Executive Snub: Braggadocious White House Clams Up on Iran Nuke Deal

May 17, 2016

Sen. Tom Cotton accepted the challenge, but President Obama’s speechwriter and high-ranking foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes ducked out of a hearing Tuesday where he was to explain whether he misled the country in pushing the Iran nuclear deal.

Members of Congress had been eager to prod Mr. Rhodes over misrepresentations, but the White House had seemed skeptical, saying lawmakers should poke one of their own, Mr. Cotton, an Arkansas Republican that Mr. Obama’s aides say has been misleading.

Mr. Cotton jumped at the chance — and then the White House backed out, refusing to let Mr. Rhodes testify, citing executive privilege.

“Specifically, the appearance of a senior presidential adviser before Congress threatens the independence and autonomy of the president, as well as his ability to receive candid advice and counsel in the discharge of his constitutional duties,” W. Neil Eggleston, the White House’s chief lawyer, wrote to the House Oversight Committee on Monday.

Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz was nonplussed.

  • LeonS9671

    During the American Revolution they would be removed from power. Either by vote or force-ably. I vote for the later choice at this point myself. If the White House doesn’t follow the dictates of the people, why do we need a White House and present Administration?
    Can anybody explain that to me???

  • william g munson

    Well is no one talks We the People would never know what is going on in this Corrupt Government would We?

  • Wambli525

    “Autonomy of the president” … translation … Obama is supreme and nullifies Congress and the SCOTUS. To me, and many others, Obama is a dirt bag.

  • Richard Schwartz

    You can call it what u want but bottom line is I got lied to TWICE Oassholecare and Iran deal. What about climate change

    • reggie

      It would take a 1000 page book, minimum, to list everything.

  • Luke

    obozo is a liar, a criminal and hates America because America stands for everything he is against

  • 0331Tap

    Executive privilege means the right to lie…

  • Mike USA

    WH can’t claim exec privilege. Rhodes already discussed it w/ NY Times. Privilege has been waived already.
    Why does Congress keep letting Barry step all over the constitution? Oh yeah, its run by weak pansies like McConnel and Ryan.
    We need someone to represent the U.S. Citizen and our Constitution.

    • itsfun

      Because Congress has no balls. That is why they are so afraid of Trump.

      • Mike USA

        Exactly my point. Glad to know others know we have to change our “leaders ” in Congress. F$@king p’s

  • CharlieSeattle

    Obama and Congress are complicit in treason over the Iran deal!

    • itsfun

      Obama completely ignored Congress. That is why its called a deal. If Congress and the President agree it can be a treaty, the President has no authority to make a treaty. Obama knew Congress would not approve the “deal” so he just did as he normally does and ignored Congress.

      • CharlieSeattle

        Senate Democrats delivered a major victory to President Obama when they blocked a Republican resolution to reject a six-nation nuclear accord with Iran on Thursday, ensuring the landmark deal will take effect without a veto showdown between Congress and the White House.

        A procedural vote fell two short of the 60 needed to break a Democratic filibuster.

        …and Congress not impeach him. They rolled over! Complicit in treason!

      • HENRI


  • David Stewart

    Aren’t all those Wahington insiders cute? They keep referring to LIES as Misrepresentations!

    • CharlieSeattle

      They teach that the first day in any Law school.

    • HENRI


  • regulus30

    PRISON, PRISON, PRISON; it is the only medicine assured to cure arrogant pricks666.


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