Trump: I Will ‘Absolutely’ Debate Hillary, Pending Conditions

by Todd Beamon | Newsmax  |  published on August 10, 2016

Donald Trump said Tuesday that he would “absolutely” debate Hillary Clinton three times leading up to the November election, though he will try to re-negotiate the terms set last fall by a bipartisan commission.

“I will absolutely do three debates,” the Republican nominee told Time magazine in an interview. “I want to debate very badly. But I have to see the conditions.”

The Commission on Presidential Debates, a bipartisan organization, has scheduled three debates: Sept. 26 in Hempstead, N.Y.; Oct. 9 in St. Louis; and Oct. 19 in Las Vegas.

The commission is headed by Frank Fahrenkopf Jr., a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, and Michael McCurry, who was a press secretary to former Democratic President Bill Clinton.

  • Bob

    All during the 08 Democrat Debates, Hillary wanked about how Obama was given a pass and she was asked the hard questions. There was a skit on SNL about Hillary and Obama debating. Obama was asked if he was comfortable, Hillary was asked about abortion. Obama was asked if he wanted a beverage, Hillary was asked about global terrorism. On and on it went. How will they react now when Trump is asked the hardball questions and Hillary is asked about fashion? We have a pool at work and the odds of her being asked a real, substantial question about e-mails, Benghazi, or any other scandal she has had right now stand at about 100 to 1.

  • TeaPartyPatriot

    All three of the debates are scheduled to be held in strongly D’genrat surroundings. I would think more neutral ground could be found for the debates.

  • Mark Terzano

    If Hillary is almost brain dead, Trump will win all debates hands down even if they are rigged in Clinton’s favor.

  • robert sanders

    I think the DNC should be more worried about TRUMP than waiting to see if he will debate HITLER HILLARY. Of course he will debate the MONSTER but only own his conditions, Not the monsters. Remember, shes a lier and pays off people to get what she wants. Trump is just being careful, to make sure nothing is RIGGED.

  • Smitch

    I liked the animated Bernie Sanders/Hillary CRUNT Clinton! Remember when he pulled out a gun and shot the CRUNT?

  • SD of AZ

    Do not let Hillary set the conditions ever. It would be the Bernie debates all over again and absolutely nothing unexpected. She is so-o-o-o-o predictable so if I were Trump I would not hold my breath for this lousy democrap candidate to really get into a real debate. She is just not up to it in any way, including mentally. She will not want to deal with her many points of bleeding and is sure to be fearful of a man who plowed through the other establishment candidates with barely any opposition. Cruz did the best against him but he too fell by the wayside.

  • Dannie Poe

    Trump needs all the exposure he can get. Mainstream media is viewed by more voters than the internet surfers. He should request debate dates than do not conflict with sporting events. Most Americans do not have a strong like for politicians to begin with. Trump should also go on more mainstream media talk shows and keep the subject on his different policies without attacking someone who somehow offended him. The people need to hear his message, as many of the internet surfers have. The real voter population comes from middle class Americans and the poor. This is why it is important to sway these voters. The only person or group he must attack are Clinton , immigrants that pose a problem for all Americans, and Radical Islam. Try to stay away from social issues. The voters are fed up with the barrage of social issues. Leave the social issues to the states. If Trump feels a question is inappropriate he must say so. Stay with the issues he wants to improve and what the voters want addressed. Stop Tweeting! Most voters do not see Tweeting as Presidential.

    • Cindy Mulvey

      Stop Tweeting!
      without attacking someone
      I agree

      RE: attack Clinton
      Or anyone
      Not even them I say let the dead buy the dead, they can’t hear bad about who they might see as their savior !!!

  • NCnative

    Only agree if and when it is fully accepted that both candidates get exactly the same question, word for word, otherwise you will be made to answer “gottcha” questions, and she will get one word answer questions. Anything less and the debate will only be target practice against you.

    • Joyce Delap

      Agreed….and one of the debate hosts should be a conservative….Sean Hannity, perhaps?

      • Mark Terzano

        Hannity is not that conservative…Ted Nuggent better?

        • Cindy Mulvey

          Sine Donald Trump has opened eyes of many politics can be seen in a whole new light , political conservative/ liberal, one Donald is a helpful game changer and a relief to me. Trump is Trump

        • Joyce Delap

          Ok, that would work!!

  • theseer


    • SD of AZ

      Thus the Bernie debates all over again. Nope, not gonna happen. Just make the points outside the debate circle that she has multiple problems and make sure all voters know what they are in great detail.

      • Tracylroberts

        <<b:i. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bu38a:….,….

      • Janetrwillis4

        <<eo. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!mu312b:….,……..

    • Chris Robinette

      Put enough stress on Killary and she will break not only physically but mentally as well. Her health is deteriorating rapidly.

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