Clinton, allies set sights on Rubio

by Amie Parnes and Jonathan Swan  |  published on November 11, 2015

Clinton World is stepping up its attacks on Sen. Marco Rubio, signaling the Democratic presidential front-runner sees the rising Florida Republican as a significant threat.

Priorities USA, a super-PAC aligned with Hillary Clinton, has issued a dozen separate email blasts or advertisements attacking Rubio by name in the last two weeks. No other GOP presidential candidate is receiving that kind of scrutiny.

The group has taken swipes at Rubio’s use of a Republican Party credit card and his record in the Florida Legislature. Headlines have included “What Is Marco Rubio Hiding?”, “Rubio Tax Plan Debate Claims ‘Nonsense’ ” and “Rubio’s evasiveness and apparent misstatements.”

  • The Redhawk

    So the Incompetent HAS BEEN SKANK is really having WADDED PANTIES over the Fact that RUBIO just might LOad up and Destroy her….ON FACTS , her Miserable Record, and all of her LIES!…..Is joe BITEME rethinking his “chances”????

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