Trump – “I Can Win Democratic States”

February 2, 2016

Donald Trump has called dozens of people losers: Karl Rove, Mark Cuban, Seth Meyers. After Monday night’s Iowa caucuses, the Republican billionaire was facing the title himself.

With 85 percent of precincts reporting results, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was declared the winner with 28 percent of the vote at about 10 p.m. EST. Trump had roughly 24 percent support and was fighting Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for second place.

But the 2016 race is far from over for The Donald. In a year where voters have signaled a growing frustration with Washington and political elites amid stagnant wages and global instability — a trend that saw outsider candidates like Trump and Cruz win more than 50 percent of the Republican vote and Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders break even in Iowa — Trump’s unprecedented campaign could still eventually make it to the White House if he can nab victories in the upcoming New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries and go on to secure the GOP nomination.

Trump kept it optimistic in his concession speech Monday. He congratulated Cruz, thanked his volunteers and revealed he was returning to the campaign trail immediately. “We’re leaving tonight, and tomorrow afternoon we’ll be in New Hampshire, and that’ll be something special,” Trump said. “I think we’re going to be proclaiming the victory. I hope.”

Overall, the 2016 election wasn’t supposed to go like this for the Republican party. After eight years of President Barack Obama, the GOP was ready to retake control of the country. Its slate of candidates was strong. There was Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a relative of two former presidents; Rubio, the young Cuban American TIME once called “the Republican savior;” and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who won the Iowa caucuses in 2012.

  • Nelcyn

    I was at the caucus. And I heard the rumor that Ben Carson dropped out. There was over 500 there. No captains for the candidate. But the word God out Ben was dropped out. Then the next day Ted real name Ragael Cruze. And as his father a draft dodger. In the 60s. Ted said he was sorry for doing this. He said it was not right for this to happen. Trump was right. Ted is not a good person. He lies and misleading. Then Ted takes a shot at New Yorkers that no good republican con out of New York.

  • Patriot47

    CORRECT. But only if conservatives quit fractionalizing and fight the system we abhor.

  • BlessedtoServe

    It will be Trump, he did not lose, and by all reports from msm you’d think Rubio won…Iowa tiny little state…never picked a President in 15 years, remember this is the state that picked Obama in their primary….what’s that tell you.

  • joanne

    I BET he can win democrats!!

  • Mary Lou Welz

    Iowa and Megan Kelly do not determine who will be the next president.

  • roboteq

    Ignoring Ben Carson is not going to make him go away. I can understand liberal media ignoring Carson because Carson is the candidate who is most popular and respected by more Americans and is the best chance to defeat any Democrat. But why in the world do these allegedly more conservative sites also ignore Carson? I’m beginning to think there is no more difference between liberal and social media than there is between the Democrat and Republican parties of late.

    • Carolyn

      They don’t want him putting God first it’s about greed control and the almighty dollar ,where Ben is about love and unity Beware of satan he has a lot of power

      • roboteq

        I can see that occurring with left leaning media sources, but why do media sources that claim to be more conservative ignore Ben Carson? It doesn’t make sense, unless even so called conservative media are only out for entertainment value and Ben Carson is in the race to use his life’s accumulated wisdom and experiences to help the U.S. and all American citizens get back to being the great nation we once were.

  • Wayne Roach

    What a lot of people don’t think about is how much money Cruz & Rubio spent in Iowa. Trump for the money he spent in a non important state got a lot of votes and it was a calcus what ever the hell that is ! On a stiright up vote Trump would have won hands down.

  • Daniel Mount

    Donald Trump is not serous about being President of the United States at all and he is just in there to steal votes from the other Republicans then when he looses he will send all of his votes to Hillary Clinton. This the old Clinton trick they they used when Bill the perv Clinton was running and they had Ross Perot running back then to steal votes for from George H.W. Bush Then Perot dropped out when he was getting to close to winning. Clinton and Trump are doing the same thing as before.

  • Ron

    I agree with Trump. Stop the Muslims migrants from coming into America. Look what is happening all over Germany. Diseases of all kinds, that Germans never heard of. Rapes of which Muslims believe it is their right to do. Unemployed rate skyrockets because they are not educated in basically anything. And build the wall to protect America from the southern countries.

  • kathy diamond

    I find it hard to believe Trump didn’t come in first. Hopefully, his managers will re count the votes. Something smells here, don’t make sense.

    • Vassiliki

      He would have come in first if Cruz didn’t “steal” votes from Carson. That dirty trick changed the whole dynamics of the results. More Carson people woukd have voted for Carson instead of Cruz which would have lowered Cruz’s votes, putting Trump first. This was a very calculated move by CNN and the GOP (including Cruz) to dishearten Trumps fans and push Cruz first. The damn whole election should be redone or take away a percentage of Cruz vote and give to Carson. This whole election process stinks. I have a very bad feeling about this and how we will be underhanded again as in the 2012 elections.
      I used to be Trump/Cruz but as of lately no more! Now it is Trump/Carson or Trump/Palin.

      • Carolyn

        Amen to that ,I’m in touch daily with seniors and they understand living the Great Recession that if our younger people don’t wake up they will find out how hard it is, you are soley in the governments hands? And they will give you a few ration stamps my God people wake up !!

  • Martin Church

    The declared winners from both parties are flooding the internet with what appears to be their “Victory” speeches. Just a cursory look at the results clears shows that they won by a very thin margin. In fact on the Democrats side, it was clearly a TIE and Killery was declared the winner ONLY by a “FLIP” of a coin. BUt to hear she bragging, you would think she was packing her “STUFF” to move into the White House.” Across the Idle, on the Republican side, the top 3 could also be stated that there were 3 winners or 3 losers, depending on which way a person looked at the results. The margin between the top 3 was so SMALL, that no one can brag about being the winner. However, the declared winner has filled the internet with what also appears to be VICTORY messages. What a JOKE. Or is it just a “SPIN” to give the people the impression that they have already WON the nomination. Bot side, “Never Count your chickens until ALL the eggs have hatched. Donald Trump is still a winner and he will be moving into the White House, come January 2017. He truly represents the American VOTERS, whereas, all the others have never put forth a plausible plan as to what they will do to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. During all the debates, all they did was attack – Attack – and more Attacks on Donald Trump. The American voters are FED-UP with the status Que, that seems to be the theme of all the professional Career politicians running for president from both major parties. We-The-People” are voting for Donald Trump.

    • 657241

      am with you. Go TRUMP.
      Cruz and Rubio are both NOT eligible for POTUS.
      Cruz was born in CANADA , a non-US soil. and he has only one parent as US citizen.when he was born, His father was a Cuban citizen who once worked for Fidel Castro. His Us citizen mother cannot confer NATURAL BORN STATUS TO TED. She could only confer US citizenship. Ted can only denounce the acquired citizenship but not his birthplace citizenship. No one could deny one’s birthplace. If that is the case, any Russian or Chinese or any foreign country born, married to a US citizen mother, could someday become the POTUS. The only exception is the military family, like John McCain. Anchor babies like Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal are not eligible for POTUS. Both parents are foreigners at time of Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindall’s birth. Jindall quit. He is smart.
      Rubio was born in US soil but BOTH of his parents were not US Citizens. They are Cuban citizens. They qualify as senators but not as POTUS. To be POTUS you have to be NATURAL BORN.
      Obama is also NOT NATURAL BORN. HE GOT AWAY WITH it because of his skin color and widespread cheating and weakling Repubs.
      Besides two wrongs do not make it right.
      So folks let us not make the same mistake of electing foreigners or not qualified to be POTUS or NOT eligible to be POTUS according to US constitution which Rubio and Cruz took an oath to uphold and obey. These two not eligible candidates are defying it and ignoring the constitution, just like OBAMA. The results would be the same:FAILURE.

      • Arbie Viau

        657241, You are absolutely correct! One of the reasons our founders of the Constitution put that phrase “natural born citizen” in was they wanted to make sure that no POTUS would be influenced by foreign countries and dignitaries. This was what I was taught many years ago and some sleazy creative lawyers ruled against this to date. The Obama Admin. has proved my original teaching was correct, but corruption is rampid in Washington D.C. We need to vote wisely, my choice is for Trump 100%.

    • Carolyn

      Hillary should be in jail for robbing the White House of over thousands of dollars of property ,when she and bill left,after all that’s the people’s house she stole from,what happen that lets her break laws with no punishment News flash Hillary the majority of women dislikes you ,we are on to you

  • Robert J

    I’m smelling fraud going on…

    • kathy diamond

      Robert, If you look above, I said the exact same thing. Something smells in Iowa

    • Carolyn

      You’re not a lone if it walks like a duck you know the rest, happy to know there still people who are true patriots bless you

  • Jerry

    I believe many of the Evangelicals voted Cruz and Rubio because they believe them to be stronger Christians. Many voted their religion rather that what is good for the country. Just my humble opinion. Go Trump, I wouldn’t mine Cruz for VP. Rubio mostly hot air.

    • Arbie Viau

      I agree, Jerry, I think Christian’s need to get off their high horse and start using some common sense. I’m a Christian, but I use common sense and Trump is the only candidate that can get America out of the hole. I disagree with Cruz as VP though, he’s not eligible, Ben Carson is my choice for VP and I don’t think he is religious, just humble. Rubio isn’t eligible either, his parents were illegal when he was born, thus he’s an anchor baby.

      • Jerry

        I think if you are voting for a POPE, vote religion, but when voting for President do what is right for the country. I’m agreeing with you Arbie I’m just clarifying my view point. The natural born citizen doesn’t apply to VP only to Pres. I believe. I do like Carson. Rubio is a good debater, but there is no substance behind his words.

        • Arbie Viau

          As I see it, Jerry, those stipulations don’t apply to any other office but the presidency; however, what if the VP has to take over if the president dies, or like Nixon who resigned, etc. Best we have a “natural born” VP as well, don’t you think? In my opinion, we need to stay clear of politicians (all of them) remember Cruz and Rubio took part in the crowd from November 2014 until now of doing NOTHING! So what makes us think they will do anything as POTUS? Talk is cheap, and I’ve lived long enough through many presidents that never did half of what they said they would do. The only one that did was Reagan. And debates don’t mean a thing, it’s what they do and have done that’s important. I agree with you too Jerry, I’m clarifying too.

        • 657241


          So Cruz, Rubio,Jindal are qualified for the positions they hold now, but not for POTUS

  • Carolyn

    Hillary stated she would have the America she wanted !what more dead men like Bengahzi?Enought already you should be in jail ,pray for an end to her deceptions,

    • Jerry

      She probably will be in jail before the election.

      • kathy diamond

        Jerry, I wish to God you were right but it looks like a giant cover up going on.

  • nrnowlin

    If Cruz is nominated, there will be an immediate questioning of his eligibility to be an American President due to him not being an natural-born citizen. That is why I believe that the greater part of the Republican electorate will recognize Cruz’s ineligibility as a Canadian-born U.S. citizen with only a mother as a U.S. citizen, when both parents, as U.S. citizens, are required to produce a natural-born citizen. If Cruz was qualified to be a U.S. President, I might prefer him over Trump, because Donald Trump as not emphasized the U.S. Constitution as Cruz has done; but Cruz has told lies about Donald Trump in his campaign. Donald Trump may be brash and outspoken, but he hasn’t lied. I believe that he will do what he has said he will do. The bottom line is that Cruz is not qualified to run. He is qualified to be a great U.S. Senator for the State of Texas. Donald Trump is a natural-born citizen, he’s honest, and he is a finisher. He will do what he says he will do. Perhaps he will restore the gold standard and de-charter the Federal Reserve pending repeal of the Federal Reserve Act. Perhaps he will get the USA out of the IMF, pay-off China with about 1/5 of the gold that the U.S. has in reserve, as Ron Paul suggested two decades ago. That would get the American dollar out of it “reserve currency” status, and restore the sovereign capitalist economy that made the USA the “Colossus of the North.”

    • 657241

      If Cruz is a constitutionalist, why is he defying or ignoring it? He knows he is NOT eligible. but yet continue to campaign and deceive us, the people just like OBAMA did. Is that HYPOCRISY OR LYING. OR BOTH?

      I KNOW, THAT HE KNOWS, because his fundraisers admitted it when I told them about it. Their answer was “so what OBAMA did it”. To that I said: “Two wrongs do not make it right”.
      Until now, Cruz keep on asking me for donations almost everyday. I answer and tell him he is not eligible. He just ignores me and send me another email the next day. I came to the conclusion, he does not read his emails or listen to what I said, The campaign just want me to send him donations. Just click here and send me money.
      I do not know how many millions he got this way by milking the people who are too uniformed or too lazy to research TED OR MARCO’S eligibility. Wake up, folks.

  • Arbie Viau

    I don’t think we should count Donald Trump out, I read where Cruz played some fraudulent tactics with Ben Carson to get his votes. Anyway Iowa isn’t that important and Trump was just a short few behind Cruz and if there is a recount, he just may have passed Cruz – who knows. Carson stated that Cruz’s campaign group, got a message out that Carson was calling it quits to get his votes, so let’s see where this goes, if anywhere. I think one of the things that hurt Trump, was the minister who wanted free hotel rooms for he and his family, plus $100,000 for his endorsement and when Trump refused, the minister made public some ugly remarks about him. You know, sometimes people in a minister’s church treat their pastor like he is God, and probably cost him some votes. I’m proud of how Trump handled his concession speech, and now on to New Hampshire!

    • Carolyn

      The lie about Carson quitting was a power play for stealing votes,Lied already people are sick of being lied to.Do you really want Cruz in our White House,stooping to this level?At least Trump Has been honest, Trump is the man we need,He tells it like it is I hope he has Carson as v p another upright man trying to save our country,and they both love our vets,And would rebuild our military God knows our country needs a strong defense.After obamas policies will be our destruction of not stop,Hillary wants him on the suprem court God hel us all

      • Arbie Viau

        I think you misunderstood me, Carolyn, I’m for Trump 100%. So, I added my pick for president so it won’t be misunderstood again. You go girl, I with you on Trump in the WH.

      • Ron

        I am not sure about that, people are sick of being lied to. Look how many voted for Hillary and sanders. Free education (which ain’t gonna happen), and Hillary is all for the people, (yeah, not true either).

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

      The minister was wrong and to go out and say any thing about TRUMP i think he wasn’t much of a minister.

      • Arbie Viau

        You got that right! Just because someone says they are a minister doesn’t mean they are one, but I have known some Christians that no matter what “their” pastor has done, (and some do some crooked things) it’s okay. That, my friends, is a smooth character, not a minister.

  • Kathleen Redman

    If he starts changing his mind again on the issues in order to please the dems. he will turn off the republican voters he has. He would certainly be much better for this nation than the democratic choices, but he had better not isolate the conservatives or he would lose. But then, if he did change his mind on the issues we would really know what he is made of. I am thankful Ted Cruz won. I believe we can count on him. We can be confident that he’s not going to change on the issues or verbally attack those who don’t agree with what he says or does.

    • Carolyn

      trump has a lot of votes that I’m sure off in Apple valley ca after last night that will increase more!!

    • Robert

      He just did that with Carson. What’s that trick Lawyers use in a court room they make a statement the Judge believes is inappropriate and warns the Lawyer if he does it again, he could be found in contempt. Then the Judge tells the jury to disregard the Lawyers comments but guess what the Jury has already heard what the Lawyer said and it could influence their vote. Sound familiar?

    • 657241

      TED CRUZ is NOT eligible.PERIOD.

  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    Trump has led the field consistently with his straight talk and strong position on national security, vetting properly those entering this Country BEFORE they get here,secure borders, etc. You have one instance in Iowa where a manipulating politician – Cruz – though not even a qualified candidate under Article II of our Constitution is a few numbers up on Trump for the first time in months and people say he, Cruz, is crushing Trump. What a sad bunch of supporters who buy into that moronic rhetoric. Trump will come back as he always does and “make lemonade” out of the Iowa lemon. Stick with the only candidate who will do what’s necessary to correct the corruption rampant in our government – corruption exemplified by the likes of Cruz and Rubio – neither whom are qualified under our Constitution to be President! “Buck up me hearties”, stiffen your spines and get solid behind Trump. The one candidate who all the members of the “good ol’ boys club”, on both sides of the aisle, are afraid of as he will go after the endemic corruption which exists in our government. Corruption which allows non qualified candidates such as Cruz, Rubio and yes, Obama to move into positions of power in our Country and weaken our Constitution by their very presence in the seat of power. VOTE TRUMP!

    • Carolyn

      Good for you the lied about Carson quitting and stole votes,I’m for saving our and our freedom And A lot of people I know are with Trump,thank you for being a patriot God bless ypu

      • kathy diamond

        Carolyn, I for one of many do not believe Trump didn’t win first place. His people need to demand a re count, Sanders people are doing that. All is not well with the corn huskers especially when they, what appears, thought they were voting for a Pope instead of President. Maybe not the Huskers themselves but with enough counters from the other side, things could go dirty

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      Not going to argue about what you said, in fact agree with most of it, but Trump or Cruz is just fine with me, true, I would prefer Trump in the W H, we need a bull in that China Shop.

      • kathy diamond

        YES, and there is only one true Bull !!! GO TRUMP 2016

    • katherineschantz


    • Sad but True

      I agree Vote Trump!


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