Trump video promises Day One ‘executive actions’ on trade, energy, regulations, cyber attacks, visa abuse and lobbying bans – but nothing about immigration ‘amnesty’

November 22, 2016

TrumpPresident-elect Donald Trump has given Americans their first taste of what he has planned for his first days in the White House.

In a brief YouTube video released Monday at dinnertime, Trump outlined six policy promises – all items he campaigned on – that he could accomplish with the stroke of a pen. Missing, however, was any mention of rolling back President Barack Obama’s orders that protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation.

His ideas include withdrawing from the much-pilloried Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, relaxing federal ‘restrictions’ on coal and shale energy production, and kick-starting a comprehensive plan to protect the U.S. from cyber attacks.

He also vowed to end visa abuses by visitors to the country and shrink the sheer volume of regulations the government issues. And Trump renewed a pledge to prohibit officials in his administration from using a longstanding revolving door to lobby the government after they leave the public sector.

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  • setemfree says:

    Deporting ILLEGAL ALIENS should be number 1 on the list. American tax payers are being put into SLAVERY, supplying someone that is breaking the law with housing, food, medical, etc for just being here. I believe the last time I read about what is slavery is having to work without compensation. Taxing us to pay for someone that is breaking the law is a form of slavery. GET RID OF ALL ILLEGAL IMMEGRANTS NOW. Family of 4 illegal aliens get comparison as someone working making $52,000.00 a year, before taxes. Becoming an illegal alien, sitting on your ass all day is much more profitable.

  • justinwachin says:

    That sounds like a great start to me. President Trump has four years. Just because he doesn’t plan to do a particular task on his first day doesn’t mean he will not do the task at all.

    By not mentioning illegal immigration, this may slow down the numbers stream across the borders right now. The best thing to do is to have a plan in place before it is announced.

    1. Tiger says:

      I listened to the congressional investigations and O has broken every single immigration law we had, forced the border guards to let go people they catch, he fires anyone who tries to follow our laws, he scrubbed the records of over 800 Muslims the FBI had on their watch list, he has been bringing in over 100,000 a year from the worst countries and he released over 80,000 criminal illegals.

      He will get the ball rolling and he will do what needs to be done.

  • KT says:

    HEY! He is not going too….If, everyone will take a course about the Constitution, you will find that the President is not suppose to do anything without a Vote from the House & Senate!!!!! The immigration thing has to be voted on & so does all the other issues! I can tell you…..Chris, Trump is only telling the Media bits & pieces of what he is going to do! There is more to come….this Man is not stupid when it comes to the left liberals. You do not ever give your enemies any leverage. Just look @ the reporting right now….they are making it sound like his cabinet is in disarray….and things are not going smooth… nobody is in agreement! The left & their Media watch dogs can’t twist things if they have nothing to go on….You just take a chill pill /B complex for your nerves it is going to be fine!!!! Just remember this….8 years of hell with Obama & his trolls is not going to be undone over night, this going to be a step by step & day by day transformation for our Nation! Trust is going to be an uphill battle for Trump, give him some support, he needs positive flow..not doubting Debbies or negative nancys. Thank you! I have said my peace! Have a great day!

    1. Karll says:

      Good point. Look what Trump has planned before he
      has his bags unpacked!

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  • chris berrian says:

    Get rid of executive actions. I hope he doesn’t f this up.

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