Chris Collins, first congressman to endorse Donald Trump: ‘Mr. Trump is our presumptive nominee’

March 3, 2016

GOP Rep. Chris Collins of New York, the first sitting congressman to endorse Donald Trump for president in 2016, said Wednesday that Mr. Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee.

“Mr. Trump is our presumptive nominee,” Mr. Collins said on CNN’s “New Day.” “Certainly, he’s got some more work to do, and I think Ohio and Florida will be very big states for him. At some point, you’re going to see him pivot to a general election like you’re seeing Hillary Clinton.”

Mr. Trump picked up wins in seven states on Tuesday, compared to three for Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and one for Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.

“You can’t be the president without being the nominee; you can’t be the nominee without winning the primary,” Mr. Collins said. “What Donald Trump has accomplished in this primary is unprecedented. He has spent very little money; he has rounded up the delegates that no one thought any of the original 17 would have by this point.”

Mr. Collins hinted that some of his colleagues can also see the writing on the wall but are holding back publicly for now.

  • Nancy Page

    We’re all on the Trump train! No stopping it now!

  • Richard Hennessy

    Notice that the Congressman represents liberal New York.

  • louann

    Trump when you win clean up white house. 2016 TRUMP.2016TRUMP. I’m happy !

  • PissedOffRepublican

    Don’t count your chickens yet. There are bigger things a brewin’. We have to get the word out as much as possible. The vile GOP and Dem crooks as you know are out to get Trump and I doubt they will stop at nothing.

    The video is very detailed and talks about plans against Trump. Guess the GOP are not taking the American People seriously. I like what Huckabee said: “ballets are better than bullets”. I rather use the ballets too, but I don’t think the crooks care what we want.

    See linked video:

    • Pam

      I hope you meant “ballots (with an O) are better than bullets”; I never learned to “toe-dance”.LOL

      • PissedOffRepublican

        LOL…thanks, I corrected it.

  • irene

    God Bless America if we can get some more senators , to have the guts to stand up for their country and get rid of the communists there we can sort the traitors out and throw them out God Bless America,

  • Wes

    Make no mistake about it, a vote for anyone else but Donald Trump, is a vote for the status qou. As the Gop and Dfl Washington insider elites rally the wolves together to bite at the heels of Mr. Trump, we the people must rise up together to vote him in as President and make America great again.

  • TeaTephi

    Our founding fathers argued and made fun of each other with mocking vitriol…..just like now……we repeat history here. So if Trump is the presumptive nominee then everybody needs to stop whining about it. The people have spoken.

  • Diane Phillips

    03/03/16 = Good morning, “We The People” have chosen the man that we want to lead our America. Mr. Trump has all of the qualifications and the will to take us back to the respected Country that we once were. With Mr. Trump we will have a border ( which makes us a Country ), we no longer be a laughing stock to the world, we will not be afraid to pray to our Christian GOD, that gave us America, the education of our people will finally be of significance, we will be rid of all illegal aliens, companies in America will again be able to survive ( Jobs will be created ). = If the remaining people in our land can not or do not want to accept that, it is their choice, But…. The True Americans finally have a True Leader that we will vote into the office of the President of America and The Truth Will Set Us Free! = It looks like Senator Chris Collins can see those Facts!

    • Linda Pfister


  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I think its time these Republicans back TRUMP and get a back bone and turn our country back around or hit the road cause you’er stalling our future.

    • Rich Shack

      I am not a Trump fan but he is the likely nominee. If the Repuppydogs do not accept that and start to show support and work with him, Shrillary will soon be squatting in the Oval Office and Evening in America will continue.

      • Phyllis

        Wonder where she will place her sleeping coffin?

  • Cookie Vranish

    Mr. Collins is very perceptive! Barring dirty tricks by the RNC, Trump is in.


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