White House balks at cost, mother’s agenda for Michelle’s Italy, London trip

June 12, 2015

ObamaGirlsThe White House Friday rebuffed questions about the cost of Michelle Obama’s trip with her mother and daughters to Italy and England next week and also wouldn’t provide the agenda for Sasha and Malia or Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson.

“I don’t have anything I can give you on that,” said the first lady’s chief of staff, Tina Tchen.

According to the White House, the four are taking their summer vacation to England and Italy to address issues including kid health and education.

  • Marlin208

    Congress has created a dictator so therefore he will act like one. No accountability , no transparency and no guilt for the bilking of Americans.
    Low class all the way.

  • ToniStimmel

    As I said in 2009, what go is it to be an N-word if you can’t act like one?-

  • John VanderKelen

    Michelle may feel America owes her several expensive trips before the move. It is that well known saying about power, only this group never had any resistance to it.

  • reagangs

    Spare no expense for the Queen Bee and her elite bees while “her kind of people, just like her” are struggling to make ends meet and going hungry. A real “piece of work”.

  • Webb

    THE FIRST FAMILY…Seeing the world on the Tax Payer’s Dime!
    PAST OR PRESENT…We as tax payers Should not be Financially Responsible
    for First Family Vacations…Never!!

  • bluefighter

    Sounds like Lady Tremaine and her two daughters (Anastasia and Drizella) are going to the Royal Ball. Hope they do not feel welcome as Mom Robinson was a burdensome to us taxpayers.

  • How about paying back all the millions in vacation money you leeches have taken from the Taxpayer, maybe put it back in Social Security, since the government wasted all the SS money on their failed idiocy! Screw the Obama’s, let them stay home and not embarrass our nation any longer by sending this Ghetto Trash Tranny, the rented kids, and just why the hell do we have to pay for the Tranny’s mother? She is a no one and nothing, only raised a pervert! Maybe we will be lucky and the plane will crash! No, don’t want that unless the pathetic Sodomy Queen, Barry, is on board!

  • Bruce Probert

    They still haven’t restarted the white house tours for the kids just saying

  • Chuck

    Reggie. No. There is not a set of big ones in the bunch. Why would these bums vote themselves out of the most lucrative job in the nation. They come in broke and go out millionaires. Although the women don’t have big ones, they too are wimpy. Our once great nation is on the decline to mediocrity. But don’t forget, we elected these crooks so it is our fault–especially in the case of Bathhouse Barry.

  • Ron Long

    OK, how do they justify this gallivant? WE should not pay one cent for Mrs Robinson to accompany them, she does not live in the White House, does she?? Bill her family for the added expense for her accompanying them.

    • reggie

      Yep, she lives there too. nasty as her s/him. Take a look at the pix. You’ll want to puke. dailymail (.)_co ( .) uk/news/article-2586367/Beijing-hotel-workers-fed-Obama-entourage-3400-square-foot-8-350-night-suite-inconveniencing-pretty-ladys-mother-barking-staff

  • Chuck

    Why doesn’t Congress cut off funding for such extravagant and wasteful trips. This will most likely cost a couple million, of which we don’t have. Pay back is getting out of hand. I cannot recall any other president’s wives doing such needless expensive trips at tax payer expense. This stinks.

    • reggie

      You don’t really expect those gutless wonders to do anything, do you?

      • don

        why would they want to—they want the same

  • Liberty

    Not to be outdone by SOS Clinton’s “world-wind” globe trotting spending spree, off goes the wife and kids on our credit cards. More embarrassing moments caught by the world’s press of our first lady in curlers and panty-line sweats and her spoiled rotten daughters smirking, pouting, and mugging. This is so painful as to be obscene. Why no finishing school for this first lady? “Yes, we know, World! We think it’s cringe-worthy, too!”

  • Jim

    Why is it that these criminals think that the American People should pay for their monthly multi-million dollar vacations? That is the “Tax Payer’s” money they are spending! You know, the money that they steal out of your pay every month. That is money that could be being spent on real public problems, not that the Obamas are not a public problem, which they are, it just seems to me to be just another way for them to show their contempt for the American People. They belong in prison.

    • reagangs

      Or they could return it to the Patriotic hard working American tax payers as a tax credit.

    • KentS

      It’s more like strong arm robbery.

  • Jim Lambert

    Give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile.

    • reggie

      They’ve taken more than a mile by far.


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