Trump: ‘I would close up our borders’ after Brussels

March 22, 2016

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Tuesday said he would close the borders following a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Brussels.

“I would close up our borders to people until we figure out what’s going on,” he said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends.”

“We have to be very, very vigilant with who we let into this country,” Trump continued. “We are taking in people without real documentation.

“We don’t know who they are or where they’re from. We don’t learn. I will tell you I’ve been talking about this for a long time. This whole thing will get worse as time goes by.”

At least 26 people died and several dozens more were wounded in bombings across Brussels early Tuesday.

  • Kinch

    Until you can tell the good from the bad by looking at them, it’s crazy to allow any into the civilized part of the world. When in doubt, SHOOT.

  • Douglas Miraldi

    I agree with trump, kick the muslims out and stop impirting them in. I AM GOING TO VOTE FOR TRUMP 2016

  • JOE

    2 bad he not in Brussels when bomb go off,right over top of it!

  • JOE

    o dumb asses chicken r coming home to roost!

  • Lee

    I agree with Trump. Close the Borders until we can figure out how to vet everyone properly.

  • The Redhawk

    YES….Borders should be CLOSED as TIGHT as Obama’s lack of GONADS..( that tight A-shole!)..BUT the Incompetent Barry MULLAH of the WHITE MOSQUE is Cavorting with Raul, taking Photos with Che Guevara statue, and watching a Baseball Game……IS this an IMPEACHABLE OFENSE YET CONGRESS????? Should FECKLESS BARACK be allowed Back in the USA????

  • Cookie Vranish

    Trump always is on top of stuff. Sometimes he gets his words mixed a bit. But never a direct lie like Lying Ted or RINO John!

  • Abel

    I’m for Trump because he a United States Citizen, not because he’s just an American. Trump is a Patriot who is for the Constitutional USA. Most Americans don’t live in the USA; about two-thirds are Americans who live outside the USA, but still on on one of the two American Continents, and I’m against allowing them benefits that the Constitution reserves for US Citizens. Build the wall, stop the inflow of the Americans and other foreigners migrating into the USA illegally. Close the borders to anyone who doesn’t have at least a visitors document and has been thoroughly vetted; log them in and monitor their presence. Ensure they exit the country when their visitation document expires. Keep the borders closed until we get sufficient vetting procedures in place to prevent terrorists and those with diseases from entering the country. This might take ten years or more but it needs to be done. Foreign students should also be blocked for this term unless they sign up to work for at least a few years and become a US citizen; why should we train foreigners to go back to their country and become our enemies using their new knowledge against us. Trump for 2016!

  • joe

    Our borders should have been **tightly** closed 30 years ago.

  • Sean Rickmin

    Trump is right in this,only thing he missed,don’t let barry back into MY country.Let him destroy cuba the same way that he is destroying AMERICA.

    • Ivana Webster

      Cuba already is destroyed. They were a very progressive nation until these damn murdering commies ripped it from the people. Obama is an embar-ass-ment how he is kissing their butts.

  • dinkerduo


  • cunning

    Oh how Soon people forget, aprox 4 years ago Obama allowed 7,000 muslims from Syria to enter the US on a temp 2 year visa with a hands off Amnasty card, food stamps, driving licenses, not one had any form of ID, not one ever showed up for there hearing with HLS, they are among us, living with friendly muslims or in Moscs, callecting welfare like the rest of them, they are now criminal illegals who’s alegence is not with there new country the US as they swore to do, there alegence is with Allah as with most Muslims who lie to get into the land of free everything.. HLS head Janet Nopolitano said at a NY collage to students, HLS have no idea who they are because they dont have a data base on them, (isnt that HLS job) so they can not round them up?
    How come the so called good US Muslims dont turn them in? Obama was pissed, she suddenly retired (fired) but Obama gave her a Phony send off for the press in the rose garden. Then Obama gave her another job as president of a gov, bankrupt Univerity of Cal, a breeding ground for socialist.

  • Somebody In Texas

    BOTH the Conservative and Liberal Establishments are Political People who are Sworn Enemies of Nationalism and Sworn Loyalty to the Globalist Agenda. And at the TOP of BOTH Main Parties are People who a Pro New World Order of One World Government with FOREVER OPEN BORDERS.

    Both Europe and the USA are a DISASTER with the last 30 Years of OPEN BORDERS. This must STOP NOW.

    BOTH Europe and America are Standing at the Edge of the Political and Economic and even Military ABYSS.

    The Liberals are dead set on the Pro Globalist Agenda And at the TOP the Republican Party is ALSO Pro Globalist.

    If We The People do Not take our Nation Back NOW then it will most likely be Impossible to do Peacefully LATER. IT MUST BE NOW !!!

    Wall Street has Corrupted the American Political Process for the Last 100 Year with it’s Globalist Agenda.

    In 1910 the Super Rich Bankers set an Agenda to start a Central Bank in the USA. They Succeded at accomplishing that in 1913 with the FEDeral Reserve Act that Stole the Role of US Treasury away from the Nation and put it in Private Hands.

    Then in 1920 they Established the Rockefeller/Rothshchilds Private Council on Foreign Relations, CFR for the Express Purpose of Slowly Over Time Establishing a New World Order of One World Government and Economics.

    Then in 1973 the Rockefeller/Rothschilds started a Sister Organization called the Trilateral Commission, TC to Expand on the role of the CFR.
    Today between 70% and 90% of Each and Every Sitting US Presidents Cabinet is made up of CFR and or TC Members.

    On Top of ALL of this nearly ALL of the TOP Position in the CIA, the NSA and the FBI are made up of CFR, TC and Skull and Bones Members. Do you think that US Citizens will get Justice out of those Organizations with a Corrupt Stacked Deck Situation like that ???

    It is TIME to SLAM the OPEN BORDERS Door SHUT and SEALED for the Next Several Years until President TRUMP can get things Under Control at the US/MEXICAN Border.

    It is TIME for the Republican Mainstream to DUMP the Known Globalists ELITE GLOBALIST’s of Rubio and CRUZ and RETURN this Nation to it’s ROOTS.

    If we do NOT Return to our TRUE Conservative ROOTS then CIVIL WAR and SECESSION in on the Horrizon for our US Nation.

    What’s it gonna be ??????

    VOTE TRUMP !!!

  • Somebody In Texas

    What is happening in Europe and America? What is Causing ALL of the Trouble? The Answer is Pretty Simple really. The Globalist’s of the World are ELIMINATING ALL of the Borders of the NATIONS. It is WIDE OPEN out there now thanks to the OPEN BORDERS AGENDA. And what is behind the Open Borders Agenda? The GLOBALISTS who are HELL BENT of Establishing a New World Order of One World Government. It is this INSANE Push for Open Borders as a Giant Step into the Creation of a One World Government. But the Globalist’s know that they must Establish the New World Order of One World Government in Incremental Steps. Soooo they must First Establish Open Borders with REGIONAL Government. That what the EU is all about. Regional Government. That Region is Already Established.

    These Same NWO People are trying to Eliminate National Borders and Eventually the Nations Themselves. It is this Elimination of National Borders that is behind the now being Attempted to Establish the North American Union or NAU. They are Keeping the US/Mexican Border Wide Open based on their Stern Belief that they are Determined to Establish the North American Union come hell or high water.

    There are Several Globalist Groups that are ALL Onboard with the Elimination of National Borders and the Elimination of the Nations themselves. They are HELL Bent of Establishing Regional and Global Government with a World Currency.

    These Globalist’s do NOT Care that it has Never Worked and will Never Work until YESHUA/JESUS Himself Installs it.

    If you go back to the Bible Story about Nimrod the Peoples of the World had a One World Leader and Nimrod himself was that World Leader. Then GOD saw Nimrod and Cronies pretty much Shaking their Fist in GODS Face and GOD decided to do something about it. Soooo GOD Smote them with a New Problem that Established the Nations in One Master Stroke.. The Changed them from One Language into Many Different Languages so they all Regrouped into Common Languages and Split up and went in Every Direction based on Common Language in Various Groups.

    This was a Big Set Back for Satan and those Evil Enough to Follows Satan that has Lasted for over 4500 years or so. Satan’s Plans for Continued World Centralized Government. And ever since then Satan and his Minions have Tried to Re Establish Global Government with Little or no success.

    The Reason that Nationalism is Practical is that it has a Built In Check and Balance System. If one or more Nation gets out of line there will Always be other Nations that will make Temporary Alliances to Defeat Nations that go Mad with Insane Ideas. Ideas like Stalin and Hitler Fostered

    The Problem with Global Government is that there is NO Check and Balance System and when there is NO Check and Balance System then the sold Global Government just becomes a Global Dictatorship with No Way to End The Madness that sometimes overtakes Political Leaders.

    In this world that we live in with the Spirit that Satan Running Loose it does not take much for Mankind to go OFF of the Rails into Political Insanity. Even Today IRAN and North Korea are OFF the Rails into Insanity and it is a Good Thing that ( Kim Jung Nut Case ) is Not Ascended to the Position of a Regional or Global Government.

    If Kim Jung Nut Case had the Ability to Ascend to a Regional or Global Position he would Surely Murder a Couple of Billion People without so much as Ill Feeling about what he is doing. Just like Hitler and Stalin did.

    To get back on Track we as US Citizens need to FIGHT Against Regional and Global Government because we know what it leads to. Global Genocide.

    We Must NOT Allow our Nation to go Any Further into Globalism but rather EDUCATE the Masses of what has happed Historically when Government go Nuts with Unchecked Power. With the Nations that GOD has Established the Sane Nations can keep the Insane Nation in Check and Minimize the Danger of the Spread of Regional and Global Insanity.

    The Anti Christ will Surely Eventually arrive and Take Power under the Reign of Global Government and when that happens BILLIONS Will Die in another Rogue Government Mass Murder Plan like Stalin and Hitler did. But in the case of Stalin and Hitler they Killed Millions. But a Global Leader will Kill BILLIONS Not Millions.

    When this Global the Anti Christ has Complete Control the Anti Christ will Murder BILLIONS and it will not be made Right again until YESHUA/JESUS the REAL CHRIST Destroys the Anti Christ and his Followers.

    In the mean time we need to be Aware of what the Bible has to say about these things and TRY to KEEP the United States of America OUT of the NAU and the NWO.

    The NAU and NWO are Destroying the Nations with OPEN BORDERS that are Intended to make DESTROYING the Nations doable.

    VOTE TRUMP !!!

  • gf

    The U.S.A., has enough home grown griods. We do not need to import, more problems. The goal of the left, is to eradicate the white race, and give the world to the inferiors. The white race creates, and the inferior races, take it away, and turn the world into? Well, use your own adjective. If the white race, had never stepped foot, on the African Continent, the griods would have nothing. The stupid MFers! The groids, condemn the white race, and yet could not survive without them. The most fortunate race, is the groids. The groids keep harping about slavery, If it were not for slavery, bringing the groids to the Western Hemisphere. The groid race would not have shit! The griods should have a, “Slavery Celebration Day”. Of course, the groids will never say that slavery was the best damn thing, that could have happened to the groid race. Also, the griods should let whitey manage affairs. Because when the groids get in charge of anything, it turns to shit! Then the groids, blame whitey for every goddamn thing, and demand, demand, demand that whitey bails the stupid griod MFers out! Thank you, for your consideration, and maybe, just maybe, we can change the U.S.A. for the better! However, I am afraid, that our great country created by, white Christians, is going down a slippery slope, with no hope of recovery. The U.S.A., 100 years from now, will be a?

  • Anthony

    Cruz,??? Just think, you have a brain to do the thinking yourself. If Cruz is so good why doesn’t he comes with something new, something that e can and will do when he becomes President, instead he just sounds like a preacher with such a low tone sweet talking just like a preacher telling you just what you want to hear, instead of trying to find something better then what Trump is offering and prove that he have something better to offer then Trump, yes Cruz have been part of the old group of politicians he knows the lingo. All the talk but can not and will not do the walk.

    You may not like Trump because he is straight forward, he tells it like it is he does not put any sugar on his words but he tells the truth. Now if the voters only realize what these politicians are doing behind everyone’s back you would stop and think who do you want for President. There is a little pack worked out behind the curtain, Sanders, Clinton, Cruz, and Kasick they are all in it together to block Trump they want him out at any cost. Why I ask, well again stop and think. Sanders does not have much of a chance and he is hoping Clinton goes to jail or is found not eligible, and he does not want to go against Trump, as for Clinton she does not want to build a wall she wants bridges, well we can see what happens when the gates are opened and they just come in. Clinton does not want to go against Trump, because she does not have it, if she is depending on Bill being behind the curtain giving instructions on what to say what to do, well we all saw what he did to the banking etc. etc. list would be too big. If there is truly a serious investigation on all that have been happening, the Democrat may decide to ask her to move on. As for Kasick he is looking for a #2 spot, does not have what this Country need to turn it around. Remember Trump does not have to hide, and he sure tells it like it is. And I don’t think that he will ever turn to be one of them ass kissers.

  • dennis w

    I’M WITH MR. TRUMP 100%…….ALL THE WAY……..





    TRUMP 2016

  • NJ Lady

    Why not close our borders for good? Never was it “business as usual” or acceptable or even legal that foreigners freely cross our southern or northern borders. Let’s not lose sight of this.

    • edorr1atcoxdotnet

      I’m not native American, and I’m guessing perhaps you aren’t either; yes, I’m for tighter control of immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc but just remember we’re all descendants of what technically speaking were illegal immigrants when our forefathers came her from Europe. Keep in mind also, much of the SW part of US was once part of Mexico so in a way the Mexicans are not illegals.

      • Cookie Vranish

        We came here when there was plenty of land and nobody but a few Indians around. Now is a different story!

      • Ivana Webster

        You make several good points, however: The Mexicans in the SW are Mexican Citizens, NOT US citizens, therefore they are ILLEGAL under our laws now. The borders must be closed–which doesn’t mean we no longer take immigrants–it just means we do it diligently with backgrounds and possibly requesting their ability to contribute to what we need in the USA, ie. specific trades, education, etc.

  • Carol Severson

    I also agree with Trump.Unfortunately the majority of terrorist groups are Muslim. Unless the good Muslims wear white hats so as to not be confused with the bad Muslims…we could get them to wear the black hats…we do need to lock down our borders to all Muslims temporarily until we can successfully screen them… Or if that won’t appease the special interest groups…let’s just keep everyone out. But pray God what happened in Paris and Brussels doesn’t happen here. G B A

  • jscarano7

    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””donald trump 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””donald trump 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016

  • Philip Allen

    I agree also with the Donald. Just read in my email where four illegal immigrants beat up a white man and tried to rape a woman he was with. one of the illegals tried to stab a man with a knife but he managed to hit the man over the heads with a beer bottle. When the police arrived and arrested the four men they were not only here illegally but had been deported several time and had come back here from across the border. Wonder why people don’t like Obama and his policy letting illegals come across the border etc. Wonder why the American People don’t want establishment Republican. They give the Liberal Democrats everything they want. They wouldn’t even pass Kate’s Law and end Sanctuary Cities. Time for the Donald to go ahead and get the necessary delegates needed to win the nominee for President. To Hell with the establishment Republicans as they can be flushed down the toilet with the sewer rats. One last thing…Donald Trump for President in 2016!!! Go Donald Go!!

    • bobjonestwo

      It’s the worst by far under Obama with his stand down orders to the Border Patrol and even advertising for illegals to come here for free stuff, but remember the case under Bush 43 involving Agents Ramos and Campeon who shot an escaping drug dealer in the rear end because he was reaching into his pocket and they feared for their safety. The drug dealer was given amnesty to testify against these brave Border Patrol Agents and according to reports, kept right on drug running into the U.S., while the agents were both given something like 18 years apiece in prison and were exposed to brutal beatings while there, for just doing what they were hired to do. They were sending a message to all agents to not stop anyone coming here illegally if you want to keep your job and stay out of jail. It’s been going on for some time.

  • Athanasios1

    The first executive order of Trump should be to eliminate all Secrest Service for past presidents. Then he should meet with covert organizations to rid the enemies of America from the Supreme Court and all the other courts,

    • bobjonestwo

      The past several presidents stole enough money to hire their own protection. Probably not in the millions or even billions, but more likely a few trillion.

      • D Hall

        Don’t judge them all by Clinton and obama

  • Athanasios1

    Trump is RIGHT. Lets close our borders and exterminate the muslims, illegal aliens and liberals. When we are done we will open the borders and let in decent people

  • Luke

    Trump/2016, a vote for America, a president for Americans, the enemy of those who oppose America..

  • Eugene Itnyre

    The difference here between Trump and Obama is that Obama would be Asking Brussels to send thousands of Muslims here to the U.S. and going before Mosques asking the Muslims to show restraint. Just as if it were Muslims that were killed in Brussels, not Christians. Like a boxer leading with his chin Obama seems bent on exposing America to danger.

    • Ivana Webster

      I believe that is exactly what he is after. END of the USA, as it was meant to be.

  • Rose Boltz

    Trump is the only one with a brain. The others would feed us to the enemy and do nothing. There are so many wanting to be president but they have no idea about protecting us, we the people.

    • bobjonestwo

      Oh, they have an idea Rose, and it is just more of the destruction of America and its middle class that has been going on for quite some time and has been 10 times as bad under the current anti-American, pro-Islam, pro-LGBT regime. Their idea is Americans come last and illegals and terrorists come first and would make a great voting base to keep them in power. It’s Trump 2016 or total destruction by the globalists, and Trump knows what is going on and who is in charge and ruining everything, and he doesn’t like it one little bit. Trump 2016.

  • Seedman

    Mona Charen had a very sobering article on Don Juvenile. That Don is purposefully cruel and mentally unstable, there is no doubt. He does not deserve the nomination.

    • twspears6007

      Who cares about Mona Charen she is nothing but a liberal think tank that needs a psychiatrist

    • speedle24

      Well I’m convinced. If Mona Charen says Trump is unstable that’s good enough for me. Gee, what other proof could we possibly want?

      • bobjonestwo

        Well, maybe a ditto from Obama or Hillary would seal it.

    • bobjonestwo

      You are very misinformed, remember the Marine who was arrested by Mexico because he got in the wrong lane and was held, chained down for nearly a year while the current administration did absolutely nothing, well Trump stepped in and after the young man was released, Trump gave him a check that was said to be very substantial to pay his legal fees and help him get back on his feet. Trump likewise goes to apartments he owns to make sure everything is ok and if anyone needs anything, he also visits his other many businesses handing out hundred dollar bills to his employees and only hires top dollar union labor for his construction projects. His employees love him, he loves them and America. Only in a country where our media is so dishonest could someone telling the truth be labeled unstable.

    • bobjonestwo

      The only sobering thing concerning Mona Charen would be waking up in the morning and seeing her next to you. Now that would be very sobering.

  • bobjonestwo

    But how we gonna get all the drugs into the country to ruin our communities and fill our prisons, and how are we gonna get all the illegals into the country to overload and collapse our economy in a Cloward/Piven manner, and how can we get all the rapefugee/terrorists into the country to rape our women and children and stage terror attacks everywhere to enlist martial law and force Americans to give up their few remaining rights if the borders are closed? Donald J. Trump is so unlike the previous several presidents that have left our borders intentionally wide open for anyone who wishes us harm to walk right in. What is the difference between him and the other candidates and previous presidents? Oh yeah, he is on our side, America’s side and that does not please the globalists or the establishment in either party. Tells us a lot about both, really just one, parties and the last several presidents, doesn’t it? Trump 2016, our last chance to save the country. Pick a side good or evil folks, we
    have had enough evil for years, let’s try a good Pro-American for a change. Trump2016.

  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    It’s just common sense being expressed by Trump here. Those who disagree make it clear how much of that necessary ingredient they have in the makeup of their character. Go Trump!

    • The Redhawk

      May be AF one should Return without IMAM Baracky , his Cows, Susan Rice and Feckless Kerry

  • Old goat

    I agree with TRUMP! But what about all these Muslim idiots we have here now? We need to deport or kick them out and ascertain that no more of them become citizens. To hell with PC BS!

    • Smitch

      Exterminate the existing Goat Humping Rag-Heads!

      • The Redhawk


        • Smitch

          Ok maybe I was a little extreme? I like your idea also.

          • The Redhawk


    • dennis w

      LOCK & LOAD………



      BE AWARE……


      TRUMP 2016

      • The Redhawk

        BULLS EYE!

    • gpicha

      Shoot the raghats starting with the POS in the white house.

      • The Redhawk

        Renamed te “WHITE MOSQUE”

        • gpicha

          ROFL.. Oh so true. Thanks

    • Liberty

      Fondly to Old Goat: A Twitterer was just arrested for truth a/k/a hate speech in words fewer than yours. I’m accumulating a list of quotes from press, candidates, and military high-ups so I can use them in my defense when my turn comes. Three cheers for Freedom of Speech!


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