Union-Buster Scott Walker Goes Bust

by John McCormick & Mark Halperin | Bloomberg.com  |  published on September 22, 2015

After occasional meetings with advisers over several days about his campaign’s finances, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Monday took a break to talk to his wife for 30 minutes. By the time he returned, he’d made his decision.

Within hours, the man who rocketed to national prominence less than five years ago by confronting as many as 100,000 angry protesters surrounding the state capitol in Madison would end his presidential bid at an upscale hotel just a few blocks away.

His four-minute statement invoked his political hero, Ronald Reagan, and then his nemesis, Donald Trump. Walker said the Republican front-runner threatens his party and nation, while calling on other candidates to also exit the race so voters can coalesce behind someone who can beat the billionaire.

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