Dems stage sit-in on House floor to push for gun vote

June 22, 2016

Democrats are staging a sit-in on the House floor to push for action on gun control legislation.

Dozens of Democrats were participating in the sit-in shortly that began late Tuesday morning, with some lawmakers seated cross-legged on the floor.

Democrats have been pressing for action on gun control before the House leaves at the end of this week for a planned recess.

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), the veteran lawmaker who was brutally beaten by police in the civil rights march on Selma, Ala., began the sit-in with a speech on the floor where he was surrounded by dozens of his colleagues.

  • Bob

    You know, if these were Republicans, the lead on every news cast and every newspaper would be “Republicans hold House Hostage”, or some variance of the same. If they were really so high on gun “control” (as opposed to outlawing guns all together, which is their ultimate aim), why no legislation during the regime of Nanny Pelosi? Why was there no “movement” in the House then? Could this be just a politically motivated publicity stunt, like Speaker Ryan says it is?

  • Jerry

    These Losers are a disgrace to America, They do not stand with American’s They only stand for Illegal Aliens, Criminals, Terrorists. That’s why everybody should call them what they are…The Communist Progressive Democrat Criminal & Terrorist Crime party

  • justinwachin

    There’s nothing like seeing the Democrats in Congress decide to accomplish nothing before their 4th of July break. I don’t know about you but my 4th of July break didn’t begin last night. It must be nice to be a Washington politician.

    Republicans will need to remember this tactic. The next time they are in the minority and don’t get their way they can throw a fit and shut everything down.

  • Webb

    A Sit-In…for more Gun Control after the Senate Voted it down!
    Another Show by Progressives to take civil Liberties away…
    2009-2010 Democrats had The Ball, Never, Never, did a Gun Control Bill Surface. ITS a continuous game with Democrats, Red Meat
    for their base…Nothing More! Immigration Reform and Gun Control, always USED but only for VOTES by Democrats!

  • Robert Brumley

    They can just keep on sitting till they rot in hell.

  • Charlie

    What do the democrats think it’s the 1960’s and they are a bunch of hippies protesting sitting on the floor ?

    • Alupara


  • Reneerrowe1
  • Jimbo

    Take a poll. How many of those congressman ever served their country in the military. How many never had any gun training when growing up. How many have never read the Constitution. How many would crap in their pants if a burglar broke into their house?

  • DrBillLemoine

    Most amusing. We’re talking about civilians owning military type weapons with large mags. Your military service is appreciated but it won’t beat me at shooting. Military men both enlisted and rank refuse to compete with my marksmanship expertise.


      More Bovine excrement from the source of all knowing and all seeing DrBill.
      How do you even look in the mirror?


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