Court drama jolts Senate races

by Jordain Carney  |  published on February 22, 2016

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia is throwing another curveball into the Republican battle to maintain control of the Senate.

Vulnerable senators were hoping to be able focus on their records as the party defends 24 Senate seats in November.

Instead, those senators have to make a choice: Pit themselves against the GOP presidential field by agreeing to take up President Obama’s nominee, or face a attack ads suggesting they’re part of Washington’s “dysfunction” by fighting to keep the seat vacant.

With Republicans only able to lose a handful of seats and keep their majority, the path ahead is fraught with danger.

Up to now, the vulnerable lawmakers have tried to localize their reelections bid and avoid being dragged into the GOP infighting among the presidential field.

  • albertbryson

    I agreed that any Republican Senate incumbent who votes for Obama nominee for Supreme Court might as well kiss their re-election good-bye. If they are going to that they might as well announce that they are not running for re-election.

  • Richard Hennessy

    If they give in to the Democrats–again–they have no chance to be re-elected. Do they think Republicans and independents will vote for someone who caves?

  • Karll

    Do they think giving in yet again to 0bama is going to help their causes?
    The opposite is more likely. They are too terrified of the left stream media.

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