Christian saint’s bones unearthed in monastery destroyed by ISIS

by James Rogers  |  published on April 6, 2016

A Christian saint’s bones have reportedly been unearthed amid the rubble of an ancient Syrian monastery destroyed by Islamic State.

Much of the fifth-century St. Elian, or Mar Elian, monastery in the town of Qaryatain has been reduced to stones by ISIS. Qaryatain was recaptured by Syrian government forces Sunday.

Channel Four News journalist Lindsey Hilsum reports that the bones of saints were clearly visible among the wreckage of the monastery, a once-cherished pilgrimage site.

The bones are thought to be those of St. Elian, also known as St. Julian of Emesa, which is the ancient name for the Syrian city of Homs. St. Elian was martyred in 284 A.D. after his refusal to renounce Christianity.

  • carpkiller

    This is one of the reasons that obama has backed isis. To be rid of christianity.

  • Jon Ockunzzi

    All the more reason we have to root out the ISLAMIC TERRORISTS and destroy them before they destroy us.

  • Jeanette Eaton

    I totally agree!

  • cutterguy

    to change a civilization you must first change or destroy its history. that is what obastard and his ilk are doing in the USA. once that history is gone the new manufactured history can make that civilization as unsavory as possible. that is also happening here.

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