Christie pardons NJ man whose legally owned gun made him convicted felon

by Cristina Corbin |  |  published on June 9, 2015

gunNJ1New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced Monday he pardoned a 24-year-old security guard of all criminal charges, after the man’s arrest two years ago for carrying a legally-owned firearm made him a convicted felon.

“I feel so blessed,” Steffon Josey-Davis told Monday. “Gov. Christie knew in his heart this was the right thing to do.”

When Josey-Davis was pulled over by police along a New Jersey road, the young security guard never imagined his legally owned gun would be confiscated.

  • Valor

    One of several reasons I will never set foot in NJ. The law he was convicted of is obviously unconstitutional, and as a former LEO who took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution I say shame on any cop that will violate that oath to enforce obviously unconstitutional laws. I would resign first!!

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