Hillary puts ‘secret weapon’ Bill on campaign trail, fueling ‘sexism’ feud with Trump

by FoxNews.com  |  published on December 27, 2015

Faced with a tight battle in two, fast-approaching primaries, Hillary Clinton will bring husband Bill Clinton onto the campaign trail, a move already escalating the acrimony between her and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Clinton said after last weekend’s Democratic primary debate in New Hampshire that husband and former President Clinton would join the campaign trail in January and called him her “not-so-secret weapon.”

“We’re going to cover as much ground in New Hampshire as we possibly can, see as many people, thank everyone who’s going to turn out and vote for me to try to get some more to join them,” she said.

Clinton is the clear Democratic frontrunner but remains in a close race with primary challenger Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in Iowa, which holds the first-in-the-nation balloting Feb. 1, and in New Hampshire, where voters go the polls eight days later.

  • billwhit

    An Impeached Liar on the Campaign Trail to help his wife who is a Career Criminal win votes, man, don’t get much more insane than that! The Leftists love to say that Conservatives cling to their guns, Bibles, and God, but these Fools of the Left are not intelligent enough to see the difference between Criminal Activity and Political Activity!

  • reagangs

    Old Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton needs to be in prison with Hillary.

  • Vic Bailey

    I just can’t believe that the American people can be so STUPID, to want to put such Lying, Nasty, Crude, Foul Mouthed, Perverted, Embezzling, People Hating, Thieving Piece of Crap in the Presidency of a country that ALREADY HAS ONE IN OFFICE, THAT WE WANT OUT? Semper Fi.

  • Vic Bailey

    That will be real good for Hellary, wonder how many women Bill will RAPE on the campaign trail? How many young girls will Hellary molest? All this makes me wonder.

  • wes

    Yeah Baby! He’ll bring his “is” along. Start the porno music.

  • Pam

    Will slick willie tell people, hey, you’ll get two for the price of one?
    Do we need any more proof that Hildabeast is NOT ELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR A THIRD TERM?!?

  • Smitch

    What is that SMELL? Oh yes it’s a cigar…smells just like Monica!

  • jug

    Just more of the clintoon political machine financed by foregin interests!

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