Fox News Poll: Clinton drops below 50 percent as her lead over Sanders shrinks

by Chris Anderson  |  published on January 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s lead in the Democratic primary race has narrowed to its slimmest margin yet.

The front-runner’s support has slipped under 50 percent, and cracks may be appearing in what some called her “firewall” — the African-American voter bloc.

Here are the numbers from the latest Fox News national poll:

Forty-nine percent of Democratic primary voters now support Clinton — down from 54 percent two weeks ago.

  • mustang6984

    Yep…her “Groundhog Day” movie is about to return…it is known as “The ’08 Primaries”…and it is a GREAT movie!

  • VirgoVince

    WHY does anyone care, clinton belongs in prison and sanders belongs in a psych ward?? LIEbturds are totally WRONG!!

    • mustang6984

      AMEN! But Sanders is serving a purpose now…he is putting her out of business…and that is a good thing!

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