Trump slams ‘spoiler’ bid after Kristol says independent candidate to run

May 30, 2016

Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday night to slam fresh predictions from Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol that an independent candidate would soon be entering the race for president, warning that a 2016 “spoiler” could swing the race to the Democrats.

Kristol, along with other conservative pundits, long has been working to attract an independent candidate to run in November amid lingering concerns in some wings of the Republican Party about Trump’s conservative credentials. This effort to date has struggled to recruit a willing candidate, while running into logistical hurdles — including the rules and deadlines for getting new names on the ballot.

Yet on Sunday, Kristol teased a forthcoming announcement, saying on Twitter:

Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate–an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance.

This prompted the flurry of tweets from presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, whose claim to the nomination was affirmed last week with a fresh Associated Press tally that showed him with more than the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch it. Trump, while taking some personal shots at Kristol for good measure, warned that an independent bid could hurt the GOP in the fall.

  • allen g. english

    Is that where Kristol Meth got its name.

  • RightLane1111

    Here is what I TRY to post on The Horn News…it is still awaiting moderation. Can you tell me for what>????????

    This is about one thing and one thing only. GREED. It is attached to
    the stupidity that we must follow in the footsteps of Europe. G L O B A
    L I S M. Why do you think Obama wants the UK to stay in the Euro…One
    world government. These people mentioned above are not heroes or
    patriots…they shame the United States of America. Keep the lobbyists
    happy, keep the money wheel twirling. I wonder why Paul Ryan’s name is
    not on there. He wants ALL IMMIGRANTS to come into this country. NO. I
    never liked Daddy Bush…but G.W. Bush…I even campaigned for him. NEVER,

  • britain

    Yes and when this asshole’s candidate goes down in flames and Trump wins anyway, where will this little shit be then?

  • Almie

    Bill Kristol, another assassin of “We The People,” obviously wants to see the USA dammed and to be destroyed; what a phoney and a poor looser. Wonder what the syndicate is paying him to destroy America??

  • ADRoberts

    Trump and the elite don’t understand.
    I WILL vote for an Independent. And it they are not able to get on the ballot, I will vote for them as a write in.

  • The Redhawk

    SO when did BIll Kristol join the CLNTON Foundation for telling LIES ??

  • gf

    Bill Kristol’s hatred, for Donald J. Trump, is massive. Donald J. Trump, has made the clown, look like a foolish clown. Every prediction, that Kristol has made about Mr. Trump, has blown-up in his face. He wants him to lose in November, and would be happy to have the she-devil HRC, as the POTUS. Bill Kristol, is an ass hole, of the first order.

  • rowleya

    Trump spoils himself
    He is his own spoiler
    Time for States to secede from Fed Gov Tyranny

  • California70

    Bill Kristol is an out and out jerk. I will unsubscribe to the Weekly Standard!

  • Bill Cash

    From the beginning of his move Mr. Obama stood there and “actually told the people” what he was about. Yet like lemmings on the cliff many, many, people voted him in anyway. He has seven months to complete his agenda, unless Hillary Clinton is elected,so the rush is on. If you are loyal “party” members you may continue to follow the lead over the cliff. But if you are a self governed person your logical thinking has surfaced and you have decided that the “PARTY” is directing your thoughts. Right now is the time to sit down and quietly think this thing out. Yours, mine, and the future of ALL of today’s children depend on your next move. But here is the bottom line. We can continue this planned destruction with Hillary Clinton or we can take a chance on something NEW. Like many of you I DON’T KNOW if Trump can pull this nation out. But we absolutely know that Hillary Clinton intends to continue the present path. SHE HAS SAID SO.


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