Goodbye New York Times? Staffers Set To Walk Out

June 29, 2017

newyorktimesEditorial staffers at The New York Times will stage a walk-out from the newsroom Thursday afternoon to protest potential layoffs and staff reductions, according to an announcement from their union.

“New York Times editors, reporters and staff will come together to leave the newsroom and their offices in protest of management’s elimination of copy editors,” reads the NewsGuild of New York announcement.

“After a year and a half of uncertainty about their futures, New York Times editors and staff have expressed feelings of betrayal by management. The staff has been offered buyouts and if a certain number of buyouts is not reached, layoffs will ensue for the editorial staff and potentially reporters as well.”

Earlier this week, NewsGuild President Grant Glickson penned an open letter to New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet to share how the union feels about the layoffs, calling it a “humiliating process” and noting that the number of editors being let go “dumbfoundingly unrealistic.”

  • Roy Fredrichsen

    Since the NYT became the Democratic Propaganda Press, nobody believes a word they read, but the stockholders soon will see the value of their stock falling before they try to correct this mistake.

  • thomas givens

    GOOD BYE NEW YORK TIMES. Fake news has closed your doors. America does not buy your style.

  • PPTA

    The far left just don’t get it, and never will. those of us who have always worked hard, paid our own way, are not the extreme far right. We are simply in the middle, we are the working people. The far left demands that we share what we have HONESTLY made with them, yet we get nothing. The far left at the NYT does not get it at all. People that are readers just do not want their brand of news. Readers want honesty, not the screwy opinions that Liberals have.

  • The Redhawk

    TIME .. IT is TIME…..NOW>>> RIP NY SLIME!!! One less Rag for Misinforming ELITES and the majority of IDIOTS in America that still read and believe in ” NEWS NOT REAL NOR FIT TO PRINT”

    • gvette

      Maybe then can get a job at CNN

      • The Redhawk

        possibly or not of CNN goes RIP

        • gvette

          It looks like they just might go away.

          • The Redhawk

            OR only seen at Target and Airports

          • gvette

            Glad I don’t hang out in those places.

          • The Redhawk

            Yeah.. you may run into Joe Va Gina and Mika face done up admiring each other…or banging

          • gvette

            LOL…not a pretty picture!

          • The Redhawk

            Just avoid having to see AFTER Lunch and watch before having a drink!

          • gvette

            LOL..I avoid it altogether. I’d find throwing up everyday a bit troublesome!

  • generalJed

    The liberals at the NYT, Target, GE, etc. would rather see these “institutions” go belly-up than change course and be profitable. Former GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt left GE with a debt of 31 billion dollars, but his MSNBC and NBC propaganda networks are still being funded by GE, the company he hijacked for political purposes. After they use these companies, they destroy them to help bring down capitalism.

    • The Redhawk

      BUT will they actually WAKE UP?

  • Allan Scott

    Let them all walk out and stay out. I’d love to see the NY Times go belly-up and disappear! Talk about a worthless rag sheet just like the Washington Post and a few others.

    • ArcticGrayling

      Nobody with half a brain would miss them, that’s for sure.

      • The Redhawk

        Just effete elites and Pretend Academics and Phony “intellectuals”

    • The Redhawk

      Can WAPO be far Behind?? It seems that MSM PRESSTITUTES are on the ROPES

  • Luke

    It’s KARMA for all the fake news and lies about President Trump

    • Dee

      Luke I think you’re right . Once Again Trump was correct when he said the NY times was failing ! I bet there’s more to follow . It’s Finally Obvious what Many of Us have been seeing with Most All of these Fake News outlets . Lies only sell to the ignorant who want to hear what they want , not what’s correct !

  • Humble Servant

    This should be a reassuring fact that your positions at this company are not needed. This being a FREE country companies have the ability to hire and fire at will. If you are not performing the duties needed for the company to survive then you will be let go or replaced. Now for the media’s problems this could be a correction taking place. If you produce a product or service the American public does not want you will go out of business. This is a GOOD thing because it keeps the best floating to the top. When bad ideas or practices occur in the business place it is a good thing they fail. This has always been the American way of business. Politics on the other hand can cause bad products and/or bad behaviors to survive.

  • Rick D.

    I hope thee NYT does fold up shop!! This liberal rag has ZERO credibility and is only read by the zealots who want to undermine Trump. If they go, then that’s one less “fake news” to be concerned about!!

  • goldie

    Oh, poor babies. It’s so humiliating to go from puppeteer who manipulates the country to out of work bum. Is the lying business failing?


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