Hillary’s Already Using the Words of Rubio, Romney, and Cruz to Attack Trump

May 5, 2016

If you were wondering how long it would take for Hillary Clinton to start attacking Donald Trump using quotes from other Republicans, wait no longer.

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and especially Mitt Romney feature heavily in a new ad Clinton tweeted out today, saying some pretty brutal things about not just Trump the candidate, but Trump the man.

The ad borrows heavily from Romney’s big anti-Trump speech months ago and from Cruz’s explosion yesterday about The Donald’s moral corrosiveness.

And in addition to all that, Hillary for America sent out a press release today containing tons and tons of quotes from Republicans who have been trashing since last night. A bunch of the #NeverTrump people featured in this Mediaite post from last night are featured in the press release, along with some select others:

  • Quester59

    POOR HILDABEAST, she’s too weak minded to use her own lies, she needs to dig up what other COWARDS had to say,, Tisk, Tisk.
    Well, we can Pity her, we can’t put her down like we would any other dog, at lease we can put her out to pasture, there to live out the rest of her days, ruling over the flies feeding on fresh cow-pies.

  • Ernesto

    The bitch shouldn’t even be allowed to run, much less be representing this country. With all she has done already she should be in Jail, getting gang rape by all the women there. But than again, she probably would enjoy it to much, more likely welcome it.. She can’t think of her own bullshit, so she tries to use everyone else’s. But no problem, such lies did not work for the have been, so for sure will back fire on her ass too. God Bless

  • Ucky Light

    does anybody really care or believe what this b….h has to say? What a LOSER ! Romney et all should be ashamed of themselves, btw….

  • justinwachin

    The whole group abandoned Reagan’s 11th commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Every Republican candidate should have realized their better zingers would be remembered and used against the eventual winner.

    Let’s not forget that Donald Trump is not innocent on this count. Thanks to his “lyin’ Ted” remarks he will have a hard time placing Ted in any position within his administration. Trump’s attempts to link Cruz’s father to the Kennedy assassination showed how caustic Donald Trump can be.

    I’m not a fan of Trump or Clinton. In that match there are two less than perfect candidates with no character and no class. I predict the general election campaign of both candidates will be so vile that all rational people will be turned off by the process.

  • anne@fidalgo.net

    Killery better be careful. It’s going to get very nasty and she aint gonna win!

    • Loretta Stacey

      This is going to be interesting. She’d better watch it.

  • Richard Schwartz

    My problem with Hillary isn’t some slams about Donald. That is smoke and mirrors. Everything that has substance is tied to more spending. Why? Where are the creative ideas that include no spending? What about moving money around and maybe eliminating waste, theft and stupid? Is this the type of person I want for president. Could it be this is what people don’t like or want?

  • Rex Sutton

    It didn’t work for them at all so why would she use there statement ,,lol

  • Marva Johnson


    • Limbaugh_The_Hutt

      Close your legs Marva, I can smell you from here. Nasty.

  • Richard Schwartz


  • notalib

    So she is using the terms of his competitors now. Whatever his competitors called him did not work out for them and her name calling won’t work out for her.

    I really hope there is an indictment before we vote. The sooner that witch is off the stage and out of the limelight the sooner America can start to heal.

  • democrat CockRoach

    I finally feel good knowing that GUCIFFER is spewing all the details about the criminal’s “easy to hack” email server. Especially after all her LIES about no one hacking her.

    She’s as good as hung.

    • Ucky Light

      …hope u are right, that bitch needs to see the inside of a jail cell with a stinking toilet in it…

  • Harvey Thomas Creech

    Hilary trashing Trump’s character is liking the pot calling the kettle black, to use a phrase from yesteryear. I don’t like either one and may go 3rd party. After having voted for the Rep. candidate for 32 years, I regret saying that it would pain me to vote Republican in 2016.

  • SDofAZ

    Silly old woman was not paying attention obviously. She has no new anything just the same old tired rhetoric and talking points of the GOP candidates. And DOWN she goes in that toilet which has already been a backfire. Ho hum, soon the witch is gone….

  • Gail

    This sounds about right for her, she steals everything she can get her hands on good or bad . Look how much her and Bill stole out of the White House when they left .Congress made them bring back the artifacts they stole. I have my doubts if all of it was returned .If it doesn’t contain a message of taking our jobs away and giving them to illegals or destroying us in some way she can not possibly utter a plauseable idea. She is an arrogant better than the people she is suppose to serve person .She told us on national tv that she works better when we work for her .Who does she think she is?
    There is no name that applies to her she is in a category of her own making. And she thinks we love her! All I can say is get a grip. And I for one will be glad to never hear the name Clinton again!

    • democrat CockRoach

      I read an article with the curator of the WH (they call him usher or some weird name) and he said that he kept warning her she was taking things that had been there long before she arrived and she denied it. So he wrote a letter to some of the donors of the pieces she was stealing to let them know she was taking their stuff and they were irate. That’s what forced her to bring some of it back.

      • Loretta Stacey

        My parents taught me to leave other’s property alone. Not to touch, but to treat it with respect for the owner’s and the property. We could look and admire, but that was all. The audacity of that woman.

    • Loretta Stacey

      HIstorical artifacts, artwork, china belong to the American people and are part of our legacy. And to think Dolly Madison risked her life to protect George Washington’s portrait.

  • USPatriotOne

    Hitlary for Prison is not going to win the election, what these Commie/NWO/Elites just don’t get is this election for “We the People” is not just and election it’s a REVOLUTION and we are not going to be defeated by the likes of the Clinton Criminal organization! These Commie/NWO Monsters know this that’s why they a gearing up for a false Flag event and start a
    C*vil W*r with the American People! You don’t purchase 2.3 Billion
    Rnds of AM*O and build over 800 F*ma Camps on American soil, along with
    over 386,00 Russ*in and Ch*nes Tr*ops on American soil, also add in the
    millions of Musl*m Terror*st BO has brought in to our (not their)
    Nation…they have not done all this for nothing..!!! God help us,

  • egalicki

    Maybe she should use some of the quotes from the hacker, or from Chris Stevens’ emails – those really show here character – besides her lies about those situations still do.

    • rockcut

      Speculation at best, but do not let me interrupt your day dream world.

      • Jerry

        Do you have proof she didn’t destroy any emails? It’s already proved she did, it’s already been proved she knew the real reason Bengazi happened and knew the video bs was just that bs, she is a liar beyond any reasonable doubt, will she be indicted? Probably not but only because if she is so will barry have to be, he is also a liar probably worse then the hag, I think that is just a democrat thing, perhaps a RINO thing too, if you can’t see all the lies perhaps you need new glasses, your pic shows you to be perhaps late 50’s early &60’s so you know how great it was to be proud to be an American but it seems as tho you have not been able to retain what that felt like

        • rockcut

          Sad to read your rambling disjointed claims. I have always been proud to be an American and still am. I do not buy into this Take America Back again.

  • Terry Rushing

    People who reside in houses made of glass should avoid engaging in rock throwing contests. Considering Hillary’s known record, she has NO “high ground” to take. While I didn’t support Trump in his primary run, I hope that he’ll attack, attack, attack with factual information to expose Hillary’s twisted morals.

    • rockcut

      The key word is FACTUAL. Many attacks against Hillary are not factual but are deep into speculation.

      • John Miller

        Hey rockcut, and just what bush have you been hiding under?

      • V Austin

        Any American who wants to turn our country into Sweden or Argentina, should move there and leave our American values alone. We just don’t need a third BO term of “fundamental change” brought about by another global elitist like Hillary Clinton.

        • rockcut

          Wow V, tell me what you really think. LOL. If you call Hillary an elitist I guess you must call Trump a Super elitist !!

      • Bob

        Why worry about “FACTUAL” when dealing with Hillary? When has she? When she was “under fire” after landing on AF1? Touting her “time in the White House” to justify her position, but not mentioning it was with only the second president impeached in the history of the nation? When she could not find the Rose Law Firm billing records, that were later found in the First Lady’s Library? Or are these just stories from the “vast right wing conspiracy”?

        • rockcut

          Bob, it wasn’t AF! but to this day I have no idea why she embellished that story. She put a lot of effort into Health Care Reform that did not pass. As to the Impeachment, it was her that was impeached, it was her husband. Besides, he was not convicted. Oh yes, the famous rose Law firm billing. Boy, you are going way back

          • Jerry

            Yup just ask Vince foster, oh that’s right he commited suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head twice, and then was able to remove all the gun shot residue from his hands before he died

          • rockcut

            So you have proof without question that Hillary killed Vince Foster. ……………Didn’t think so !!

          • Bob

            Why is it that “proof” demand only applicable to comments made against Liberals? Where was the “proof” for the allegations made on the floor of the Senate by Harry Reid that Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes? Why, even after the allegation was proved false, did so many liberals continue to lie about President Bush and his National Guard record? And should we mention the whole “Hands up, don’t shoot” allegation proved false?
            And, no, I do NOT think that Hillary pulled the trigger on Vince Foster. However, his death does fit a pattern with folks who oppose the Clintons, dating back to Arkansas.

          • Bob

            Would you prefer her “successes” as SOS? Libya? Resetting with Russia (after fouling up her famous “RESET” button)? Benghazi?
            SHE was the one bragging about how her “experiences” in the White House make her qualified for the job. If she wishes to mention the experience, why not mention the impeachment? It WAS she who trashed all the women that Bill assaulted. It was her “support of women” that was SO evident while she, and her minions, were calling these women “trailer park trash” and other insults. Guess the “woman card” she is so proud of does not apply to those who oppose her views.

          • rockcut


            Let me make a full confession to you. I am not really a Hillary fan. My choice for a women for President would be E. Warren. Now, since I live in NY and have been exposed a lot to Trump, I surely do not want him as President. So, I have two choices, one, stary home and not vote, or hold my noise and vote for Hillary.

          • Trish P

            You forget that Bill Clinton lost his law license over this. It was proven he committed perjury (remember Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress): He lied under oath in his Jan. 17 deposition in the Paula Jones case and again in his Aug. 17 Grand Jury testimony. (He was impeached by the House but the Democrat Senate ignored the facts and did not convict.) Hillary is deep into corruption, which is why she hid all her correspondence in an unlawful private server and destroyed email evidence. General Petraeus was convicted in a federal court of mishandling classified secrets that he gave to his biographer/mistress. But Hillary Clinton both mishandled and DESTROYED classified secrets. They both lied to the FBI about this. And Clinton’s emails could have been hacked by any foreign government in the world. She obviously did this and lied about having classified documents to hide what she was doing.

          • rockcut

            I do not want to rehash Bill Clinton and his women. That is over and done with and yes he did loose his law lic. Did you do the investigation yourself and know that she destroyed email evidence? Or, you must have an inside tract for the investigation is not concluded. I will wait until the FBI reports. Until then, I consider your comment speculation.

          • Loretta Stacey

            The evidence presented by reliable sources are just that. 30,000 emails were destroyed, by way of FBI reports. And Bill Clinton is still up to his neck in trouble.

          • rockcut

            Are these the 30,000 emails you are referring to: Clinton said she has deleted over 30,000 emails she deemed to have been “personal.”

            “At the end, I chose not to keep my private personal emails — emails about planning Chelsea’s wedding or my mother’s funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends as well as yoga routines, family vacations — the other things you typically find in inboxes.”

            Oh, and by the way they did not come by way of FBI reports, she openly stated it. What, prey tell is Bill Clinton up to his neck in trouble about?

          • Loretta Stacey

            Google it and find out for yourself. And anybody that believes she can handle national security has a huge problem.

          • rockcut

            I did and they were personal. I as well as you would like to have the FBI finish their investigation and report and end the speculation for everyone.

    • Loretta Stacey

      Judicial Watch is going after her for the Clinton Foundation shady dealings and the FBI is in the middle of investigating her national security problems.

      • Ucky Light

        …wonder why she was not indicted yet. Hope it will happen soon….


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