France cracks down on Islamic radicalism after Paris attacks, shutters mosques

January 29, 2016

France is once again responding to a Paris slaughter at the hands of Islamic radicals by trying to root out extremism entrenched in its growing Muslim population.

This time, however, the socialist government of President Francois Hollande seems to mean it.

Last January, after the Charlie Hebdo killing spree by three Muslims tied to al Qaeda and the Islamic State terror army that left 17 dead, the Hollande government put more suspected jihadis on a watch list, imposed intrusive surveillance and blocked jihadi websites.

  • Alfred Kneer

    I would like to know where all the good muslims are. I have not heard from them speaking out against their barbarig brothers called ISIS.

  • Anthony

    Hey Maxx, here’s a little more information , I run a Company with various Nationalities, , and various religions. I my Company we look at the individual’s quality as a person, not based on Gender, Race, or Nationality, every one get along fine with each other. If you read their good book it’s the Old Testament like some other religions we all know about it, Yes there is good and bad in all walks of life, even in our own families, there is a rotten apple in every barrel. Just in case you think that because of the way I feel I must be another Muslim, Could not be more wrong, I am white, I am a proud American, our Country with all it’s faults is still the best Country in the world. And I am a Christian. I pray and read my Bible everyday with the New and Old Testament. King James to be more specific. Maxx you will need to release some of that hatred , or you will take it with you to the grave , smile ( Don’t Worry be Happy )

  • Patrick Driscoll

    We know that any culture that had a deadly fesses, that could indiscriminately kill Americans, would be refused entry to USA.
    Here we have Muslims who harbor a religion that worships the devil and either the parents or the children will be called by the devil to kill anyone who does not worship that devil.
    Add to that an insane occupant of the WH and a disgusting dem party and you have a formula for disaster. If the idiot in the WH loves these AHs so much and would put America at risk, then impeach and get after this traitor or just send him to the the Middle East to live with his savage brothers.
    Does it really matter what causes this AH to put Americans and America at risk? Let’s impeach and get after him for his crimes against the state.
    This is also the AH who brought us tighter gun control when we/he knows 99.9 % of all gun violence is inner city blacks killing other blacks, Muslims killing anyone and the balance illegals. All who will buy or get illegal guns that are not subject to background checks and other gun laws.
    Typical STUPID SHIT that our ugly Muslim buddy in WH loves. THIS STUPID SHIT HAS TO STOP!
    The same organization now brings us hillary and the 3 stooges.

  • Anthony

    that’s the way it needs to be done, find the radical idiots and take care of them they are screwing things up for the good Muslims and their families

    • maxx

      What good muslims and their families?

  • Charles Michalek

    a bullet maybe cheaper ,but what do you do with them afterwards ,landfills can’t handle all of them . you would have to look at how to dispose of them .

    • maxx

      Grind them up for pig feed.

  • judge45colt

    in reply to below starting with the hmic barry hussein

  • Charles Michalek

    now this country needs to start doing the same thing , and start by deporting the thugs that are in this country .

    • billdeserthills

      Deport em’ hell, a bullet is cheaper


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