1776 Coalition :: Trump tweets suggestion on fixing health care

Trump tweets suggestion on fixing health care

May 29, 2017

TrumpPresident Trump seemingly said Sunday that the federal government will make health care better by spending more money than Obamacare does.

In a tweet Sunday night, Mr. Trump said that “I suggest that we add more dollars to Healthcare and make it the best anywhere. ObamaCare is dead – the Republicans will do much better!”

The tweet appears odd since Obamacare opponents have spent nearly a decade deriding it, rightly or wrongly, as a big-government tax-and-spend program.

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  • bobnstuff says:

    So last week it was cut spending on healthcare, cut it to the bone and now it’s spend more. Which is it? Remember if we spend more on keeping people healthy you can’t cut the taxes on the rich.

    1. itsfun says:

      Why do you believe that those that work the hardest to earn more should be forced to give what they earn to you and me and others? I work to take care of my family, not anyone’s else.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Do you believe that hard work is what determines income? I make more off my investments then I do from my labor at this point. You ask why you should care if other people have healthcare, you might as well ask why you should care if the economy is doing well. Healthy slave work better. Why should my taxes money got to pay for airports, I don’t fly. Why should my tax money go to pay for schools, my kids are out of school now. Why do we have a government at all? Forget that taking care of others is the right thing to do and simply look at the GDP, healthy employees are more productive and better for business.

        1. itsfun says:

          I asked why should I have to pay for others healthcare, not if I cared if they have it or not. Did you work hard to earn the money to invest or did the taxpayers give you the money to invest? No one is talking about slaves except you. Don’t you believe in personal responsibility? People that are capable should be working, not collecting free this and that. If my kids are going to a private school, that I pay for, why should I be forced to pay for public schools? I have no problem with giving great health care to those that can’t work or have a terrible disease. I am not convinced it is the role of government to provide health care to everyone. There are ways to make health care more affordable. Let people buy across state lines for one. Let groups of people get rates like large employers do for their employees. Do a better job of getting better prescription medicine rates down. That can be a role of government in getting better healthcare.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Here’s a letter I sent my congressmen.

            Healthcare is very much on my mind as it should be on yours. We need to repeal and replace the ACA or fix it but the bill pasted by the House has done neither. Here are my thoughts on what a new healthcare bill should be. You need to sit down with the members of the other party and see if you can work it out with them to pass a true reform bill.

            Clamp down on the insurance, give them rules that protect the consumer with a Insurance Bill of Right. Protect the consumers from being denied insurance at a far price for preexisting conditions and from being dropped for using the insurance. Block all government dealings, subsidies and contracts with companies that don’t offer plans under the new law.

            Expanded Medicaid to all working poor and anyone making less then 120% of the poverty line. Also give Medicaid to all Vets and have regular healthcare provided by the healthcare system and have the VA specialize in issues unique to Vets.

            Stop the price gouging on prescription drugs and place controls on the Drug companies. Just by having the government pay the same price that other countries pay would finance much of this bill.

            All other subsides should be handled by the states with financial help from the federal government.

            Insurance companies should be aloud to sell the same insurance in all fifty states and one national set of rule would be applied. Also give a stop loss on insurance liabilities for any one illness.

            Make people responsible for their medical bills and if they choose not to buy insurance they must pay their own bills, no release of the debt by bankruptcy and providers can demand payment up front for services. Stop the uninsured from walking away from their bill. Don’t reward people for being irresponsible. Make insurance affordable to anyone who wants it and people will do the right thing.

            I hope you will think about what I have written and work with all the Congress on solving this major problem.

          2. Retired says:

            Well what is their BS answer and which party did you write to .

          3. bobnstuff says:

            I sent it to Toomey , Casey and Ruthfus. I haven’t heard anything back yet but I was a holiday week end. I will let you know what they say. I used a posting to you as the base, that’s what got me thinking. My wife wants a single payer plan, she’s a Democrat. There’s a lot to be said for getting the insurance companies out of healthcare but since it’s never going to happen an alternative needs to be found.

          4. Retired says:

            Cut the Uppers salaries and take the bonus away, that would lower premiums plus make more treatment available .

          5. bobnstuff says:

            You are right. The House healthcare bill will increase the bonuses.

          6. Retired says:

            I did not say that so why do you put words in my Mouth ??? The bill has not passed yet and more than likely will not , another stall tactick by the Anti Trump people . Don’t even bother that the party has the Majority Bullcrap ..

          7. bobnstuff says:

            I hope the house bill never passes and becomes law. Trump didn’t write the House law and don’t hold him responsible for it’s pure stupidity. I keep hoping that Trump remembers his promises about healthcare. He has said he would both cut and increase spending on it in the last few weeks. I wonder which he will do.

    2. chw2000 says:

      Just a quick hello BSBob. You’re a total ass hole. A complete dumb phuck!

    3. Retired says:

      He tweets to keep you Squirrels running for nuts that aren’t there

  • Peter Smith says:

    No Mr. President, NO. Repeal Obamacare and stay out of the healthcare issue. It is not the duty of the federal government to provide healthcare coverage. That responsibility falls to the employers and the individuals wanting to obtain coverage. Throwing good money after bad is ALWAYS a big mistake.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Why should employers pay for healthcare? No other country makes them do it. Right off the bat our industries have an added expense that businesses in other countries don’t have.

      1. Peter Smith says:

        I have my healthcare coverage through my employer bobnstuff. I have to pay my share on a weekly basis through a payroll deductions. Employers don’t have to pay for coverage, it’s a perk, a benefit, to help them keep good employees by giving them a reward for their service. It works as well bobnstuff, this benefit is one of the first questions many workers inquire about from a perspective employer. If you don’t like what I have to say, shove it up your @ss bobnstuff. It is not, and never has been, the duty of the Federal Gov’t. to provide for healthcare the citizens.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Why should we have a healthcare system that is employer based? Wouldn’t more money in your pay check be a better perk? It doesn’t work well and is very uneven in the coverage. There are reasons for the system that only goes back to WW II when wages were frozen. After the war the Unions took up the banner. The question is who should be responsible for providing for the health of or citizens? Our system doesn’t work, we pay much more then other countries and have worse results. For what we spend we should be the healthiest country on earth but instead we are 23rd. We have a trade war going on in the lumber industry with Canada right now. The Canadians can produce lumber cheaper because they don’t have to provide health insurance to their employees. They have the edge.

          1. Peter Smith says:

            bobnstuff, you are a bought and paid for whore of the progressive liberal ideal. You think it is the government’s job to provide for the people, one big nanny state. That is not the way our country was founded and it is not the way it will continue. Go spew your disingenuous crap somewhere else, I think you’re a F-ing idiot.
            Your assertion that it is the cost of healthcare that gives the Canadian lumber industry and advantage is patently false. Go cast your socialistic lure somewhere else …

          2. bobnstuff says:

            You are oh so clueless. You have no problem having you boss at work control your health insurance and having insurance companies get a bite out of every dollars spent for you healthcare. I guess you like being ripped off. You are so concerned about labels that you will waste 50% of the money spent. You are paying almost twice what you need to without complaining and you call me a idiot? Our system of employer based health insurance makes starting a business harder, 50% of all new jobs are from small start ups. It adds cost to running a business as well as takes time away from managing it. It also creates a type of slavery because if you have your insurance through your employer you can’t just up and change jobs for fear of loosing your coverage. You see I don’t care what it’s called I just want healthcare that works, for me and my family. As far as the government running health care look at one of the most programs the government does and does it well, Medicare.

          3. Peter Smith says:

            I tell you what bobnstuff, let’s meet face to face, you show me your healthcare cost for comprehensive coverage and I’ll show you mine. I KNOW whose costs will be proven the smaller. Come on bobnstuff, put up or STFU!
            My healthcare coverage works very well bobnstuff. You’re just like every other progressive liberal out there, you want coverage, you don’t want to pay for it, and you want it now. It doesn’t work that way. Oh and bobnstuff, my tax dollars also help fund Medicare. The point is I have no problem paying for me and mine, when I have to start paying for thee, NO F-CKING WAY! Why don’t you just move to Canada, they have socialized medicine, you’ll fit right in ….

          4. bobnstuff says:

            I have Medicare and am delighted with it.

          5. Peter Smith says:

            And I am not delighted having my tax dollars subsidizing the healthcare costs a leech like you.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            I have work all my life and paid into Medicare since it began. I also have over the years written checks to the government for well over a million dollars so I have no problem taking a little back. It’s my tax dollars that paid the road you drive on and the police that protect you. I also know when I’m being ripped off which you don’t seem to. Do you like having the healthcare of a third world nation at top price?

          7. Peter Smith says:

            Gee bobnstuff, I guess after only 45 years in the work force, paying taxes, I don’t count. Since you have no clue about my healthcare plan, I guess the “third world” plan I have must be bad. Tell you what, I’ll bet you a years salary, my plan is better than your Medicare that I have to help you pay for. FYI, I’m paying less than I did 10 years ago as well.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            People in Cuba get better healthcare and live longer then Americans. Third world healthcare.

            It’s not fair to you for me to take your bet because I live in one of the best places to buy health insurance. We have battle going on between the two big healthcare providers and you can get great insurance for a good price’ The two big non profits, Highmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield vs. UPMC. Both control hospitals and they are in a rate war. I pay $26 per month for my part D. My company insurance before Medicare went down by $45 per month when the ACA came in. I went and checked out rates at Healthcare,gov and you can get at full price a good family plan for $795 per month from UPMC. If you need healthcare Western Pa. is the place to live.

            As far as working for 45 years, how many jobs did you create? How many people did you train that went out and started their own businesses?

          9. Peter Smith says:

            I’d rather live in Cuba than Pennsylvania. I must admit I’m allergic to Bullsh-t so it’s taking longer than usual to respond Bobby.
            I’ve trained hundreds of working men in the construction industry bobncrotch. Many have now assumed the position of superintendent running their own projects. I guess your training all of the burger flippers at the local Jack in the Box makes you feel fulfilled?
            Checking your payment data, I’ll call BS now bobby ….

          10. bobnstuff says:

            I can play can you top this all day. I taught a college program for people who wanted to start their own business and can point to dozens of businesses I helped get started. One of the guys I trained, when I did management training for Domino’s, went on to help found a one of the larger chains of shops in the area, 2000 employees. That’s just one of the guys I trained. I have been lucky to get to help a lot of people fulfill their dreams. You trained workers, I trained managers and owners.

          11. Peter Smith says:

            Wow bobby! All that “success” and you still want and need others to help you pay your healthcare costs.
            And no bobby, more than a few are managers. That is what a superintendent is bobby, a manager. The others I helped learn skills that translate into workable, liveable wages that will sustain their families and themselves.
            Progressive liberals like, want, and need the “nanny state”. It is their goal. A quote from Ben Franklin, “When people find a way they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic”.
            But that is the goal of progressive liberals, an end to our nation.

          12. bobnstuff says:

            I don’t care about a nanny state, I’m just tried of being ripped off. You work in an industry that has to use illegals just because no one wants the jobs. Your livable wage isn’t all that livable these days. An average wage of $32,000 per year isn’t what I would call something your could sustain a family on. Your fantastic job that has half the people doing it collecting unemployment for a third of the year. And you complain about government handouts?

          13. Peter Smith says:

            I’m not being ripped off bobby. I have a very good life. And bobby, unskilled laborers are starting at $13 to $14 per hour. Average workweek of about 50 to 60 hrs. Do the math bobby, at the $13 x 55 straight time hours is $714/week. $37,000/year. That’s not bad for unskilled labor. Carpenters make $18 to $22. Superintendents are salaried and I have no complaints about my salary or my benefits package. And bobby, in the south, jobsites are year round work. Winter is no factor at all and we don’t stop earning, unemployment doesn’t apply.

          14. bobnstuff says:

            Could you pay for insurance on that wage? Also from my experience you can’t depend on a 12 months of work. It’s job to job. In the south you can work 12 months if there is work but even there you can’t count on it plus down there you have the Mexicans to compete against. Look at your bills and see just how far $37,000 minus 15% taxes minus $500 insurance gets you. I guess you don’t need much money if you are working all those hours, no time to spend it.

          15. Peter Smith says:

            Whether I could or not is irrelevant bobby. The fact is all hourly co-workers are offered coverage and most buy it. They do so because they are young, their wives are young, and their families are growing. They understand it will save them money in the long run.
            Your work experience in construction? You have none. I get some federal holidays and two weeks vacation per year. Add sick days and personal days and those are the only days off.
            And bobby, GOOD workers can compete against ANYBODY, regardless of ethnicity. Does competing against hispanics worry you? Sounds like.
            And bobby, it’s called living within ones means. I live very well within my means, thanks for your concern.
            Many of my men live four guys in a two bedroom apartment. They live quite well if the truth be known and one heck of a lot better than when they were in Mexico.
            Too bad you have such a sorry lot in life and wasted all that income earned when you were writing those million dollar checks to the government.

          16. bobnstuff says:

            You really believe you got it good? Amazing! I hate to break this to you but you couldn’t afford to live in my neighborhood on twice that money. I guess you think living in a trailer park is living it up. And yes I have work experience in construction. As far as I’m concerned for the combination of skills and just plain hard work the money sucks. The only way to make the kind of money that you should is to own the company. I also believe that every one should spend a summer working construction, it makes the appreciate how easy they have it everywhere else. Here’s a little fact, working construction is more dangerous then being a cop.

          17. Peter Smith says:

            What do you think I make bobby? I live in a 2900 sq ft home, 4 sides brick, .55 acre lot, three car garage, and much, much more. Hardly a trailer park. I doubt seriously that you would be allowed to live in my neighborhood, we all hate liberals. Our cost of living vs. your cost of living is night and day. You couldn’t buy my house for less than upper six/low seven figures up north or on the Pacific Coast. You don’t have a clue about what you have written bobby.
            I’m management, I’m a Supt. with over 26 yrs of Supt. experience. You say you have construction experience? I have 37 total years of commercial construction industry specializing in CIP concrete construction. Multi story and commercial high rise being my favorites. You think you know me? You don’t have a clue. And what you know about construction safety? About the same as what you know about any truth concerning me, NOTHING.

          18. bobnstuff says:

            I’m retired and have no one under me and am enjoying it very much. I have a hundred year old farm house I’m remodeling. I only have a small lot by my neighborhood standards, I mow three acres, I don’t even have a zero turn like everyone else on the street. As I have said you really don’t want to go there is a pissing match with me. It sounds like you have a nice little house on a nice little lot and I’m happy for you.

            I never really like working for people so I have spent most of my working life as the owner. I do like being the Boss. I have spent some time running others businesses but there is nothing like starting a business and watching it grow. I’ve done it four times.

            What do I know about safety in the construction industry, well I know you are about fifty times more likely to die on a construction site then be killed by terrorists in the US. I know every roofer I have worked with has a story about falling off a roof. My mother in law gave me my father in laws tall ladder to keep him off roofs, he was in his seventies and just wouldn’t retire. Roofers are a strange breed. I also know that if you look at someone’s hand that work construction they tend to be covered with scares and missing finger tips.

            CIP is cool, My sister in laws family have a company that does it up in Connecticut. I also had a good friend that was an concrete inspector. Around here all the big stuff is Union and you need to be related to someone to get in.

            I’m a stich man myself. Framing has come a long way since I learn how to drive a nail. I do love the nail guns. I have a grandson who I’m teaching how to do framing. I’m making him learn old school first, hand saws and hammers like I was taught. By the time he’s eighteen I want him to know who to frame a house. I figure the more skills he can learn the better off he is. Now I don’t want you thinking I was a carpenter because I only work as one for a little while however I have been the general contractor on a few jobs.

          19. Peter Smith says:

            bobnstuff, you’re a condescending POS. You think I will believe you and your “pudding match” statement?
            In Texas, we’re open shop. Unions are no longer serving the purpose they were intended. They’re useless in my eyes. No one tells me when and where to work or negotiates what I am going to be paid.
            I practice safety for real bobby, everyday, with crews ranging from 35 to well over 100 men in the field. And while guys may get nicked from time to time, only one recordable accident in over 1 1/2 years. No lost time accidents at all. You push numbers, I push reality based on experience.
            Also bobby, what you are describing is residential construction, not commercial. Opposite ends of the construction spectrum.
            I think this discussion is over.

          20. bobnstuff says:

            Read the OSHA reports on the construction industry, look at the safety records. Texas my not be big on Unions but up north here they are still alive and well. You wouldn’t be part of a union anyway, your a white hat and part of the reason for unions.

          21. Peter Smith says:

            I deal with OSHA and their rules everyday. I know the numbers dumb@ss. Right to work is the best way, unions are unnecessary, just like you. You’re right, I detest unions, just like I detest liberals. And bobby, unions no longer serve a purpose, just like you.

          22. bobnstuff says:

            Of course you wouldn’t like Unions, you wouldn’t be able to fire someone just because you didn’t like them. The workers would also have to be paid a living wage and be treated like humans. They would have rights. The Union would also stop you from hiring illegals. Management never likes Unions or should I say bad management never likes Unions.

          23. Peter Smith says:

            Most halls allow illegals to join. In fact, many unions do not allow e-Verify to be used. Unions don’t care about legal status, they care about their dues.
            My co-workers earn a living wage bobby. Like I told you dumb@ss, your cost of living is much higher than ours. Probably because of everything being overpriced because of overpaid union workers. Your poor northern management just can’t connect the dots. You have to charge more if your labor costs are too high. Everyone suffers, including the overpaid union workers. I guess to cover the high cost of living there, they’d better go to the bargaining table and push for a raise …… but then, wouldn’t that just raise the COL again?
            And you say unions are a good thing? What a cretinous fecal encephalos you are proving yourself to be bobby.

          24. bobnstuff says:

            I don’t know what Unions you have known but up here unions do not let illegals into their halls in fact you almost need to be blood related to get into the union. You think you can live on $15 per hour, Only if you work yourself to death can you pay your bills. The cost of living in my area isn’t all that much greater then in Texas but the average wage is, and we have better services and better schools. More important we have plenty of water.

          25. Peter Smith says:

            Check for yourself bobby. Union halls are allowing illegals, the proof is there. bobby, I make quite a bit more than $15/hr. so I really don’t care dumb@ss. The facts are the Texas economy is very strong and work is very plentiful. The workers are working hard and making a good living.

          26. Retired says:

            Medicare is worthless without a supplement , but then you have Medicare Advantage and not Medicare . That is why you brag .

          27. Retired says:

            Peter :::You are talking to bobnBullShitsy , do you think he will ever agree unless it is for the left ????

          28. Peter Smith says:

            Of course he won’t. But sometimes it makes for an easy way to pass some time …….

          29. Dee says:

            Peter you are Correct !

          30. Peter Smith says:

            PC is for the liberal left. Accuracy counts, contrary to the liberal left. Thanks Dee.

          31. Retired says:

            Ouch , but I think you are right , he sounds just like Hillary on her campaign trail .

          32. Peter Smith says:

            Per my previous post bobnstuff, try to understand, although I have my doubts.
            As I said, your healthcare cost assertion is patently false, just like like your progressive liberal ideology.

          33. bobnstuff says:

            Did you read your link? Did you look at the disclaimers and the dates?

          34. Peter Smith says:

            Did you read the article and the reason for the Canadian lumber pricing anomalies? They are subsidized by the individual Canadian states. so much for your assertion, dumb@ss.

          35. bobnstuff says:

            Can you list the subsidies? The Canadian government does just what the US government does in leasing to the highest bidders. Maybe other countries shouldn’t buy our beef since it is raised on government land and below private land holders rate. The only true government subsidy is the free insurance.

          36. Retired says:

            You are really off the wall this weekend again , you had one day were you made a little sense .

          37. Peter Smith says:

            Let’s start with housing, food assistance, help with bills, etc., the list is extensive. All subsidies bobnstuff. And free insurance? Nothing is free in life. Someone has to pay the bill. If you can’t afford it, easy, don’t buy it. I’m tired of paying my share and yours as well.

          38. bobnstuff says:

            If you can’t afford healthcare because you work a $10 per hour job you should just die and decrease the surplus population.

          39. Peter Smith says:

            If the shoe fits bobby. I make much more than that, so don’t worry, I’ll be just fine …

          40. bobnstuff says:

            I know you got yours so to hell with everybody else. I bet you have good locks on your doors and a gun by your bedside to keep all your wealth safe from the unwashed masses. Just so you know that guy who go you your coffee makes less then $10 per hour and comes to work sick because he can’t afford to take a day off.

          41. Peter Smith says:

            I worked for what I have now. You’re right, it is mine and I will fight to hold on to it.
            Good locks, good guns and the entire family comfortable and capable in their use.
            And bobby, I make my own coffee, heck, never even been to a Starbucks or the like. And if a person cannot figure out that $10/hr isn’t a living wage, that’s their problem. Serving coffee, flipping burgers, making donuts, ……. that’s the learning process to get to the next level, not a career. I guess that escapes you. No one is making a person stay in a $10/hr job. Once again, they must be accountable for themselves.

          42. bobnstuff says:

            You really need to get out into the real world. Half the people you deal with on a day to day basis make $10 per hour or less, and they are made to work hard for it. The EMT that comes to save your life make around $15 per hour. You seem to think that there are a lot of good jobs out there that pay high dollars but even in construction $20 per hour isn’t the norm anymore. The average American makes $21 per hour, that means half the country makes less then that. That’s a gross income of $43,000 per year. Not much of a life at that pay rate.

          43. bobnstuff says:

            Canada offers all those subsidies and isn’t bankrupted? And they do it with a lower tax rate then we pay. Amazing!!!!!

          44. Peter Smith says:

            Like I said earlier bobby, take the short drive and move to Canada, you will not be missed.

      2. itsfun says:

        Why should I as a taxpayer be forced to pay for the health care of others? The more I work and earn, the more I am forced to pay more for your healthcare.

    2. Elenascleveland says:

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      1. Peter Smith says:

        Internet porn star. Who knew?

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