Trump, Ryan forge tenuous alliance, but GOP lawmakers remain skeptical

May 13, 2016

Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan emerged from a meeting Thursday declaring the GOP is coming together, but lawmakers continued to resist the billionaire businessman’s unconventional agenda, and so far their main point of unity is a desire to beat Hillary Clinton in November.

The Trump-Ryan summit followed a bruising primary race in which the New York billionaire outlined policy positions and espoused controversial rhetoric that appealed to millions of GOP primary voters.

Mr. Ryan did not endorse Mr. Trump but said they reached common ground on key conservative principles — including their pro-life stance — that he said lay the groundwork for working together this fall.

“The question is: What is it that we need to do to unify the Republican Party and all strains of conservative wings in the party? We had a very good and encouraging, productive conversation on just how to do that,” Mr. Ryan said afterward.

  • Osamabeenscrewed

    For those against Trump, I would ask you, if not Trump who would you trust and vote for? If it works out that Trump is just as big a liar as the establishment candidates then we as Americans are screwed. The only alternative I can see in that case is for the people to do something themselves, whatever that would entail. Use your imagination unless you want to see our country completely go down the tubes.

  • ADRoberts

    Ryan is establishment Republican, deluxe. So if they formed an alliance, it means that Trump cut a deal and is now under their control. After all. Trump has NO principles and will do what it takes to win.

    • andrew

      In Ryan’s wildest dreams, maybe… Trump will be subservient to NO ONE

      • ADRoberts

        You are delusional. He brags about “working deals.” And at any time he finds he is face to face with a MUCH more powerful entity such as Bilderbergs, you will see him tuck his TAIL and bow and obey. them.
        His vicious treatment of so many is the result of his COWARDICE. Hide and watch.

        • andrew

          You are missing a major point here AD… Bilgerbergs and their partners in crime, have NO control over Mr. Trump, short of their own cowardice to try and dispose of the one they cannot control.

          It is a fact, that the NWO dreamers, have been trying to bring their richmans’ “utopia” around for a very long time… They are very patient, though that may be wearing thin, and they are getting
          IM-patient… which WILL be their ultimate total collapse and downfall.

          • ADRoberts

            ANd you KNOW this how? You are unable to see where deception is pervasive in all of what is going on. Like Lindsay Graham endorsing Cruz when his past indicated that there was NOTHING the two agreed upon.
            But Graham KNOWS that he is rejected by a majority of conservatives. So his endorsement was a deception, designed to cause people to question and even reject Cruz. Same is true of the endorsement by so many “establishment’ types.
            Purpose. Stop Trump, first and then remove BOTH from contention.
            But the ELITE ALWAYS have both sides controlled. ALWAYS.
            And you can hide and watch. By April 30, 2017, if Trump gets the WH, he will have fully revealed himself for what he REALLY is.
            And by the way. If, by some remote chance, the elite don’t actually control Trump, I can assure you that they have the TRIGGER to cause the fall of the DOLLAR and our economy, and NOTHING Trump; can do will stop it.

          • andrew

            I am recalling the resilience of the American Spirit… When Japan decimated the Pacific Fleet, we were behind the proverbial 8-ball for a couple years at most…

            America rallied, and played a pivotal role in defeating Hitlers abomination, with lots of help… and unfortunately, it took two Atomic detonations to bring Japan to her senses.

            This string of corrupt political imbeciles, over the last 50 years, egged on by the NWO, have cashiered God out of every phase of human discourse… BIG mistake… Allowing less than 3% of the population [ queers] dictate policy to the majority, is icing on the cake…

            I’m believin’ that radical islam, is part of our Judgment… we can still recover through repentance.

            We may be in tatters for a few years… America WILL survive, and be much stronger for it…
            Donald Trump, is only the projected president… He will need the undivided attention of all of us to make any difference.

          • ADRoberts

            “recalling the resilience…” Well you got that right. We used to have a resilient and confident spirit WHEN we believed and followed Jesus Christ. That was back in the days of Christianity when the people in churches could not be compared to the verses in Revelation about the Church of Loadicea.
            No longer the case. Now we have MOST of those who attend church on a regular basis, sitting at home, watching pornography on the internet. Almost NONE of them live in John 14:12.
            And for sure, if you called for a prayer meeting, very, very few would show up. Their faith and trust is NOT in God.
            Here is the kicker. You are actually deceiving yourself as you are putting your trust NOT IN GOD but in a wicked man, Trump, who has continued so show just how bad he is.
            1. Foul mouthed, even when he was in front of the public as a politician. And you excuse and ignore that.
            2. Lied about being a Christian. Proof? He then bragged that he has never asked God to forgive him for anything. And IF you know anything about being a Christian, the VERY FIRST STEP is repentance.
            3. Claims to be PROLIFE. Then tries to justify his continued giving to PP.
            4. Claims to be against amnesty. But his record is just the opposite. One million fined for using illegals on his companies. Claims that we STILL need immigrants since we have some “areas” where we have a shortage of qualified workers. (Forget the possibility of training Americans. Foreigners are cheaper) Admitted to the NYTimes in a supposed-to-be secret meeting that he never intended to build a wall.
            5. Claims that he will make jobs for Americans. But he has done NOTHING to bring back his companies from Mexico and China and who knows where else.
            6. Brags about his seduction of married women.
            7 Divorces his wives when he gets “TIRED’ of them.

            Now that I have shown your HYPOCRITICAL approach to trying to justify arguing that GOD is going to save us with a very wicked man,
            let’s hear your rationalization.
            Never in history has God used BAD people except to punish His people’s wickedness. So this might be of God. But for sure, it is not going to prosper us. Nor is he going to fulfill a SINGLE PROMISE.

            Oh, and as to America surviving. I challenge you to find a single place in the Bible prophesy of LAST DAYS, where you can strain you brain and claim we are there in the end.

          • andrew

            I can agree with the bulk of this… My “defense” of Mr. Trump, is based on the premise that he is calling out the established politico that is destroying the country…
            Yes… I will concur… He is likely not the best man for the job… Though in essence, we need one like him, maybe a little less rowdy…

            In order to have repentance, one needs the prophet to call us on the carpet for our sin, and suggest repentance, or suffer the natural consequence…

          • ADRoberts

            1. You got it right. You referred to Trump’s PROMISE. I just don’t believe his promises as I have seen so many lies already.
            2. E. V. Hill preached the funeral of his wife. He talked about praying for God to heal her. And God kept telling him, TRUST ME. Hill’s response was, “if you are going to heal Baby” I don’t need to trust You. And it came back again. “Trust me” And today a Christian has died at the hands of a muslim on the average of every FIVE MINUTES.
            3. It was very unlikely that Cruz would have been able to stop what the ONE WORLD ORDER people, aka Bildrbergs and CFR want to do. But I had hoped. Now we will proceed into the next stage of their “Antichrist”
            4. Do you TRUST GOD? Do you trust Him enough to face death or the worst of tribulation just to serve Him.

            That is all that matters now.
            And by the way, in 2001, I was on the cath lab table and things went wrong. Heart rate dropped to ONE beat every fifteen seconds. And it took EIGHT hours and 10 liters of fluid and a lot of drugs to get my blood pressure back to 80/40. And the next day, when they told me I had almost died TWICE, I thought, “that would have been okay’.
            Up to that point, I had always wondered if I would fear death. But I found death is NOT the enemy. “Fear not the one who can kill the body……but fear the one who after taking the body, can take the soul.” (paraphrased)

          • andrew

            From the King James 1611… Matthew 10: 28 “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell”.
            Your #4… Yes, I do !!

          • ADRoberts

            You do? All the time? Or just when things are going well and they are not taking you to interment?
            Not after you. Just forcing you to look at what is and allow God to be GOD.

  • SDofAZ

    The rinos are seeking control over Trump, they like amnesty for their donors. This is gonna get ugly. We must vote out the trash in DC. Rat Ryan, McCain, and Pelosi are all up for reelection this year. Vote em out. McCain and Rat Ryan have great GOP opponents, vote for them. In CA, whoever runs against Nancy, vote for them. Vote her out of DC, she is TRASH and it is time to clean out DC. OUR votes do count. Vote, vote, vote! In every state where a rino or dem lemmig encumbent is running for reelection. Vote em out!!!!

  • Osamabeenscrewed

    Well whether they realize it or not, they are part of the main reason Trump is doing so good. People are tired of business as usual as performed by the Congress and Senate. They may be on the outside looking in soon if they don’t wake up.

    • SDofAZ

      Too late for the rinos, take em out now. Rat Ryan and McCain are two rinos with great GOP candidates opposing them. Vote for the other republican NOT McCain or Rat Ryan. In CA anyone on the ticket against Nancy Pelosi is who you should vote for. The woman has been in the House for too long. Turn em over, vote em out. Time for new people in those seats. Vote, vote, vote. In every state vote out the encumbent dem lemmings who supported BO’s agenda and vote out every rino who supported BO’s agenda. McCain in 2016 is gonna go, and Flakey in 2018 is gonna go. Both supported Rubio in the Gang of Eight abomination bill in 2013. We need more senators who will listen to their constituents even if they are in for six years. Sooner or later all have to run, and now it is time for AZ to turn em out, turn em over, vote em out starting with McCain. VOTE WARD IN AZ. In 2018 we will do the same to Flakey. That is if we don’t impeach him first. Two years is a long time to let Flakey run loose.

    • ADRoberts

      Just like the Dems, they never give up. But they do find ways to make sure that anyone they deal with DOES come to see their ways.
      If Trump was not controlled by the Bilderbergs before, he is now.

      And you SUCKERS who think that the Establishment Republicans are the primary problem have yet to wake up and discover that the elite, DON’T leave any loose ends. They control it all.

      Yes, there is a lot of “illusion” . Like the effort to stop Trump; by backing Cruz, when they dislike Cruz much more. Like Graham, the fanatic liberal R who endorsed Cruz. You think he is dumb? He knew that by itself would turn people away from Cruz.
      DECEPTION is the name of the game. And without “DISCERNMENT” you ARE going to be deceived.

    • Retired

      Ryan better stop playing games and support Trump.


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