After CNN Rebuff, Trump Agrees to Appear in Next Debate

by Todd Beamon  |  published on December 4, 2015

Republican front-runner Donald Trump said Thursday that he would appear at the Dec. 15 debate in Las Vegas, hours after CNN spurned his demand to donate $5 million to charity to ensure his appearance at the Venetian Hotel.

“When you’re leading in the polls, I think it’s too big of a risk to not do the debate,” Trump told The Washington Post in an interview at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va. “I don’t think I have the kind of leverage I’d like to have in a deal and I don’t want to take the chance of hurting my campaign.

“So I’ll do the debate,” he said.

Trump’s comments came after CNN President Jeff Zucker said at a breakfast in New York that the cable network would not meet Trump’s demand.

  • tommie

    I never watch Liberal Stream Media channels. Their sponsors get none of my money or attention.

  • Red

    Maybe Trump should have a venue all of his own in another hotel with a live audience at the same time and respond to the dumb questions that surely will be asked by the libtards on CNN. It would probably split the viewers on CNN with Trumps broadcast! and with a few commercials airing on Trumps venue would make more money than CNN.


    • YoOleMe

      EXCELLENT IDEA!!! … It would probably be reminiscent of election night 1980, when there were only the three Kings of the Ashkenazi East (ABC, NBC, CBS) who had ALL set up their major equipment at Democrat sites, and with the Reagan landslide, ALL we got to watch was EMPTY — if not DEJECTED — celebration locations the rest of the evening, while the talkin’ heads fumbled for sufficient words to explain.

      • Red

        Thank you!

        • YoOleMe

          Carry-on, and Semper Fi!!!!

  • dmttbt

    They should do the donation because they are making money hand over fist by having the debates on their cable outlet. There is probably an amazing profit from telling half truths and misleading information about anyone who isn’t a democrat or socialist or Marxist or communist.

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