HHS Rejects Planned Parenthood FOIA Request Because It’s ‘Not Newsworthy’

by Mollie Hemingway | TheFederalist.com  |  published on July 24, 2015

Earlier this week, Mary Hasson broke the news here at the Federalist that federal funds went to Planned Parenthood’s salad-munching, wine-sipping, organ-harvesting Dr. Deborah Nucatola for advice on “healthy baby” births.

Hasson requested all communications and documents relevant to any payments to or compensation of fees, consultant fees, reimbursements, etc. to Deborah Nucatola, MD, a Planned Parenthood employee. And she requested that the documents be sent as soon as possible.

The Freedom of Information Act requires the federal government to be transparent, but successfully receiving information from the Obama Administration has gone so poorly — even more poorly than previous administrations — that many media outlets have resorted to suing the federal government to get them to respond to FOIA requests.

  • fred

    Since when is selling dead baby parts obtained with MY tax dollars NOT a newsworthy story? Is this “opposites” day/week/month/decade/century? The criminality/absurdity of this criminal admin. is mindboggling!!!

  • whoisshe?

    It looks as if Obama is trying to control everyone’s mind.

  • Patriot1955

    What would you expect from the administration of the LIAR in chief. I respect the office of the president but have 0 respect for the person who holds that office now.

  • Tex Irvin

    And this was supposed to be the most transparent administration ever. Yup and I have some ocean front property in AZ to sell you along with a bridge in Brooklyn

  • Nana Monster

    No surprise seeing as she was the one who went through Vince Fosters
    trash the night he was murdered. AND this was at Bill and Hillarys bequest.
    They wanted to make sure NO incriminating evidence was there and good
    ol’ Sylvia took stuff from the trash and destroyed it.

  • Seedman

    Oftentimes that which is sinful and evil “is not newsworthy” because such information pricks the consciences of hearers to action.

  • Bob Stewart

    The only way to get to these communist bureaucrats is to file suit and see if the socialist members of the court will hear the case.

    • Not_Easily_Impressed

      In my opinion, the only way to get to any of the criminal bureaucrats is to find some honest police and honest judges to arrest the perps and raid their homes and offices.

      • chief1937

        Great idea but where so we find honest police and judges? That could prove to be a problem.

        • georgeIIII

          The final resolution will be the commandeering of Federal Buildings by the populous in the respective states, obtaining military grade hardware and then the march on Washington D.C. Too bad I’m too old and crippled to be involved.

    • cab

      Yes but they probably have been shredding paper work since the story broke. I think they should get a dose of their own medicine w/o pain killers just like they did to those babies

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