Trump’s opponents vie for contested convention

March 14, 2016

The last, best hope for Donald Trump’s opponents may be a different kind of convention — one that could also split the party even further apart.

Some call it an open convention, while others prefer the terms “contested,” “disputed,” or “brokered.”

Whatever the words, Trump rivals Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich are trying to accrue enough delegates ahead of the July convention to deny the front-running billionaire the necessary majority on the first ballot — forcing a second ballot, something the Republicans have not seen in more than half-a-century.

“My new favorite term is ‘multi-ballot,'” said Ben Ginsberg, an election law expert and a top Republican campaign attorney.

Convention delegates who are pledged to back a certain candidate on the first ballot are released from their commitments in subsequent rounds of voting — at exactly which point depends on the state — giving the non-Trump candidates a chance to pull the party in their direction.

  • Jeanette Eaton

    If they do this two things will happen. 1. There will be no more Republican Party as we have known it all of these years. 2. Hillary Clinton will win. Then the ULTIMATE will happen.._.EVERYBODY WILL LOSE! For all of the “Bible backers, my Bible says that
    ” A house divided cannot stand” Hillary and the Democrats are just counting on all of this to happen. I would like to know just how those who want a brokered convention and want to eliminate Trump, who the majority of the people want,…just how do they even HOPE to beat Hillary? It can’t and won’t happen. The so-called “favorite son” , Mr. Cruz cannot beat Hillary, especially , if he gets the nomination in such an underhanded way! I don’t want Hillary to win, because we all, even those who vote for her, will lose. I don’t know about anyone else, but, if they boot Trump out , I will not vote for their pick because that would signal that I approve of what they are doing and I don’t now and never will. THIS IS SO WRONG. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE UP TO THE PEOPLE AND THE PEOPLE ARE CHOOSING THE ONE THEY THINK IS BEST! It goes against everything I have been taught or believed not to vote, especially in such an important election, but I would not, in good conscience, be able to vote for a person who I didn’t believe in what they thought was the right thing to do, simply because THEY think that the PEOPLE are too DUMB to know what is best. I am so angry at all of those people, just as angry as I can be. I know that they won’t ever know that, but just the same, I am telling it just as I see it. This beloved country of ours will not ever be the same honored country that we can all be proud of and stand up to it’s ideals because the ideals will drastically change. I have been a “Bible-believing Christian” ALL OF MY LIFE, OF ALMOST 69 YEARS, IN MAY. I KNOW IN WHOM AND WHAT I BELIEVE, but I don’t believe that the “so-called” Christian conservatives are right. God Almighty has given us the right to choose . He knew that to force us to love him would not be a genuine love, so WHY are THEY trying to do something that even God doesn’t do? This inquiring mind wants to know.

  • selvendra

    God Bless Mr Donald Trump

  • Robert Early

    Perhaps Trumps opposition would prefer a war they will not survive.

  • Seedman

    God speed to Cruz, Kasich, and Rubio. Heil Don Juvenile.

    • pmbalele

      I told you Repubs and TPs are hypocrites, liars, racist, bigots and women bashers. They got a candidate to implement their goal, now they hate him. We are not stupid to listen to TPs and Repubs anymore.

  • Russ

    Go ahead and try that crap losers. If you think for one second that Trump supporters will support your miserable as-s’ you are a lot more STUPID than we even give you credit for. You pricks are exactly why Trump is kicking your butts everywhere. Not to worry though. Mr. Trump will have plenty of delegates. Again I say it: Cruz, Rubio, and Katnip, you are all LOSERS!!!!

  • Upaces

    Contested? All of you who want this…are NOW on OUR DO NOT VOTE LIST!
    You are arrogant…you take $ from Doners…You BELONG TO THEM VS. American Citizens.

    You do this? You’ll ruin your entire careers. NO ONE LIKES A BULLY.. and that is exactly what you are!
    He is an American Citizen and we have watched you long and hard. You have let us all down far too many times!!


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