Dems push smart tech handgun rules

June 3, 2015


Democrats are looking to place new restrictions on who can use handguns.

The Handgun Trigger Safety Act introduced Tuesday by Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) aims to block criminals and children from using guns that do not belong to them.

Gun dealers would be required to install smart gun technology that fires only if it recognizes the shooter, such as the person who purchased the gun or someone they designate as an authorized user.

Some smart gun technologies use fingerprints, while others require the shooter to wear a bluetooth bracelet or receive a microchip implant that unlocks the gun.

  • Kevin Shaw

    Here’s the problems I see. Microchip Implant: Nobody, absolutely Nobody is implanting me with any chip! Bluetooth Bracelet: If you are wounded, your gun stolen and the bracelet cut off, then your gun used in the next crime… and finally Fingerprint: I use this on my phone…good luck trying to use your fingerprint gun after washing the dishes, car or taking a shower.

  • TexRancher

    This is more anti-gun garbage! This is backdoor gun control through unproven technology and registration!

    What part of “Shall NOT be infringed” do these socialists not understand?

    BTW: Maloney (Maloony) and Markey are both members of the DSA !
    Democrat Socialists of America……Just two of the 70+ avowed communists in Congress so you know how they feel about armed Americans and the rest of our Constitutional Rights!

  • George Cullen

    In fact… These (explitives) need to be recalled.
    Recalls have worked quite well. Colorado, for instance.

  • George Cullen

    Time for “We The People” to simply say, “NO!!!. ENOUGH!!!”
    PLUS… Do NOT re-elect any of these anti-Constitutionals,
    And do NOT elect these anti-constitutional thugs in the FIRST PLACE.
    But– when things like these impossible, foolish rules and laws keep flowing like diarrhea, its high time for civil disobedience, as Constitutionally mandated, to erase the unlawful mandates and their makers.
    Time to say, “NO!!!”

  • John Siemens

    What are these guys smoking? The technology does not exist yet that makes the gun 99.9% reliable when the intended user wants to use it for protection. Obviously they want all intended users to die so there will not be a demand for guns.

    What about the millions and millions of guns that do not have this imagined technology? Next step by these idiots is to turn them in? They are wasting their time and our tax dollars on something totally unworkable. Criminals are still criminals, they do not obey the law. Parents are responsible to teach children about fire, knives, power tools and all sorts of things including guns that will hurt their children. Government needs to but out of family responsibilities!

    • Graywolf12

      I read elsewhere that older guns would have to be made compliant by the Manufacturer. I have an old 22 semi auto made by a company that went out of business years ago. Must I turn in that gun? this is all part od the stupid plan to remove as many millions of hand guns as possible owned by people, put manufactures out of business, and make those still manufactured ARE TOO EXPENSIVE FOR 90% of the people to purchase.


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