Donald Trump fires back at Robert Gates: ‘Not a big fan of his’

May 21, 2016

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump brushed aside concerns raised this week about his candidacy by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, saying he’s “not a big fan” of Mr. Gates and that he “knows nothing about me.”

“Look at where our country is with years of him being involved,” Mr. Trumpsaid of the former security adviser on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Friday. “We are a mess, number one. I know he has a great reputation and all of that. All of these guys have a great reputation. They have been doing this stuff for 15 years. Look where our country is, OK? We need a new group with better thinking.”

Mr. Gates, who served in the Obama and Bush administrations, told Yahoo News that he is not yet comfortable Mr. Trump’s candidacy and that he is waiting to see what sort of team he assembles around himself.

“Right now? No,” Mr. Gates said when asked if he would be comfortable with Mr. Trump controlling the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

  • Vangie Martinez

    Gates isn’t comfortable with Trump being President because Gate’s is going to be with out Power and a Job.

  • jimahrens

    Advice. Be prepared for whats coming. It is not going to be pretty!

  • SDofAZ

    Gates should be shut out. He and his ilk have helped put this country right in this toilet BO’s horrid agenda intended to create and did. Time to kick the trash out of the decision process and Gates is definitely part of the trash in DC. Who cares what this public moron thinks? He and his kind are part of the problem and have led to this mess. Go away Gates and shut up!

    Trump 2016 for prez and Hillary for jail 2016. To be followed shortly by the discovery done by the Trump administration that will implicate the BO administration. Things done in the dark will come to light. BO had better find a hole to hide in when he leaves the WH. Cause guaranteed he has done some illegal stuff.

  • Luke

    Trump is right, just look at the state of America and all the problems the people are upset about, gates and those like him who have been in these administrations for years are the reason for our decline in the world. Their judgement about Trump or anyone with new ideas is suspect and makes you believe they don’t want to rock the boat that is slowly sinking from their years of incompetence and bad judgement..

  • Eric Rohn

    If we had only been this through in analyzing Obama when he ran. He promised things that were impossible and offered only hope and change. And then the gullible voted for him. The most serious question now is whether the people are really competent enough to elect our leaders? If voting was a sport, the Dems would be required to sit out at least one election.

    • Rodney Steward

      Of course it’s a sport to the Dems., look at all the illegals that have signed up, think they’ll be competent, look at what a free cell phone did for Obama!! There’s a lot of idiots in this country!!

  • Warren Domke

    Having read at least one of Robert Gates’ books I am more inclined to trust his judgement that Trump’s. Trump has shown some encouraging shifts in his approach to governing in recent weeks, but I am still not entirely comfortable with his candidacy. However he will easily win my vote if Hillary is his opponent.

    • Nina814

      Paper holds anything you put on it. Reality is what counts.

      • SDofAZ

        And results which can not be denied no matter what Gates puts in his books. This is an obvious conclusion since the man is associated with the Bush and BO administrations. He and his ilk have helped bring us to this point and it is not to the liking of the legal constituents of this country. Nor is it to the good of the legal constituents of this country. So read his books but also follow the facts. DAH!

  • Rodney Steward

    Anyone working under this administration can NOT be TRUSTED, and are nothing more than yes men and lap dawgs, right McConnell, McCain and Graham! Anyone picked for a job by this Prez., is for a reason, and it is not in our best interest!


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