Fox Host to WH Spox: People With Shrapnel in Their Shoulders Don’t Think This Is a Narrative Battle

by Pam Key | Breitbart  |  published on September 20, 2016

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest was confronted by co-host Martha MacCallum about his statements earlier today on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that the fight against Islamic terrorism is a “war of narratives.”

Partial transcript as follows:

MACCALLUM: You mentioned earlier today you believe it’s a narrative battle we’re fighting. I think that for people who have shrapnel in their shoulders this morning—they might have a hard time accepting that—that it is a narrative battle we’re fighting against ISIS. Explain what you meant by that?

EARNEST: I meant very specifically, Martha, we’re taking fight to them on the ground in Iraq and Syria. The president has organized an international coalition—5,000 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria last couple years. What is important in the context of political debate is to remember ISIL is trying to assert a narrative, that they represent the religion of Islam in a war against the west and in a war against the United States. That is mythology. That is falsehood. That is not true. That is bankrupt ideology they are trying to wrap in the cloak of Islam. And to suggest that somehow we should treat Muslims differently or suspect them as terrorists just because of their religion…

MACCALLUM: Nobody is talking about that.

  • Bob

    Josh (not quite) Earnest is nothing more than a spokes model for the administration. He does nothing else but parrot the line and lies from the Administration, which is his job. Martha did a GREAT job in putting him in hos place. The GOP should be using the line about people with “shrapnel in the shoulders” as often as they can to get the point across that a) Dems have little in the way of a plan for the war on ISIS and b) they don’t give a tinkers damn about the Military and our sacrifices. Trump has been accused of using minorities as a backdrop in his speeches. Well, Obama has been doing the same with the Military for 8 years, but are there because they are ORDERED to be there, not there of their own free will.

  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    This whole administration belongs behind bars.

  • Luke

    josh earnest is a paid liar who repeats the lies of the true liars, obuma and clintoon

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  • Rodney Steward

    I don’t know how Josh Earnest sleeps at night, to know your job is to constantly lie and make up BS to try and make a thug look good, but it seems to be so easy for him! He needs to be in prison with the whole tribe!!

    • Worried Vet

      He is a butt kissing idiot. I wonder who is doing whom in the white house when it comes to the truth. Vote Trump and help the GOP keep the Senate. I have Ted Cruz so it’s not to hard to vote for him, I do know many have rinos in their local area, but if they are on the ballot vote for them. It don’t matter if their is a democrat who is a moderate it even claiming to be a conservative, they won’t vote that way period. One thing liberals and democrats are is loyal no matter what they really think. It’s disgusting so many in office are brainwashed to vote liberal even if their not. So we have to keep control to help Trump make changes to maybe fix this mess before its to late.

      • Rodney Steward

        I agree 100% W.V., changes are a must!!

  • Dean

    Have any of the Washington elite ever read a history book? Have they forgotten that the crusades were fought to stop the world domination of the Islamic religion? Have they forgotten how many civilizations were conquered by the religion of peace? Stop lying to the American people and start protecting the people from all enemies foreign and domestic. Remember that pesky oath of office.

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