Congressional Dems Seek to Protect Hillary’s WH Campaign

May 16, 2016

Democrats launched a full assault Monday on the congressional probe into the Benghazi terrorist attack, saying it’s strayed into dangerous political territory as it searches for a reason to exist some two years after it started.

Select Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy ignited the new round of fire after he seemed to reopen questions about the Pentagon’s decision-making in the aftermath of the 2012 assault, based on an anonymous Air Force whistleblower who told talk show host Sen Hannity his team could have responded in time to have saved some of the four Americans who lost their lives.

Mr. Gowdy said last week it was his duty as an investigator to hear any evidence — sparking a feverish pushback from Democrats who said the military’s response has been thoroughly investigated, and the Pentagon has been cleared of wrongdoing by several other panels already.

“Republicans are chasing anonymous callers to radio shows in the hopes of finding something, anything, to justify the tremendous time and cost associated with this fruitless effort,” said Rep. Adam Schiff, ranking Democrat on the House intelligence committee.

Democrats on the committee say Mr. Gowdy has stepped up his requests for information from the Pentagon based on thin evidence.

  • Robert Early

    So, let me hear again. How are they going to protect Hillary, when they can’t even protect themselves. The hangman is coming sooner than they think. They are simply not listening, when we tell them that we will tolerate no more of their BS. Those days are over.

  • Jerry

    Obama and Hillary left those men to be raped and murdered, because It did not fit the current lie he was using running for a second term. Al Qaeda’s on the run. These people should be tried for treason, and get the death penalty

  • Dave

    Hillary belongs in JAIL…It is time AMERICA WAKES UP. We do not need another Clinton in the White House. We need someone that loves this Country and will restore it back to it’s greatness.

  • Bill Cash

    Have the democrats forgotten or just don’t care as long as they can protect their positions???Subject: In Case Y’all Forgot!!!!


    For the most part people do not change. In case you did not know or remember here is a character insight from history:

    In Case Y’all Forgot!!!!

  • Marva Johnson

    ETC.. DON’T YOU GET ???

    • Limbaugh_The_Hutt

      You’re a psychopath.

  • original ancestry

    There is no statue of limitations on murder you democratic socialisat pigs in the senate…

  • Francisco Machado

    If Hillary had used a State Department server, if subpoenaed documents had been completely and promptly delivered, if questions had been answered, witnesses made promptly available, if inspection of the sight had been promptly undertaken and if Democrat members of the committee didn’t spend their whole time trying to derail the investigation perhaps, just perhaps, it wouldn’t have taken this long. As to Hillary’s plaint that this is timed to affect her Presidential chances, if the State Department and Hillary had been fully and promptly coöperative, all this would have happened years ago – not when we’re approaching an election. The timing about which she is complaining is her own responsibility.

    • PC Bob

      They thought they had it all properly swept under the rug, and well hidden from view! It turns out that MANY PEOPLE were not forgetting so easily! I will never rest until THAT WOMAN is in prison!

  • SDofAZ

    Dem wit dem lemmings. I am truly surprised that over the last few years these liberal fools have anyone who will vote for them at all except for the freeloaders and real liberals who live in never ever land. That covers the hollywood crowd. The freeloaders with the illegal aliens and nonvetted refugee beheaders have increased those on the dole of public welfare from around 20% in 2008, that would be the normal legal citizens sucking on welfare like the queens of BLM , to a grand total of around 47% of the population but notice I did not say legal population. That is just the population including the illegal aliens now on our welfare that we pay for. Anyone working is footing the bill for BO’s evil agenda. And right now anyone working that is a legal citizen is apparently LUCKY cause BO is busy trying to figure out who he can import into this country to take your job too. Or just ship it off to them via his new trade deals.

  • robert

    just goggle hillarys scandals and bill clintons criminal background.and see for yourselfs,the criminal history of the clintons

    • PC Bob

      There is just TOO MUCH smoke for their NOT to be a fire in there somewhere! It’s AMAZING how much dirt clings to the Clintons!

      • reggie

        Google Ron Brown and Vince Foster. Those fires were put out.

  • Luke

    I hope the dimtards covering for her get bit by the snake they protect…dems, what a pack of liars

    • ABO

      Keep in mind, Luke, liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • I’m truly worried for those that don’t seem to care when things are not right and they defend it. They are treading on such dangerous ground with God. I feel very strongly that all of us [ good and bad ] are being watched very closely. What God is watching is our attitude and our hearts. Our actions are going to determine Gods decision on which way He’s going to go with us and our Country. To me, its a miracle He’s even giving us time in order to give us a chance to change. These truly are times that search men’s souls. In order to stand up against evil, we have to stand up for good. And we cannot do it alone, we need Gods strength and wisdom to help us.

  • gf

    The question is: “Who gave the order to Stand Down”? Special Forces, were ready to roll. The attempt to help, should have been made. What mother fucker, said NO?

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      two for sure said no, who were the others who bow to that P O S in the rainbow house.

      • gf

        Donald J. Trump, will burn HRC down, with this shit!

        • used_to_be_a_liberal

          yup, with that and a lot more.

  • Miguel Angelo Flores


  • JJ

    The proper course of justice would be to give the email information to a Grand Jury and let it decide if she broke the law. Why are the Dems afraid to allow a Grsnd Jury hear the evidence?

    Answer is simple…. They are afraid the Grand Jury will indict her.

  • JJ

    Hillary is a snake snd should be blamed for many failures. Her emails, Bengazi, Whitewater, the handling of Bills affairs and her treatment of these women. Her failure as a First Lady to get a National Health Program as well as her flopping on issues to get votes. As far as her emails and Bengazi; she is being protected by Obama. He appointed the head of the FBI and DOJ and I am sure he is calling the shots. If a Repub did this; they would have been indicted, tried and convicted for far less as in Gen Petreus. The General was wrong and deserved what he got; but what he did was far less that Hillary.

  • Phil Esposito

    I don’t understand why the dems don’t want to get to the bottom of this investigation. You can bet if Hildebeast was a republican, they’d want an answer.

  • Curtis Jones Jr

    Hitler Rotten Clinton is a murderer.

  • eddie

    here we go,, we knew it was coming that she would have her crooked supporters block the way to justice…So SAD this WAS Once a great nation,,not no more ,,just a matter of time that the Christians of this nation will be hunted down in our public streets by the Muslims ( once a muslim always a muslim ) thanks to the king muslim O evil………. ; (

  • Bishop351

    The rub is everyone knows she lied. Her history is opportunistic lies where the end justifies any means with the Clintons. They are the worst of the worst.

    • PC Bob

      Reading what Bill said about their early years is eye-opening! You have NO IDEA how evil and nasty she is!

  • Wildeagleone

    The bitche is and has been from birth, a waste of sperm.

  • Webb

    # NeverEverHillary…Again in the Whitehouse!!

  • Hey all you Select Congressional Democratic men if you get bored, Have I got a place for you to go and do some research and some reading: You only need to look up one word….clinton, then hold on to your Azz fred!
    Check it out

  • Brenda

    Women, if you vote for Hillary, you should write your children and grandchildren an apology letter! They will suffer greatly if she becomes Obama #2.

    • Webb

      A great statement and 100% True…

  • game50

    Birds of a feather stick together …. if it not the DemocRATS its the RINO…ANYTHING FOR A DOLLAR…AND TO SCREW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon

    Who say the Pentagon is not hiding anything after so many lies? Remember Havana Bay and Gulf of Tonkin? It is needed to investigate Hilary and the Pentagon, too.

  • joe 35

    Hillary is guilty by the way Bengazi was handled. The dems just want to squash it before the election in November



    • reggie

      Depends on who counts the vote. soros Scytl? romney Hart Intercivic?

  • Marie Andrews

    It would have never gone on this long if she would have obeyed court orders to surrender her emails and other info instead of perjuring herself. All she had to do is just obey the orders. She has stonewalled and lied over and over again. Why don’t they go and ask Putin for the info they received from the man they arrested on a different charge and thru the investigation found he hacked her emails about Libya
    at the time of the attacks. He has over 20,000 of her emails from that time frame. The administration is covering up, because they are all involved. If anyone else would do one quarter of what her and her staff has done they would have been in jail long ago. And she has the nerve to call out Trump about his dealings with woman when she is married to one of the worst degrader of woman on earth. And to think of the money she spent for investigators to find these woman and pay them off to keep their mouths shut, She is a piece of cr**

    • Jon Ockunzzi

      You are absolutely correct Marie, and you can say crap if you want. Hillary is a piece of crap. See? Nobody cares.

      • Marie Andrews

        Thanks for the support. I am a senior on a fixed income. The elite have no clue what we do to make both ends meet. I have never been more passionate about an election as I have been about this one. America is the biggest Corporation in the world and who better to run it but a good CEO with a proven tract record. We need to clean house from the top on down and start new. My God, he couldn’t do any worst than the A** we have in there now.

        • Jon Ockunzzi

          Again, I agree with you 100%. I am also retired on a fixed income so I know exactly what you are talking about. I’ve had enough “change” and I’m ready for some “change back”.

          • Marie Andrews

            Right on

      • PC Bob

        EVERYBODY knows it!

        • Jon Ockunzzi

          OK. Marie must be Captain Obvious.

  • James Maxwell

    Democrat Socialist are having a heart attack, they know that if the Hildabeast is put down their muzzie in the oval office and the rest of them will also be up on
    charges of Treason and other crimes against the United States and its
    Citizens. Especially when she cuts a deal to reduce or get our of her jail
    time and puts them on the chopping block also. The fear factor of going to jail for the Rich and Corrupt scares the hell out of them specially if they wind up
    in the general population of a real prison and some Ivy league resort camp
    for the ultra rich criminals.

    • reggie

      She’ll never go to jail. 0b0 will pardon her before the last word is even out of a prosecutor’s mouth.
      Sharpton’s piddly $4+million in back taxes has ‘disappeared, and 0b0 would not be even implicated in that…

      • James Maxwell

        Your right, the only chance we have of her going to jail, and
        that is slim as hell, is if Donald Trump gets in and installs
        a real law and order attorney in the DOJ who is willing
        to take on the Hildabeast and her battalion of Lawyers.
        But I, like you think Mau Mau will grant her full immunity
        for all crime past and present to insure that she does
        not throw him and the rest of the Democrat Socialist
        and RINO’s under the bus as well if she goes down.
        She will sing like a buzzare on a happy meal before
        that happens.

        • reggie

          Wow, can you think of all the Vince Fosters and Ron Browns….

  • Deb

    If this administration weren’t such liars, spinners, and arrogant elitists thinking everybody is dumb and they are the smart kids, obama is the worse, can’t wait until he is gone and our Country can heal after this rastist, divider is OUT!

    • scottie526

      Don’t kid yourself Deb for if Hillibeast becomes President, she will not only continue in Obozo’s footsteps, but will even go further to the left and we shall never recognize this country ever again. It will certainly be the end of this country. HRC only knows how to lie, steal and rob from others to make herself more powerful. That is her end game. PERIOD!

      • Deb

        We have to make sure to get people to vote for Trump, I have all my family on board, they believe me since I went on and on that if Obama won (the 1st time) he would be a Dictator waiting to happen!

  • democrat CockRoach

    I can’t stand listening to her or watching her and it puts me in fear thinking what she will do with our foreign policy that she, barry and Kerry shredded. Do we have any allies left? Plus the fact she’s already promising to raise already obscene taxes even higher and she loves OPEN borders.

    • reggie

      She will let soros run the show, just like 0b0 does. Crushing coal with regulations then soros bought $millions of stock for pennies. Now saying she will completely destroy the industry, so soros can take over the rest of it. Google U.of Ohio coal research. They’ve found a way to extract very clean energy from coal. No timeline to my knowledge that would make it main-stream. Keystone got bogged down, but not before Buffett bought $millions in train stock for pennies. Hitlery facilitated the sale of 20% of our uranium mine stock to Russia. I don’t like this pattern at all.

  • dick martinsen

    I’m beginning to think that the Democratic party is the new nazi party of America

    • Jon Ockunzzi

      Germany was a democratic socialist country when Hitler rose to power. Hitler’s party, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP or Nazi Party) even contains the word “Socialist” (even though it wasn’t really socialism), so … yeah.

      • used_to_be_a_liberal

        It was socialism, in it’s purest form, it was about the collective in a very real sense. It could be said that Hitler was the father of modern day socialism. Everything that is on the “progressive agenda” comes right out of Nazi Germany, and I do mean everything, including all this lgbt garbage, but more to how it and they were used, and then there were the unions, used abused then disbanded, and of course the industrialists, who were coddled, and prospered, as long as they supported the party.

        • Jon Ockunzzi

          Was Adolf Hitler the father of the Social Democrats? The debate will no doubt go on forever. The Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Workers Party, so Socialist is in the name. Hitler had socialist programs like income tax and his welfare and social security was paid for with wealth stolen from the Jews in the Holocaust. On the other hand he was a totalitarian dictatorial tyrant funded by industrialists looking to turn a profit on his rearmament programs. Capitalism. So Nazism was both Socialistic and Capitalistic and there was absolutely nothing democratic about it at all.

          • reggie

            Soros helped Hitler as a 14 year old, he is now helping Hitlery. He helped 0b0 and his group donated $700,000 to Kasich. Quote: The truth is that George Soros was a Jewish Nazi sympathizer and even said so in a 1998 60 Minutes interview.” Unquote.

          • Jon Ockunzzi

            Thanks. I read the link you sent. Good to know.

          • reggie

            You’re welcome. Amazing what goes on ‘behind the curtain’.

      • Michel

        Hitler & Hillary …same agenda. Disarm the citizens so you can control, dictate, and eliminate those who disagree with your agenda

        • Jesse

          you mean Hitllery.

        • ABO

          Cute couple.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      Beginning?? It is, and has been for a long time.

    • SDofAZ

      Now you have just introduced the elephant in the room dick. That is exactly what BO and his old nazi donor Soros have been constructing. The New World Order is an old nazi idea. Didn’t you know? And BO, Soros and the elite will be the leaders. That is what all the educational brainwashing has been about for years. They have EU, now it is the US. Maybe? Go Trump. Let their applecart be destroyed. And fire the dem lemmings and rinos who have enabled this.

      • reggie

        Yup, the US is his crown jewel. He’s not allowed into the UK, because he crashed the Pound Sterling. Russia has an international arrest warrant for him because of what he did to their economy.

    • Michel

      Weren’t they always??? Here’s a brief history, and why I left the Democratic party decades ago:

      It was the DEMOCRAT party that supported slavery and the Confederacy.
      Lincoln was a Republican, and it was Lincoln who freed the slaves. During the Lincoln-Douglas debates it was Lincoln who called for the end of slavery and it was Douglas, a DEMOCRAT, who wanted SLAVERY to continue.

      The KKK was founded as a militant arm of the DEMOCRAT party.

      The 14th Amendment was pushed through July 9, 1868 over the objections of the DEMOCRAT party. The amendment addressed citizenship rights and equal protection of the law and was proposed in response to issues related to former slaves following the Civil War.

      The Civil Rights Act was pushed through Congress by the Republican party. The DEMOCRATS tried to filibuster it. The filibuster was lead by Robert Byrd and Al Gore, Sr.

      The DEMOCRATIC party has elected members of the KKK to Congress. The aforementioned Robert Byrd was not only a recruiter for the KKK, he also rose to the position of Exalted Cyclops in his local chapter.

      It was a DEMOCRAT President named Bill Clinton that made light of the KKK involvement in Democratic politics.

      It was a DEMOCRAT Governor named George Wallace that said: “In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

      Martin Luther King was a registered Republican.

      DEMOCRATIC controlled cities across the country are in financial ruin.

      DEMOCRATS passed those discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws and fought every piece of civil rights legislation from the 1860’s to the 1960’s. Shamefully, DEMOCRATS fought against anti-lynching laws, and when the…

      DEMOCRATS regained control of Congress in 1892, they passed the “Repeal Act of 1894” that overturned civil right laws enacted by Republicans.

      REPUBLICANS founded the HCBU’s and started the NAACP to counter the racist practices of the DEMOCRATS.

      It took Republicans six decades to finally enact civil rights laws in the 1950’s and 1960’s, OVER THE OBJECTIONS OF DEMOCRATS!

      The National Rifle Association, much hated by leftist Democrats, was formed under it’s original charter as an organization focused on making sure the newly freed black citizen had the right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, just like all Legal Citizens.

      Is it any wonder the Democrat, leftist, Socialist party is so scared of the NRA!

      It is the DEMOCRATIC party that has refused to allow people of the black race to prosper. They were the party of slavery in the past and they still enslave blacks, Hispanics, and muslims today!

      • ABO

        Excellent post, Michael. I have put out many of the examples you include over the last couple of years, on other sites but have never put it all together as you have. I too left the Democratic Party decades ago when I started to realize just how corrupt and deceptive it was becoming. Thank you for taking the time to do the research and bring it here for all to see the truth.

    • Jerry

      We refer to them as The Communist Progressive Crime party, There base is in and out of prisons. Waiting for trial, Or just haven’t got caught yet

    • scottie526

      People who think that they are going to be enriched by having the government take care of them are just fooling themselves. Instead, they will be sacrificing their liberties for slavery. It is unfortunate, however, that the colleges today are filled with radicals teaching our children and persuading them to lead this once great country into a socialistic, communistic regime. When the paint is dry, the people will regret what they have done to this country and their lives. Freedom is not free and there is a constant battle to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Without it, this country like many others will fall to a dictatorship or worse.



    • Jerry

      Henri: I think you are wrong on Hillary never getting elected, I hate to say it but I think she will be the next president, if the gop can’t get their heads out of their asses, they think they will win running a third party candidate? No way it will just pave the way for the old hag, that and the voter fraud and the illegals voting, I heard the illegals get a hundred bucks for each and every vote they put in for the dems, shoot they can get over a thousand for stuffing the ballot boxes like they did for obasterd

      • grandmary42

        the only way Hillary will win is with major voter fraud! Which I believe we should guard against rigorously!

        • JJ

          The Dems used voter fraud throughout many states to elect Obama. So they’ll do it again and again til they get caught. If IDs are a burden, the gov’t should supply them free of charge. They give away everything else; so shy not IDs? Simple answer is with IDs they can’t have people vote 15/20 times.

        • Michel

          That’s exactly how the current Nazi Muslim pos squatting in our White Mosque was elected….FRAUD

        • ABO

          Absolutely, grandmary.

      • reggie

        Soros owns vote counting machines Scytl. 0b0 and romney were/are stock holders. romney family owns controlling interest in Hart inter civic voting machine company. The 3rd largest in the US. Who counts your vote?

      • ABO

        I fear you may well be right, Jerry. The republican elite, Romney, et al seem determined to silence the voice of we, the people or failing that, destroy the party. Seems they would hand over control of this nation, yet again, rather than serve those who elected them to serve. They should be forced to identify themselves as the liberals they really are and removed from the party.

      • HENRI



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