U.S. Supreme Court puts hold on Louisiana abortion clinic law

March 5, 2016

The Supreme Court on Friday blocked enforcement of a Louisiana law that could force all but one of the state’s abortion clinics to close, a sign that a similar law in Texas also could be in peril.

The justices effectively reversed an order by the federal appeals court in New Orleans that allowed Louisiana to begin enforcing its 2014 clinic regulation law even as it is being challenged in the courts.

The law requires doctors who provide abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

Two clinics, in Boisier City and Baton Rouge, that had already closed in response to the appellate ruling will reopen and a third clinic in Shreveport that faced imminent closure will remain open, said the Center for Reproductive Rights, which is representing the clinics.

The high court’s order, with only Justice Clarence Thomas noting his dissent, came two days after the justices heard arguments in a major abortion case from Texas and just hours after they voted in a private meeting on the outcome of that case.

  • jtitan24

    The Supreme court should not have the authority to over rule the voices of the people in any state, this not America, some third world dictator ship willing to kill anyone that does not agree with them. The Commies and Socialist should. Pack your bags and get out of America and take that criminal bunch in DC with you. Stop the ignorance and madness before its too late for your children’s sake.

  • ADRoberts

    All because of Ginsberg, Kagan, Beyers and Sotomeyer, the murder of babies will continue. What wickedness for the sake of the elite.

    • I Seigel

      The vote was 7-1, only Justice Thomas dissented. Get over it. Texas is next.

      • ADRoberts

        What vote. They have not heard the case yet. All they did was stay the enforcement of the Louisiana Law. And the decision to hear or to stay the enforcement is not usually a full court decision.
        SO you get over it.
        Now as gto YOUR fake claim. all the law does is the same as the one in Texas. It required the SAME cleanliness and equipment and hospital access as all other medical clinics are required o have.
        So YOU GET OVER IT.
        I think I just caught you in a lie. I did I DID.

        • I Seigel

          The news story says that Thomas dissented. Others MIGHT have dissented. They still voted, and the decision was to overturn the Appeals Court ruling and allow the abortion clinics to remain in operation. This is FACT. But you can think otherwise, if it makes you happy.

          • ADRoberts

            Maybe you are listening to a tiwsted version. I heard the report. It said that they ScOTUS had decided to stay the injunction until the case was heard. Now you come up with an entirely different story. Guess what. Yu have been antagonistic and abrasive. I have no reason to believe you. But “what difference does it make now?”
            What would make me happy? IF they stopped killing babies. Maybe they found a way to send everyone of these baby killer to stand before God long enough for them to have the h*ll scared out of them.
            Not going to happen. Too much money to be made.

          • I Seigel

            You came up with a GREAT solution! Yes, leave it to God, and mind your own business. (Was that too abrasive for you?)

          • ADRoberts

            Since you are your own god, I guess you can’t be told to do the same thing.
            Oh, and in case you missed it, God has NEVER expected us to leave Him alone. We are supposed to bring our concerns to Him..
            But since you have NO IDEA of what God is about, no one could expect you to know ANYTHING about Him.
            Keep it up. You can’t win. But you are providing some amusement for those who read and follow me.

          • I Seigel

            Oooh. You’re being so harsh! And just a little abrasive! You’ve hurt my feelings!!


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