Walker wows social conservatives with attacks on Obama, puts GOP rivals on notice

June 21, 2015

5ae5334d32c7b01b790f6a7067002317_c0-184-3520-2235_s561x327Just weeks away from possibly joining the 2016 race, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker thrilled a crowd of social conservatives Saturday night with a withering attack on President Obama’s record while putting his potential GOP rivals on notice that he plans to run on his record as a get-it-done governor.

Mr. Walker sought to convince the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s 2015 Road to the Majority Conference he may be the best choice for president, repeatedly citing his record of success in Wisconsin that includes a balanced budget, concessions from unions and pro-faith policies.

Seeking to differentiate himself from some of his potential rivals who serve in Congress or have been out of office for some time, Mr. Walker said he was a unique combination of fighter and election and policy victor,

  • Scott Walker has proven himself to be a success at governing, unlike Obama, who would bankrupt a lemonade stand if he owned one and would screw up a toilet cleaning crew if that was his job, which is about the only thing the Kenyan Muslim Queer qualifies for, certainly not governing, as he has proven to be an epic failure! Carter was much better President than this Queer! I would love to see a Cruz/Walker Ticket with Trey Gowdy as new AG and John Bolton as Sec of State! Ben Carson as head of Medicine. CRUZ/WALKER 2016!

  • John VanderKelen

    I prefer to think of it as Governor Scot Walker from the great state of Wisconsin telling the ugly truth about skunk Obama. Scott is a capable person able to somewhat right the course of this nation which Hussein has totally botched.

  • ToniStimmel

    Sounds lke he’s ready to run a Take-No-Prisoners campaign, that’s what it will take to overcome the no-brains vote.

  • Oingo Boingo

    I want Attila The Hun cloned via DNA regeneration and a killer army of Hun warriors to surround D.C., close in and perform The Great Hunt on the entire Federal Gubbamint, Lobbyists and, of course, the ZOG nation wreckers.
    Then, do the same thing on Wall Street, Hollyweird, 30 Rock and Lakeshore Drive in Chitcago.
    Then, they can go to Europe and clean out THEIR Ruling Swine.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    I like Walker, Cruz, and a few others, but I think it is too early to pick just one of them.

  • Bigmanuger

    Be a nice change to have a POTUS that has actuall accomplished something of significance unlike the dumbo ear’d phool we have occupying the position now.

  • MarcJ

    Any fellow who can beat government employees union goons has my vote!

  • reagangs

    These types of policies are what will save the once Great Nation we call the US of A from destruction within ….. by the socialist, radical liberal, progressive, commie perverts hell bent on creating a USSA. These useful idiots have been trying to take over since old V. Lenin helped create the former USSR. One of his favorite sayings: “A lie repeated enough will eventually become the truth”. Card carrying commies like Sal Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals, Bill Ayers and his family and friends and many others that were a part of the infamous SDS, BPP and other commie groups and even Obummer and his minions and the Clintons. All because of some pathetic lost obscure radical philosopher named Karl Marx with his Communist Manifesto penned in the 1850s. Cut the fed budget by 10% for several years. Then if that doesn’t work, do it again with another 10%. If we don’t, we will become like Greece or other loser EU nations. Ship the worthless UN to the EU. Divorce the USA from the IMF and other useless international agencies. Oppose the UNs Agenda 21.

  • Ped Xing

    Wisconsin, like Kansass and Louisianastan, is a perfect example of what happen when you let the Teabaggers run your state—-all three are circling the drain. Education–CUT Public Safety–CUT Health Care–CUT Infrastructure Maintenance & Repair—CUT!!

    HA HA!! You anti-PROGRESS fools will NEVER get back into the White House!!

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      Xing, you are a fool. There is a major difference between progress, and “a progressive” When you learn what you pretend to know about, then come back with your donkey ideology.

  • Sylvester Jones

    He’s got my vote and I’m DemocRAT.

    • dlj332

      Party doesn’t seem to matter a lot today. There are as many anarchists on Republican left as there are on Democrat left. I think its more a matter of conservative vs. communist mind set. They promote the stealth invasion of the USA called illegal immigration and amnesty. Note Jeb, Rubio and McCain, many Hispanic politicians. Rubio says whatever it takes to get elected then switches back. Definition of anarchy: “Anarchy refers to a society without a publicly enforced government; a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.”

  • Dana Lind

    I was born and raised in Wisconsin, and except for short periods in my life I have always lived in Wisconsin, and this is the first time since the 60’s that I can say I am proud to be a Wisconsinite. We now have a pro business and pro life governor who isn’t afraid to take on the “big boys” and has the spine to stand his ground when he’s right. I can see where he’d be a strong leader, and someone who will support our allies and tell our enemies,” I’m here and you no longer have the ear of the President. Deal with it.”

  • freedomoutpost ken

    Walker is one of the few choices for an uncorrupt candidate and will be my first choice in the primary. He is also the most qualified.

  • Sevenmag

    My younger brother lives in Wisconsin, and owns a small business. His business has become much better since Walker slammed some doors on the unions and the state government give away artists. The state, after being nearly bankrupt, is now in the black. Walker was so successful the liberals tried to hold a recall election, but the attempt failed miserably. And, as I recall, they tried more than once. I may be incorrect on that. Anyway, as far as a presidential candidate, I think he is the most qualified, but being successful against the criminal coup, that has developed, in Washington, will be a monumental task.
    Join Oathkeepers.
    Donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Wounded Warriors Project.

    • Wingedgodd3ss

      I agree with your points and I think you are correct that they tried to recall him twice. I think though that the wounded warriors org is fraudulent-I think they give s very low percentage to the vets….

      • don

        like all org.like that–they get pennys on the dollar

      • KDC

        I think the Salvation Army are the only ones that give most of the money, not the reverse.

      • Sama

        Used to love what WW do till I found out how much is skimmed off for ‘officials’ and ‘expenses’. What they do get done is wonderful but it should ALL be for them as they gave ALL for this Country. Many were able to salvage some but it takes heavy support. Those that give for this purpose should be able to be confident the soldiers get the money for THEIR needs.

    • LCpl

      I agree and I do like Scott Walker but don’t forget his waffle on immigration he once said that he was for amnesty and when he saw people didn’t like that he changed his tune ! I still think our best bet bet is Ted Cruz ! Everything Ted Cruz said he did he stood up against the establishment Republicans and filibustered them a couple of times. Everything Ted says I agree with and when the piece of crap media tries to tear him to pieces he turns it around with facts and shoves it right down their throat. Come primary time if everything stays the same I’ll vote for Ted Cruz. That is if we even have another election Obama could be our Dictator before then !

      • fpo

        Ted Cruz is the right man for President, and I know there are a lot of good men running for President, but let’s all of us pray that he will win. If Obummer controls this next election the voters from East Coast to West Coast will rise up, believe me.

        • podunk1

          Agree fully! That doesn’t minimize Walker who is a close second. Both are 180 opposite the Obamanation of all abominations!

        • ann parker

          ted cruz doesn’t have a chance in the national election!

          • LCpl

            I not only think you are wrong I know it !

          • Mike O’Mara

            This is a real question not an argument. I am for Ben Carson but I’m still shopping. Why do you think Cruz doesn’t have a chance.

      • reagangs

        Cruz was elected with an overwhelming number over a socialist named Wendy Davis because he is a conservative, a Constitutionalist and a Tea Party favorite. The choice by Texans was a no brainer. He studied Constitutional law and government, so he knows the workings of the fed.

        • LCpl

          I would agree with you except I’m in favor of a Cruz/Walker ticket. If she had a chance I wouldn’t mind Michele Bachmann being in there also. She is very good until the ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICAN’S beat her down. There’s also Mike Lee he’s not bad either.

          • reagangs

            Good argument, Marine. Thank you for your service from a “Doc” Corpsman (1960s). Keep the Faith.

          • LCpl

            Semper Fi “Doc” ! If you were in the early to mid 60’s you could’ve been a Corpsman attached to one of my units.

          • reagangs

            I started out in the South China Sea TAD on the Big E and when the USS Repose arrived on station, I became a roving medic setting up Battalion Aid Stations in country and flying MedEvacs on UH1s and supporting Recon units and S&D missions. Yeah, we could have been serving together. I got sent home in July of ’68 with the million dollar wound and ended up at Pensacola NH, with several other wounded Marines I had patched up. I don’t remember too many details as for years I managed to forget. Just as the Mini Wall came to Fort Worth, my family and friends wanted to know more. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve managed. Special holidays have a much better meaning, since. The VA has taken care of me and now I have SS and Medicare.

          • LCpl

            Corpsmen don’t get enough credit you guys are great and I really am sorry for your wounds. I was at Pendleton when the Cuban Missile Crisis happened in 1962 but I was home on leave when my until pulled out on the blockade. Then I was stationed on Okinawa in the South China Sea for 13 months when Kennedy was assassinated. My ship returning to the U.S. from Okinawa was the last ship to make it back to the U.S. the next rotation one month later turned around and went to Vietnam. Once back here I had to have a year here before they could send me back to the Far East (Vietnam) and by the time I had that year I only had 5 months left in the Marine Corps. It ended up to be 9 months because I was extended C.O.G. (Convenience Of The Government) along with everyone in the Navy and Marine Corps. I was supposed to get my DD 214 in December of 1965 but had to stay in until April of 1966.

          • reagangs

            All we can do is “keep on truckin” and lean on each other. Just like the Corpsman and Leather Necks on the Iwo Jima flag.

          • LCpl

            Ha! Ha! that was my M.O.S. I was a truck driver me and my Duce and a half 🙂 So I’m used to keep on truckin’ 🙂

      • bamissfa

        i read recently that republicans received $19000 each for supporting obama trade authority…it had somethign to do with Ted Cruz voting YES to give obama trade authority and that ted cruz’s wife works at Goldman sachs, connection there that would favor G S….can anyone verify that because if true ,then it would make me not want to vote for Cruz. I really like HIM want him, Walker and Trump in the debates..they have to get in the top 10.

        I’d love for primary voters to show the GOP establishment that CONSERVATIVE BASE OF GOP should be listened to by the establishment. Tea Partiers dont’ want to split the party but at some point we will be saying a vote for GOP establishment is a vote for the likes of liberalism.

        I don’t want Bush he is already in favor of amnesty because he is married to a hispanic woman and his son looks full blooded hispanic. Jeb has forgotten that he IS a US citizen the crazy man has marked his race on forms as HISPANIC.

        That spells traitor. Not opposed to hispanics but i am AGAINST illegal aliens amnesty, and against too much legal immigration which we now have. That needs to be tied to employment % of ALL work age US citizens.

        • LCpl

          I don’t know about what you heard but if there’s anything against Ted Cruz I’d like to know about it because every single thing I’ve heard or seen for myself that Ted Cruz is the best thing we have going. If you or anyone has anything against Ted Cruz please let me know with proof of it….. “PROOF” not B.S.

        • Bob2002

          I also like Ted Cruz, but am curious about the real reason he voted “yes” on TPA. His vote disappointed me tremendously because Republicans should not give Obama any more power as he will use it against them. There are some bad things in TPA because they have kept the bill secret and thus, should raise questions about what is in it that they do not want the public to see. I read online that, the immigration feature of TPA will allow Obama to let more illegals into our country and you know what that means: more Democrat votes. Establishment Republicans are killing our country, and are doing exactly what the Democrats did before Republicans took control of the House and Senate earlier this year. Anyone who voted for TPA needs to be checked out. Republican donors are establishing policy and most are not good for the country. Something needs to be changed, but I am not for stopping the free access to our Representatives.

    • Upaces

      I LIKE that man!


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