Elon Musk’s growing empire is fueled by $4.9 billion in government subsidies

by JERRY HIRSCH | The Los Angeles Times  |  published on May 31, 2015

Los Angeles entrepreneur Elon Musk has built a multibillion-dollar fortune running companies that make electric cars, sell solar panels and launch rockets into space.

And he’s built those companies with the help of billions in government subsidies.

Tesla Motors Inc., SolarCity Corp. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp., known as SpaceX, together have benefited from an estimated $4.9 billion in government support, according to data compiled by The Times. The figure underscores a common theme running through his emerging empire: a public-private financing model underpinning long-shot start-ups.

  • Oh my! Government subsidies!! The nerve!!

    And Exxon, Mobile, Texaco, GE, Halliburton, United Technologies, etc have all grown huge with government subsidies and fat government and defense contracts, too!!.

    At least, Elon Musk made his first few billions with PayPal.

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