Congress votes to ban Confederate flags from VA cemeteries

May 23, 2016

Congress passed a proposal on Thursday that essentially bans Confederate flags from national cemeteries. With a 265-159 vote, the proposal makes it illegal to display the Confederate flag in Department of Veteran Affairs cemeteries – even on individual grave sites that honor soldiers who fought for the Confederacy, except on Memorial Day and Confederate Memorial Day.

Introduced by Rep. Jared Huffman (D) of California, the proposal received support from 84 Republicans and all but two Democrats. Rep. Sanford Bishop (D) of Georgia, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, voted against the amendment, while Representative Betty McCollum (D) of Minnesota voted “present.”

Huffman’s proposal was added as an amendment to the Veteran Affairs spending bill, and it remains uncertain whether it will become law.

“Over 150 years ago, slavery was abolished. Why in the year 2016 are we still condoning displays of this hateful symbol on our sacred national cemeteries?” asked Huffman. Few opposed the proposal during its floor debate, but Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R) of Georgia compared banning the Confederate flag to ISIS cultural cleansing.

  • Cleverfun


  • SDofAZ

    Our congress should have much more important things to do than this. How about stopping BO’s boys can potty in the girls bathroom agenda? What a bunch of losers in congress. Vote em out! All of em!

  • Rodney Steward

    And this PU bunch continues to kiss the black a$$, but lets put men in womens bathrooms and vice-versa that’s gonna get somebody killed, and that flag hasn’t hurt anyone!

  • AmericanBelle

    “ISIS cultural cleansing?” The confederate flag has absolutely NOTHING to do with ISIS cultural cleansing. Pray tell, where and when has ISIS cultural cleansing taken place? It hasn’t…so the media and idiots proclaiming such nonsense are as racists as anyone on this planet. This is political correctness BS and the sooner we ban PC, the sooner our country can heal and get back on track, because as long as we’re “PC”, we’re racist bigots…against our own actual history, our own culture, our own heritage, our nation as a whole! You simply don’t pluck something out of the books because liberals asswipes don’t like it! Getting rid of the confederate flag is NOT going to eliminate racism. Changing names on buildings to eliminate slave owners isn’t going to eliminate racism. And the more this country’s idiot demand this nonsense, the more racist we become.

    This new cultural cleansing by liberals is a knee-jerk reaction to the demands of true racists, bigots, misogynists and misandrists. All of them are anti-American, and all of them hate someone for something for which no one currently has any involvement!!! How many slave owners still live? How many slaves still live?

    We need to get through this election cycle to start our euthanizing of this liberal culture. Once we get liberals out of the picture, out of the White House, out of Congress…we can begin enforcing our laws…all of them…from free speech (thus banning political correctness) to immigration laws to the law on the books banning Islam from these United States. Then we can begin profiling, and putting these ignorant bastards to rest.

    This country has gone to hell in a handbasket…thrust there by these ignorant, hating liberals who started by yanking God out of the public arena (with false allegations of separation of church and state) giving them the justification for eliminating all forms of morality in our society and rights only they know about in rewriting our history and destroyig our culture!

  • grandmary42

    Oh for God’s sake, don’t we have more pressing problems?

    • AmericanBelle

      We do, but liberals don’t want them discussed because it puts them in a hateful light and shows just how much they’ve destroyed not only our nation, but our culture. And so they flood minds with idiocy like sending perverts into ladies’ rooms and destroying all historical relevancy so they don’t have to admit to their destruction of our economy, our joblessness, our sovereignty disintegration, and our highest ever subjugation to diseases we once had had eliminated but brought back by liberals’ demand to destroy our sovereignty…not to mention the fact that liberals have stripped us of all our constitutional rights, giving them instead to everyone and anyone who isn’t an American citizen.

      • grandmary42

        You’ve got that right. Obama can’t leave soon enough! What a destructive man! Thanks to all those jerks who voted him in, twice!!!

        • danstewart

          Half those who voted for him were dead people & the other half voted multiple times each.

          • Cleverfun

            …and most if not ALL of the people who voted for him have no idea that Obama laughs and views them as, “useful idiots” as he will eventually condemn them to the very same fate as those who abhor him.

  • onefour

    Right on Reggie

  • reggie

    Good idea. Let’s ban the Confederate Flag, we’ve already banned the US Flag. While we’re at it ban all churches, ban all private schools, except Sidwell Friends School of course. Ban all natural born children. After all, not everyone can be 100% equal and have children. Basically ban everything for the peons and give itl to the elite. OH wait, that’s what they want, welcome to the NWO. By the way, does anyone else see the parallel between this and ‘is’ ‘is’ destroying the history and antiquities of other cultures? We don’t need to be invaded, our government has already don’t their job.

    • AmericanBelle

      It’s already been done.

  • onefour

    The more the Republican side of Congress agree to something like this the more disgusted I become of them. History is history and removing the Confederate flag from cemeteries will not change it. As Americans they fought for what they felt was right and Congress has no right to denigrate them and the flag they fought under.

    • reggie

      Destroy the history, destroy the country. Look to the middle east and you’ll see the same thing.

  • Joann Holmes

    Why don’t these idiots leave our history alone instead of trying to change it ,its a part of our life and they can not change anything that has happened.Confederate flag is a part of our history.

  • Luke

    Where does a racist dimwit get off saying the Flag is a hateful symbol? Why don’t the racist hateful dimwit just abandon the cemeteries of the Confederate soldiers? They were the ones fighting for the Flag and states rights against an intrusive union gov’t? When I see a liberal dimwit I see a hypocrite who only has hate inside..

  • joe

    Such a rule is as un-American as anything that can be considered. While it is true that the Confederacy lost the battle, Confederate soldiers were American citizens and Confederate soldiers whose interment sites are known, such as those in the national cemeteries, jolly well should have the flag of their own allegiance flown for them.
    THAT is the American way, not the race-bating, divisive dialog that the current crop of politicians seem to hold so dear.

  • chris berrian

    All congress is, and mr obama, are complete race baiters.


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