At Charleston memorial, Obama calls for gun control, condemns Confederate battle flag

June 27, 2015

7554793a8043831c7a0f6a706700932f_c0-227-2698-1799_s561x327A passionate President Obama on Friday again called for gun control and condemned the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of slavery, using the memorial service for a slain Charleston, S.C., pastor to push his agenda and call for a nationwide dialogue on poverty and race relations.

Delivering the eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, one of nine killed inside the Mother Emanuel church in Charleston last week, Mr. Obama praised South Carolina’s decision to remove the Confederate battle flag from the state capitol complex. He called on other states to follow suit.

The president also repeated calls for gun control, saying the memory of the late Rev. Pinckney would be dishonored if the nation allows this tragedy to pass without addressing gun violence.

  • I demand Obama Control and make him stop perverting our land with his Queer ideas and perverting our Laws! Obama is our greatest Enemy and needs to be brought down hard and soon!

  • ladyswiss

    It was not a eulogy; it was a pitch for his ideology as usual.
    And, notice the Ramadan dinner again?

  • gwedem5995

    Obama is a scumbag. A funeral service is a place to honor the deceased and politics have no place in it. He has a pulpit whenever he wants with all the puppets around the world at his beck and call. He could scold us there – not at the funeral.

  • Joan C Maxwell

    What a horrible joke has been brought down on us and has lasted far too long. He has no respect for any of us. He considers himself king/god and will do everything he can to destroy us. Our states are beginning to stand up to him and reject him. Too bad our US Congressmen are too weak to do the same. They don’t stand for us, they coddle him.

  • believe

    The only thing Obama is good for is watching his plane go down and him in it along with the Transvestite wife.Nice if he could take Boehner,Pelosi, Reid and his whole regime, 70% of the Senate and about 45% of the Congress but I digress.

  • monacall

    You wait the closer he gets to his final day in the white house the more crap he will do…. and watch also that none of our 535 legislators will do anything to stop him…. just like the last 6 years nothing has been done to stop them…. so anyone that is running for office that is a senator or congressman ask them “how come you let this guy do all of this?”. See what they say…. they are worse than he is…. because they are not stopping him….

    • believe

      What we have to watch for of his plans not to have am election in 2016.
      but what every body is reading that he won’t be alive much longer.

      • monacall

        That’s what he is working on! no election in 2016

  • TexRancher

    Like all good little dictators, Obama never misses a chance to demand gun control. Gun control for them means disarm honest AMERICANS so that they have no means to defend themselves from an ABUSIVE GOVERNMENT!

  • jdbixii

    Just remember, without an armed Secret Service, like everyone else in society, he’d have a 50/50 chance of survival. The rest of us are not complaining.

  • jerry young

    the race baiting pos obama will never let a tragedy go to waste! the confederate flag is nothing more than part of American history that obama wants to do away with, good or bad it’s part of what shaped America and should not be done away with, the next thing he’ll call for is banning all books with reference to it! obama will continue to try to disarm law abiding Americans but will leave the criminals alone, never has he come up with a plan to keep criminals from having guns on the other side his administration helped put guns in the hands of criminals, does fast and furious ring a bell? as long as we have his party and the turncoat republican rino’s in power Americans will never have a government that we were meant to have, a government of the people , for the people , by the people! that doe’s not try to over reach and control everything!

  • Dudley DoRight

    The Confederate flag is the flag of the Democrat party.
    Every state that fought for slavery was Democrat.

    • Smitch

      Thats a FACT!

  • Rhonda Hunt

    Obama needs Americans disarmed so his Muslim friends can come in and take the place over,this was the act of one person.not actions of the whole white race for petesakes, why else does he try and make such a big deal out of everything that takes place.—–Jim Hunt

    • Dudley DoRight

      Did you notice that Brokeback 0bama never said a word about the Colorado theater shooting. I guess the victims must have been the wrong color.

    • Smitch

      The only thing OBAMIE needs to do Is pull his head out of his colin! And then just go away!

      • TexRancher

        When Obama is out of office, he should not be allowed to live in this country in wealth and security that he’s used his time in OUR White House is take from AMERICANS! (Which he is not)

        • zulu

          Just think what a pain in the ass he’ll be once he isn’t President. Maybe we could send him and Michele on an all expense paid trip to one of the Carolina beaches.


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