Biden Would Enter 2016 Race As Most Popular Candidate: Poll

by CARRIE DANN |  |  published on September 29, 2015

Joe Biden hasn’t yet announced his plans for a 2016 White House bid, but a new poll shows that he would enter the race as the most popular presidential candidate if he chose to toss his hat into the ring.

According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 40 percent of Americans have a positive impression of Biden, while 28 percent have a negative impression (+12).

That’s compared to fellow Democrats Bernie Sanders (+10) and Hillary Clinton (-8), and to top-tier GOP candidates Ben Carson (+8), Carly Fiorina (+7) and Donald Trump (-33).

  • Popular with whom? The Loons of the Democratic Party? Let him run, he is always good for a laugh from making ignorant remarks, but it will be a waste of money. People are tired of the Democrats and RINOs who toss Americans under the bus and take the side of Illegal Criminals and Islam! TRUMP 2016!

  • john

    Obama wants to be Joe’s VP

    • donemyhomework

      Now that is a scary thought.

  • Pam

    Poor old uncle Joe knows (knew?) foreign policy and world affairs inside and out. UNFORTUNATELY, he chose the wrong path EVERY time. I guess he could just tell the DOD, “let me think about it and analyze it, once I’ve reached my conclusion, do the exact opposite”.

  • jerry young

    yea go ahead and enter the race, we all enjoy laughing at biden so much, he’s a very popular well let me know what he’s popular for if you can think of anything else

    • reggie

      He’s popular for not being killery.

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