P0S TWICE to the FBI. …No Reply and No action!

        Please do the same.

        FBI Washington Field Office
        601 4th Street NW
        Washington, DC 20535
        Phone: (202) 278-2000
        Fax: (202) 278-2478

        • TonysTake

          Thanks for the info. Will do. You might also report it to the Secret Service. I don’t have their contact information yet.

          • CharlieSeattle

            Ha, our tax dollars built a YUUGE domestic spy outfit called the NSA that surfs the net looking for threats like this. I am sure, cough, cough, wink, they are all over it!

            Problem is the “Patriot” search filter is active and the “GOP donor” search filter is not.

  • Pat Griffin

    Shut up, Mitt, and McCain, too.
    Both of you are washed up and almost afraid to stick your head outside your mansions.

  • TeaTephi

    Mitt is a failed candidate, he brought a slingshot to his presidential campaign when he should have brought a shotgun. He can have his say but otherwise Mitt should butt out.

  • Wilbert Jennings

    Romney and McCain both failed in their attempts for President and for an outsider to come in and make it would be unacceptable. Babe Ruth is remembered for his home runs not his strikeouts, The news media (owned by anti trump people) want Hillary to win in order to continue the destruction obama has created so they can gain financially.The Democrats as well as the Republicans want Hillary to win so they can continue raping America at the expense of the citizens.


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