October 5, 2015

On October 2 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reiterated his call for Democrats to shut down government in order to force Republicans to support gun control.

Cuomo first issued this demand on September 26 while speaking at the funeral of ex-aide Carey Gabay, who was shot and fatally wounded in one of the numerous shootings surrounding the Labor Day J’Ouvert celebration in Brooklyn.

The New York Daily News quoted Cuomo saying:

If the far right is willing to shut down the government because they don’t get a tax cut for the rich, then our people should have the same resolve and threaten to shut down the government if they don’t get a real gun control law to stop killing of their innocents.

  • disqus_KxAHnCo4Tu

    every totalitarian regime…..Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin,.. Castro, Franco,,….etc….one of the first things they did was round up all the guns in the hands of innocent people. This way they could have their ” storm troopers” ( or what ever they were called in the other countries)…..BEAT UP AND THROW into jail, without benefit of trial,… the dissenters.
    Obama and Clinton, both admitted followers of the radical Alinski ( read Alinskis book,,” Rules for radicals”..) don’t care about the american public. They both care about their own dynasties of selling political patronage…( read ” Clinton Cash” for the low down on Hilary Rotten and ” throw them all out” about Obumma, Reid, Pelosi…and others)….So, unless the FIRST step of totalitarianism…..gun confiscation….is stopped…..Obumma or Clinton, if elected…will take over….And Big Brother will look like ” The Merry Mail Man”…Every Conservative, true Conservative who believes that this country was really designed to be run…” of the people and by the people and for the people”…..must counter these totalitarian take overs, legally…..and make sure every Conservative gets out to vote against the liberals….who are getting us closer and closer to Big Brother….The Constitution was written by people who were sick and tired of being dominated by an elite class ( the nobles and aristocracy of England)….Lets not let this ” noble experiment” in Liberty, America, die because ” a few good men allowed evil to triumph…by doing nothing”…..Contact all like hearted ones and make sure they vote against the liberals and FOR the GOP Candidate… ..

  • KDC

    So shut the govt. down. It’ll function, and think of the money the people will save. Cuomos have always been socialist/commies. One reason why I won’t move back to that lousy state!

  • nicnewhandle

    yes, shut down the gov’t but please don’t send the ovomits on another vacation, damn that’s all they have done since they have been in the white house. u know hard it is to call mrs ovomit the first lady? damn folks, that ain’t no lady….shut down everything u want but u will not take our guns from us. PERIOD END OF STORY

  • Debbie

    What you don’t understand is we don’t care if you shut down the government. We couldn’t be any worse off then than now. The Government has taken everything away that they can from the common people and still making us pay taxes for all their mistakes. So Go For It,

  • niko

    I spit on that filth. Hey Cuomocunt , how about my size 13 up your backside you filthy, worming, piece of shit. From a Right Wing “for gun rights and the filth in my sights” NYC Conservative.

  • Joanne

    Cuomo is just another liberal loon!

  • reggie

    Strange that almost every household in Switzerland has a gun, and they have mandatory training. Crime rate it quite low. Gee, guess only guns in the wrong hands create problems. Their guns don’t jump out and kill so man people. What a concept. Maybe it’s just not the guns, but the psychos, druggies, criminals who steal, and who buy black market guns are the problem.

  • Dave In Arizona

    Good old Andy Cuomo, shooting himself in the foot.

  • Larry

    Only an idiot like Cuomo would suggest this. Has he ever had an original thought, EVER?

  • progun2

    This guy is mentally ill.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Is Cuomo nuts?? So he says that the democrats should shut down the government in order to force the republicans to cave in on gun control.
    You know what, do it!!, shut down the damn government, it is just too bad that “they” couldn’t shut down the whole damn thing. Shut it down, bring it to an absolute stand still, make sure that nothing gets done, make sure no money goes out, make sure no-one gets paid, send Obama on an extended vacation, until the election. Stop everything in it’s tracks. Give the country some breathing room, some space, and some peace.
    Banks will love the democrats, people who depend on government for their income will love the democrats, stores, fuel, etc.. will love the democrats. Yup, shut it down 100% then people might realize just how taken in, scammed, conned, and dependent they have become on an entity that can wreck their lives at any time “they” want.
    Shut the whole damn thing down.

  • doc

    Do away with your body guards,too. Then who will be crying???

  • TexRancher

    Cuomo is another socialist (corrupted former democrat) dictator wannabe who thinks the Constitution is just a pesky piece of paper. It was written so We, The People could defend ourselves from people like him who want to rule our lives.
    If the people of NY are that stupid that they elect him that’s their business, but when he brings his socialist crap outside NY, it’s our business and we don’t buy his garbage. Best Cuomo keeps his nose out of our business and his butt in NY where he belongs! NY already has Hillary and Texans wish he’d take back Sheila Jackson Lee, one of the 70+ avowed communists in Congress!

    Too bad Cuomo couldn’t mention that there was an armed man on campus during the Oregon shooting. You don’t hear about the Air Force Vet, CCL holder (Recruiter?) who was ordered by the staff to stand down. When the Sheriff dept. showed up, they took his gun and ordered him off campus. One trained good guy who had a chance to make a difference and the college blew it!

  • VirgoVince

    S T F U, libturd, your brain damage is showing!

    • KDC

      I don’t talk like that, but I couldnt have said it better!

  • amarvin

    Cuomo can drop dead. What is the definition of a democracy ?

    • Clifford Hendricks

      I’m a New Yorker and I didn’t vote for Cuomo. My problem is that I.m too old to pick up and move out of here. I don’t know what he’s bitching about but I think he should be thanking GOD that it wasn’t him that was struck by that bullet.

      • KDC

        You’re never too old. Go to a state where your money goes further; less tax. I’m from NY then I moved to Ma. ( just as bad) I’m selling everything and moving to a safer area with like minded people. I am so out of here!

  • Michele Hriscko Cook

    “The killing of innocents”, do you mean the thousands of babies slaughtered every year for Cecile’s half million a year salary that you refuse to stop funding and shut down gov’t for Mr Cuomo????

    • Michele Hriscko Cook

      But I guess Cecile at $600,000 a year does not qualify to you as “rich” huh???? I’ll take a sixth of that Mr Cuomo, your state kills more “innocents” than are born. What is your salary??? Yet there you go with the same old progressive rhetoric “tax cuts for the rich”. BTW did you vote for the congressional RAISE Mr Cuomo?????


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