White House waves white flag on gun control, as AGs push to end ban on gun violence research

May 25, 2016

The White House waved the white flag Tuesday on federal gun control efforts for the remainder of Barack Obama’s presidency, even as 14 state attorneys general called on Congress to fund research on gun violence, despite opposition from gun rights advocates.

Speaking at a forum on preventing gun violence, Vice President Joseph R. Biden urged state and local officials to pursue gun regulations in their own jurisdictions because “we’re probably not going to get much more done in the next nine months” on gun control.

He blamed the inaction at the federal level on Congress, saying dysfunction on Capitol Hill has reached unprecedented levels “in modern history, short of the Civil War.”

Pursuing new gun regulations at the state and local level, Mr. Biden said, “has a cumulative impact.”


    Enforce the laws we already have…such as the “Mandatory” 5 year federal felony sentence for everyone that is in possession of a gun during the commission of a crime….that is NEVER enforced. Great idea back in the 80’s…but never used to reduce gun violence.

  • TeaPartyPatriot


    Vote in November..

    The TRUMP and NEWT vs The TRAMP and Pocahontas

    Use this, Pass it on and Pizz Off some D’genrates


  • Phil Esposito

    Obozo’s not giving up on gun control. He’s diverting our attention while he writes more E.O.’s.

  • notalib

    I don’t believe Biden or Jug Ears. Jug Ears especially always says one thing while doing the opposite. Yea, liar–big time. The Democrats / liberals take an oath based on the Constitution but they don’t believe in the Constitution. Only the parts they like, which isn’t much. Stay vigilent!

  • itsfun

    Look out for illegal executive orders now.

  • ADRoberts

    Don’t believe them. They are probably just about ready to do something really devastating and illegal. And they want to make us think they are not doing anything.

  • robert sanders

    If you believe this bull crap, you will believe anything

  • williweb

    300 million armed Americans, I think the 2nd amendment is holding up just fine against the gun grabbers. That is a formidable number.

    • PC Bob

      And MANY of them own more than one gun! It’s a veritable ARMY of patriots! Terrorist’s (AND gun-grabbers) beware!

  • jimahrens

    If you have ever been to a three ring circus. you can begin to understand the mindset of Obama and his Muslim minions

  • Athanasios1

    The reason why AGs cut the power on these research studies was because the research data analysis indicated that violent gun crimes were spiking due to minorities abusing firearms, illegal aliens and Islamic crimes committed against infidels (non-Muslims) in cities across America. This analysis would illustrate that in order to reduce gun violence in America, The government would have to build the wall to stop the flow of terrorists and illegal aliens with drug ties from entering our borders; Make it illegal for minorities living at Section 8 addresses or living on LINK cards to own, buy or carry firearms; And scrutinize Islamic people when entering the United States. Although these actions would reduce violent gun crime, it would appear to be racial profiling. So rather than addressing these issues, The politically correct Democratic Party AGs ended the study.

    • Rodney Steward

      I agree, this is the main reason for infesting this country with trash and thugs, and also the early release of thugs from prison, more gun violence = more push for his sick gun control, and Hellary will be worse!!

  • SDofAZ

    The only dysfunction in the government is the Chief Liar. He has split the nation with his racial prejudice and his lying sneaking NWO ways. He and the dem lemmings and the rinos have been the problem and continue to be. BO’s fundamental destruction of this country began and ended with the silent majority finally getting FED UP! We the people are definitely aware of his targets, lies and coverups of which the dem lemmings and rinos will pay dearly. Good luck to all in congress who supported this evil administration. We are targeting you as no votes for reelection. The voting done over the next few years should remove this trash from DC. We need to continue to cull the congress always. No more career politicians, dynasty children, or just self serving liars who got in and never should have like Flakey in AZ. McCain this year, vote Ward into his seat. Time for this old, really old six term dinosaur to go. And then one term for Flakey. He claimed to be a conservative then joined the rinos immediately. Vote all of em out. And let us give them a limit on their terms. Two only then vote em out. Turn em over. No more little power elite groups in Congress who do not listen to their constituents. Done with that, been there, time for change! Pelosi and Rat Ryan need to go as well. CA and WI need to step up and remove their trash as well. Sic em!

  • ADRoberts

    The primary ones who so desperately WANT gun control are the elite who are planning on making ONE WORLD ORDER. They do not want any opposition to their grab for our freedoms and rights. The rest of the rhetoric is just smoke and deception that covers what all patriotic Americans already know.

    The Second Amendment was NOT and never was about hunting. It is about being able to resist a violent dictatorial government, determined to enslave its citizens. And yes, we are seeing that right now. Every time you turn aroujnd, the liberals and radical perverts are trying to do something to us, like put men in women’s bathrooms. And what is their “reason”. The “feelings” of the perverts must be accommodated at the expense of women and children being raped. If they had a brain, they would KNOW what is more important. But they see civilized behavior to protect good people as being a “religious” idea, forced on them by Christians.
    Folks. If you follow these wicked people’s ideas, YOU WILL SUFFER. God knew what he was doing when He set out the RULES.

  • Mike

    Don’t believe this “White Flag” stuff for a minute folks. It’s just possible that Americans don’t want ANY gun control and THAT;s why congress is doing nothing. Let’s NOT relax though. That would give the feds the “in” they so desperately want! Not to mention the UN idiots! Molon Labe!

  • justinwachin

    Part of the dysfunction is due to the way Congress works. Whichever party is in power tends to rule as a dictator rather than as a leader.

    A large part of the reason President Obama’s efforts at gun control has gone nowhere is that many people don’t trust him. I fall into that group. Mr. Obama rode into office on hope and change, but he ruled as a tyrant. Whenever he couldn’t get his way with Congress he governed by executive order or ignored the rule of law completely. The Obama administration has continued to attack the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It’s hard to win people’s trust when you start out by taking their rights from them.

    • Discus

      justin – you should never ever trust any government, period!

  • Rodney Steward

    DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING coming from this White house, PERIOD! After 7 years of lies and bullsh$t, covering up his on gun running scams, and funding terrorism, and claiming to end the war with the addition of more troops, and basically setting up our bathrooms for child molesters, and destroying our healthcare system, and flooding this country with illegal trash from all over the world, and above all, it’s been proven that gun control DOES NOT WORD, look at Chiraq! And we are to believe this BS from Biden, with hands all over your wife and kids on TV JOE!!

    • robert sanders

      very true of all your statements

  • Ramon1710 .

    “APA supports increased federal funding for research on the causes and prevention of gun violence, including attention to violence in media, to jump start this field after so many years of neglect.”
    Aren’t the APA the leftist geniuses who recommended the medicines responsible for the psychotic states of most of the school shooters?

    • PC Bob

      Has anyone else noticed that almost EVERY TV show now has MAJOR gun violence? Even when it serves no purpose, there’s some idiot with a gun, waving it around like a laser pointer, shooting at random! NO WONDER kids think guns are cool! It’s a two-headed monster!

    • CDD

      What the psychological “industry ” won’t tell you is that most mass shooters were found to have been on SSRI type meds!

  • Ramon1710 .

    “It’s amazing how the NRA and some gun-owner organizations have gone ballistic, no pun intended, about the notion we should be looking at safe gun technology,” Mr. Biden said.
    Safe gun technology = Making guns inaccessible to the likes of Biden, Holder, Lynch, Soetoro, Jarrett, Pelousy, Reid, Cuomo, Malloy, Emanuel, Michael Moore, etc., without impeding the gun rights of normal Americans

  • Ramon1710 .

    “saying dysfunction on Capitol Hill has reached unprecedented levels ‘in modern history, short of the Civil War.’”
    Biden talking about others being dysfunctional????
    Talk about projecting!

    • The Redhawk


    • Retired

      Just another election play to get Clinton in office, the democrats are getting desperate.

    • CDD

      Can’t believe a damned thing any of them says!

  • American Me

    I find this very hard to believe.I don’t think we can afford to relax for a second.We can’t really believe anything Obama/Biden say.

    • The Redhawk



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