Bloomberg decides against third-party bid for White House

March 8, 2016

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday that he will not run for president, citing a concern that his independent bid would hand the White House to Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

The billionaire, who has spent months mulling a third-party run that would have roiled this year’s already extraordinarily unpredictable presidential campaign, made his decision official through an editorial posted on the Bloomberg View website.

Bloomberg, in ending his third and likely final flirtation with a White House run, wrote that a three-way race could lead to no one winning a majority of electoral votes, which would send the race to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives — and, therefore, to one of the GOP front-runners.

  • metheoldsarge

    This may sound strange coming from a person who considers himself to be a conservative. During the campaigns this year, just like 2008 and 2012, I see very little in the Republican candidates to impress me and a lot that worries me. The Republican Establishment, as we should all know by now, is really not a bastion of conservatism, pro-life and lower taxes. They’re as much for big government than the Democrats ever thought of being as long as they are the ones in power. I’m just a simple old retired grunt with an opinion who may be all wet anyway. After doing some simple research I came up with my opinion.

    The idea of Bloomberg jumping in sort of reminds me a little of the 1992 and 1996 elections when Ross Perot jumped in. In 92 Clinton got less than 50% of the votes. The general consensus was that Perot took enough votes from Bush to secure the win for Clinton. I believe the possibility that Bloomberg may join the race to help secure a Democrat victory.

    I also think that if it looks like he may stand to take more votes from a Democrat instead of the Republican, he may just drop out of the race. The last thing he would want to do is be the one who helps a pro Second Amendment Republican win the White house.

    There are only two times I know of when a third party candidate may have helped a Republican Win the White House. One was in 1968 when Wallace ran against Nixon and Humphrey. The other was in 1980, when Anderson ran against Reagan and Carter. In 1992 I believe that Perot took enough votes from Bush to help Clinton into the White House. I think Bloomberg as a third party may help the Republican.

  • John Wedow

    The last thing the US needs is another arrogant superior Chosen guy . 1.
    7% of population holds the majority of top government posts . Say something and they scream nazi . I wish it was Mormons so people could talk of the predominantly Jewish held top government posts . Perhaps what s good for Israel is not good for the US . But what do I know as a lowly Goyim , I should be grateful to be led by the superior Chosen , ask any Jew . Ok the implant is on now , so lets have all of the government , banking,media,Federal Reserve,wall st, dominated by a tiny group . Yikes

  • Mary Eleanor Urso

    He was a hell of a Republican Mayor, wasn’t he? NOT!

  • JoeGway

    At least someone out there is willing to do what it takes to keep Hillary out of the White House. Apparently the establishment GOP folks would rather have her than the overwhelming people’s choice. If they dump Trump you may as well roll out the red carpet for her.

  • Pat Enery

    The only reason this scumbag would enter the race is to assure a Hillary win. She is the consensus pro war for Israel’s interests choice. Do you want your children to die for this illegal apartheid criminal nation & race?

  • reggie

    Good, who needs another dictator, one is enough. Can’t buy a 32 oz soda in NYC? Who the hell does he think he is? Pathetic.


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